Application Blocked Access To Graphics Hardware – How To Fix


Recently, an error “The application blocked access to graphics hardware” appeared very often. When you run the client World of Tanks, this error appears, and the game simply does not start. Also, sometimes the error skips when the browser is open, the browser does not crash, but it stops working normally. The image slows down a lot and becomes almost frame by frame.

What is the error Application blocked access to graphics hardware

The error “The application is blocked access to graphics hardware” may appear in Windows 10, 8 and 7 when running or running various applications and games that use a video card. Modern browsers use a video card for fast page rendering, using hardware acceleration.

At the same time, the load on the graphics hardware can be no less than when using simple games. Below I will describe the possible causes and options for eliminating this error. If you are only interested in solutions, you can skip the article directly to this section.

Causes of error Application blocked access to graphics hardware

Graphics card driver

application blocked access to graphics hardware

This is the most common variant of the error “The access to the graphics hardware is blocked.” The current driver version of your video card contains errors, because of them in some situations the video card cannot continue normal operation, the application closes or starts to work very slowly.

For example, the Nvidia video driver for video cards of the GeForce GTX1070 and GTX1080 series for a long time contained errors that did not allow Google Chrome to work normally if there was a lot of heavy graphics on the open site page.

Error in the application or game

If the error appears only when working with a particular application or game, then the application itself may also be guilty. This means that its developers made a mistake and did not catch the error during the next update, and it hit the release.

If this is the case in your case, then you will not be able to resolve this error yourself. You need to contact the developers and provide them with the most detailed information, and then they will be able to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

What data must be passed to the developers:

  • The version and bitness of your operating system;
  • The full name of your video card or the list of graphics hardware, if the video card is not one;
  • The version of the installed video card drivers;
  • The version of the game or program;
  • Describe in detail how and when the error occurs;
  • Several screen shots or videos detailing the moment of the error;

Windows system file corruption

System files of the Windows operating system may be damaged after installing a pirated version of the game or program, virus or hardware failure. This reason is eliminated as quickly as possible using the tools built into the operating system.

Ways to fix the error “The application is blocked access to graphics hardware”

Below I describe ways to eliminate this error, starting with simple ones. I recommend trying them in order.

# Method 1: Troubleshooting the graphics driver

application blocked access to graphics hardware fixed

First of all, download the latest driver for your video card from the manufacturer’s website and install it on top of the existing one. There are two main manufacturers on the market now: Nvidia ( website ) and AMD ( website ).

If this method did not help, first try to remove the existing driver completely and then reinstall it. You can remove the driver using Windows or a special program. Go to the “Control Panel,” find the section “Applications and Features” and remove all driver components:

If the components of the graphics driver are not listed, delete it through the “Device Manager.” Click on the “Computer” icon with the right mouse button, select “Properties,” then the “Device Manager” item on the left:

Click on the adapter name with the right mouse button and delete it.

For quick and complete removal of the video driver, you can use a special free program – Display Driver Uninstaller (download from our server ).

Download the program, unpack the archive and run it. Most likely, when you first start, there will be an error and a suggestion to restart the system. Do this and the DDU Display Driver Uninstaller) will start normally. The program interface is as simple as possible:

Click the “Delete and Reboot” button and re-install the previously downloaded new driver immediately after the system boots. If this does not work, go to the next item.

# Method 2: Elimination of errors in the program or game

application blocked access to graphics hardware

You need to update the program or game that causes the error “Application blocked access to graphics hardware” to the latest version. This can usually be done on the developer’s website or through built-in update tools.

After that, be sure to restart the computer and run the problematic software. If the problem persists, you just have to contact the developers and hope that they will fix everything quickly and release the update.

Try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible and include all the necessary information. I wrote about them at the very beginning of the article.

# Method 3: Windows system file recovery

system recovery

The latest versions of the Windows operating system have built-in recovery tools. You can try them, in turn, using our detailed instructions, but start with the simplest.

Run the command prompt (Win + R, write “cmd” there) and run the command:

Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

The procedure may take several minutes; the computer is likely to restart. If this method did not help, try to roll back to the restore point, then “Return the computer to its original state.” If this does not help, then an error is caused by some other reason.

Additional Information on error ‘application blocked access to graphics hardware.’

In very rare cases, the error “The application is blocked access to the graphics hardware” occurs because more than one monitor is connected to the video card. If you use two or more monitors, try turning them off and working with one for a while.

Please note: monitors need not just be turned off, but physically disconnected, by disconnecting the wires from the graphic card connectors.

If none of the methods helps, then maybe your video card is damaged. You can try to repair or replace it, but this is beyond the scope of this review.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please leave a comment. I read everything quickly and will be happy to help.

Video tutorial to fix Application blocked access to graphics hardware