All About The Error WoW51900319 And The Ways To Get Some Quick Fixes


The error “WOW51900319” is a general all – catch error code show the message “You have Been Disconnected” according to Blizzard.

According to Blizzard, some more error complaints are “disconnected with error BLZ51900075,” ” disconnected from WoW,” and ” getting dumped from WoW.”

We found few solutions to this bug with the hope that these will enable you to resolve the dilemma for their part. (No guarantees!)

This error may have several causes. However, there are few solutions that can help you solve the problem, as per explanation from Blizzard.

WoW51900319 Fix 1: (FPS-Fix)

A top-rated solution comes from a sophisticated blogger who expresses the problem for his own is related to the frames problem per second.

The solution is to make sure the FPS option is selected in the background and set to 30 frames per second.

Changing this maximum speed to FPS to 30 in WoW was a practical solution for many users who have fixed the bug:

WoW51900319 Fix 2: (end of period)

The WoW player said he could correct the mistake by entering and leaving

If you have problems with your computer, you should try Advanced SystemCare. CNET defines it as “Swiss Army Knife for the Computer.” After downloading, you will receive a series of optimization tools that include an uninstaller as one-click registry fixes, defragmentation programs, and more.


Fix 3: (Reddit Network Fix)

Reddit has found a popular solution.

This refers to playback through the connected 4G LTE connection.

Turning off Network Optimization by Speed ​​on the System menu> “Network Settings” leads to a longer shutdown delay, which eliminates the error for a Reddit WoW reader group.

Fix 4: ( specifications)

This fourth solution will go through various technical solutions from

The wow51900319 error message appears every time while you lose the connection to the World of Warcraft servers, according to

We recommend that you follow the @BlizzardCS Twitter account in order to see if there is any notification about the status of the server. We also recommend contacting the Technical Forums for more information. If there are no active server problems in your Twitter account, continue to solve connectivity problems and delays. If this fails, contact customer support. Here is some step by step technical solutions from

  • Restart the user interface to make sure files, and add-ins are not corrupted.
  • Restart network devices to make sure your modem is not overloaded with data.
  • Release and refresh the IP address and cancel your DNS to resolve Internet problems.
  • Make sure drivers are up to date to resolve compatibility problems.
  • If you are using a wireless connection, try to optimize your network connection to avoid connection problems.
  • Close programs in the background to resolve potential software conflicts.

To restart your interface

Restoring the user interface to the default settings resolves multiple displays and interface problems.

  • Leave World of Warcraft completely.
  • Remove add-on managers to make sure deleted add-ons are no longer added.
  • In the desktop application of Blizzard, click Settings and select Show in Explorer (Windows) or Show in Finder (Mac).
  • Open the World of Warcraft® folder.
  • The names of the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders have now changed to CacheOld, InterfaceOld, and WTFOld.
  • Then restart World of Warcraft to apply the changes.

If you are still having problems while using windows, continue with the following methods to delete specific files in the directory of virtual files.

Note. This list may not be present on your computer. Otherwise, you will receive a Windows error message, and you can ignore the steps outlined below.

  • Set the windows to show hidden files and folders.
  • Press the Windows + R key, copy the following line and paste it into the “Open” field:% localappdata% VirtualStore of World of Warcraft.
  • Then select OK.
  • Open the Programs folder, if available, and locate the World of Warcraft folder.
  • Open this folder and delete the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders.
  • Then close Windows Explorer and restart the operating system.

WoW51900319 Fix 5: (check the Ethernet cable)

If you get the image with an error and a group of numbers, what do these numbers mean? He says it’s very easy to criticize Blizzard for all that fails in an online game, but he warns that perhaps we need to look for another user-generated reason.

This could be a Blizzard error: your servers may be overloaded. This is often the case at the beginning of an extension when many people register in the game. However, this can also be a problem with your computer. Graphics resolution can be too high, and your computer can not handle it, or it may be your Internet connection.

The creator describes that the internet connection need not need to be too fast, but it has to be stable.

According to this YouTuber, you want to experiment with a direct connection and play with a wireless connection. Although most Wi-Fi connections can be perfect, stability can be problematic.

If this error occurs frequently, you should consider the possible WLAN problem for playback. Then experiment with an Ethernet cable.

Finally, according to our research, this seems like a recurring problem as players blame Blizzard and disappointed that Blizzard is a problem for the user.

In any case, we recommend that you perform some of the previous fixes and open a request to the Blizzard or support service to see if they can help you fix the WoW51900319 error.