What Is Akamai Netsession Interface And The Essence Of This Application?


Akamai NetSession Client – what is this program, is it necessary on the computer, how to remove, can it be done or not? These questions will get answers in this publication. In addition, let’s talk about the topic of the Interface Service, which also appears in the task manager.

Looking through the list of programs installed on the computer, the user may notice such applications as Akamai NetSession Interface and Akamai NetSession Interface Service among them.

In this article, I will tell you what the Akamai Netsession Interface program is, explain what it was created for, and how to uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface on your PC.

What is Akamai NetSession Interface?

akamai netsession

In accordance with the official information from the developer, this Akamai NetSession Interface application is an absolutely safe program that is installed on your computer in order to improve the reliability, speed, and efficiency of applications, as well as download various media data from the Internet.

Many, software and media creators use these products from Akamai to deliver the right files and streaming video to the user.

NetSession can also use your computer to download and upload various files, recalling the work of standard peer-to-peer networks.

The product itself is barely noticeable, it works in the background, and only by some computer braking can you monitor the work of this program. To manage NetSession directly, you need to start its console by going to the Control Panel, and then click on the “Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel” shortcut.

The program console allows you to customize the features of its work, temporarily disable the application, pause uploading or downloading files, and so on. After we understand what the Akamai NetSession Interface is, let’s talk about how it appears on the PC and about its removal.

How Akamai gets on PC


Products like Akamai NetSession Interface get on the computers of most users as a result of bundling – these are installations on a computer of a software package, one of which is the application we are considering.

In particular, this software appeared to users as a result of automatic installation of 3DMax visual editor on a PC, these products were noticed after installing products from Microsoft, Adobe and other well-known developers.

The specifics of the program

According to the developers, the speed and efficiency of the Akamai NetSession Interface program are based on the following:

  • cache optimization on users’ computers;
  • installation of its private network within the global network;
  • adaptation of traffic in accordance with the capabilities of Internet channels of various users;
  • traffic routing;
  • use of additional servers.

Appointment of software Akamai Netsession

Client, It turned out not so easy to find a detailed description of the utility. After studying the specifications, I came to the conclusion that the program is necessary to increase the speed of downloading files from the Internet.

It sounds fantastic. In fact, no one except the internet service provider can trigger the growth of Mbit / s. Whatever Windows settings you change, it will not cause any effect. Already so many options have been tried at one time.

Often, Akamai NetSession Client is installed into the system with the 3DS Max complex, penetrating seamlessly for most users. But some users claim that the utility appeared immediately after updating Windows. This means that there is a possibility that Microsoft is also related to the object in question.

Nothing clear? Judging by the description of the developers, the utility uses a combined approach – combining the usual access to the internet and the principle of C2C (Client-to-Client).

At the same time, the “Akamai core” takes into account the current state of the connection and adjusts other parameters to it.

Installing Akamai NetSession Interface

akamai netsession

You can download the software on the official website. It also presents other developer products, descriptions of which sound no less fantastic. Run the installer and see the installation wizard window – we have to go through 4 steps.

On the first, we just look at a brief description of the software, file size and click on the Next button (Next) to start downloading the necessary components from the network.

As soon as the copying is complete, the full installer will open. We accept the terms of the agreement. It is likely that Windows Firewall will ask you whether it is possible to provide a new application with access to the Internet. It is necessary to allow for the full operation of the software.

At the end of the procedure, the computer will restart, and then an unpleasant surprise may await you – as soon as the system starts, an advertising window will appear on the screen. Well, it closes without any problems.

Let’s browse the task manager (we get access to it using the Ctrl + Esc + Shift combination ) to see the new processes:

The list contains two items related to the Akamai Netsession Client in autoload. If you look at the location of objects, you will see a custom folder:

AppData | Local | Akamai

By default, it is hidden, but you can find it by calling the command execution console using the Win + R combination and applying the query:


Can I remove Akamai Netsession and how to do it

Removal process

As expected, in the process of using the software, I did not get a significant increase in download speed. But advertising began pretty annoyingly. Therefore, it was decided to uninstall.

You may not want to get rid of the software completely, but only intend to disable it temporarily, then it will be enough to remove the task in the task manager and remove the item from startup. To do this, in Windows, via the Win + R command, call the “Run” window and enter the query:


In the system configurator, go to the appropriate tab and remove the check mark next to the name of the unnecessary object.

Now Akamai will not load along with Windows, will no longer consume system resources and provoke the appearance of advertising banners on the screen. But this belief turned out to be erroneous because, after a couple of days, the program automatically activates and starts working again in hidden mode.

So we will completely eliminate it from the PC very simply:

You can use both built-in OS and third-party applications. Fit any optimizer, and we recommend CCleaner.

If you don’t want to install anything, I’ll tell you about the standard method – go to the control panel (via the “Start” menu in Windows 7 or the search string on the “top ten”).

Open the “Programs and Features” section, after specifying the “Small Icons” view mode.

We find in the list of unnecessary software Akamai NetSession Interface, click on it with the left mouse button and at the very top of the window click the “Delete” button.

Then just follow the prompts, and after 10 seconds, all utility files will be cleared. Restarting the PC is not necessary.

Additionally, I advise you to use the CCleaner prog to clear all traces of ANI in the registry and file system. Also, it does not hurt to scan disks with AdwCleaner antivirus. He finds advertising trojans and other dangers in minutes and eliminates them without any problems.

Now you know, NetSession Client – what kind of program, if you need it, how to get rid if necessary. Thanks for your attention!