AcroTray – What Is This Program And How To Disable It?


AcroTray.exe what is it in autoload?

If Adobe Acrobat reader is installed on your computer, then with a probability of 99% in the automatic loading of the operating system, you can find the AcroTray file.

Those who want to optimize and speed up the loading of their PC as much as possible are wondering what AcroTray is and whether it can be removed from autoloading.

What is This?

If you refer to the search, you can calculate that the launch of this application is carried out from the folder C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Acrobat 7.0 \ Distillr \ Acrotray.

Based on this, we can conclude that AcroTray is a background process of the Adobe Acrobat program, which is needed to open .pdf files and convert them to various formats.

Acrotray is loaded with the operating system to keep track of updates and new versions of Adobe Acrobat. It is because of Acrotray that users of Adobe Acrobat can periodically display a message on their desktop about the availability of a new version of this program.

It is also worth noting that in rare cases, malware can disguise itself under the name Acrotray, so if you want to exclude this file on your computer.

Errors of AcroTray

<p> In most cases, you will run into problems to configure Adobe programs if acrotray.exe is missing or damaged. By default, the file is installed primarily in the Common Files folder located in the Program Files folder in Windows Explorer. Acrotray.exe is automatically added to the Windows startup services and runs when the operating system starts. If you are unable to convert files to PDF, Acrobat.exe is most likely damaged or corrupted.

It is acrotray.exe in this folder:

C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Acrobat 7.0 \ Distillr \ Acrotray

That is, as you may have guessed, AcroTray belongs to Adobe Acrobat, and it appears after its installation. And it doesn’t just appear but also writes itself to autoload, that’s why it constantly sits in the manager (since it loads from Windows!):

But why do we need this process? This is an Adobov utility that is designed to convert documents into pdf-format if you read it and this is news for you – then I think you do not need this feature and therefore you can turn it off.

However, I also noticed that some users on the forum write that under this process a virus may also be hiding, what matters.

You can open the task manager and see what the program is and, at the same time, disable it, for example in Windows 8 it is done like this:

As you can see, it is also written here that it is from Adobe Systems so that you can disable it, and at startup, this process will not automatically start (you can also disable everything unnecessary, for example, the same Google Installer!).

And you can still do so. Look, in the open manager, go to the tab where the processes are, find acrotray.exe, click on it with the right button and select the location – the folder with the file will open.

And now we are completing this process in the manager, and in the folder, we rename acrotray.exe to acrotray.exe_ – after that, it will not start in any way since it is already gone. We then renamed it, and the name has changed! You can have a name without the prefix .exe – it just means that file extensions are disabled.

Solution of AcroTray.exe

If you are unable to create PDF files, Adobe Acrobat uninstall and reinstall a new copy resolves acrotray.exe errors.

When uninstalling the damaged copy and reinstalling the program, Acrobat.exe is automatically added to the computer. Before uninstalling Adobe Acrobat, close the program, or you will run into uninstalling errors.

When the uninstall process completes, reinstall the program using the installation disk. If you purchased a download online, log in to your Adobe account to download and install the program. The link should be in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the program.

In Windows 7, too, just turn it off from startup, first pin Win + R, then write the msconfig command there:

Then we press the enter; the System Configuration window opens, right here we go to the Startup tab, and there we remove the checkmarks from everything that relates to Adobe (and from anything else you don’t need):

If you suddenly remove the wrong check mark – then nothing terrible will happen, do not worry!

That’s all; I hope that I made it clear what the acrotray.exe program is for and that if you don’t need any kind of conversion to pdf, then you can safely turn it off!


Downloading a copy of acrotray.exe from the Internet may cause system problems.

Although some sites offer a downloadable version of the file, there is no way to tell if it will work or if it is malware.

Be careful to download Acrotra.exe from the Internet because you run the risk of installing a problematic file.