Assessment Center 101 – Coding Tests Propel Standardized Evaluations


An assessment center is a mode through which a company can evaluate students or potential candidates in a working environment and identify how they work with other individuals.

So as a candidate of an assessment center you are expected to do various group presentations, group case studies, replication of works, managing an inbox or to do work that you might be expected to do on the desk.

Also, you are likely to have a few interviews. Smaller companies usually cannot afford to do an assessment center because that can be quite expensive.

It is usually the bigger companies that do assessment centers. That is why almost all of the large investment banks, all the major professional services firm and large corporates do assessment center.

Purpose of Assessment Center

The companies primarily want to see from an assessment center as to how a candidate works as part of the team.

As employees have to be work with different people from different teams, that is why an assessment center gives the employer the opportunity to see if you fit their culture, how you operate within a group setting or how you operate when a task is given to you.

However, some companies don’t do the assessment center. They just make you have lots and lots of interviews to find out more about you as a person.

They believe that, if a candidate is interviewed many times with different seniority individuals across the hierarchy, they will be able to tell if that candidate is the right fit for the company or not.

Tips to Excel Assessment Center With Ease

You must know about all the methods employed by an assessment center for better performance.

Preparation is the Key

The first and foremost thing that you must have heard over and over again is that “practice makes us perfect” and preparation is the key.

One needs to use good resources to practice tests.

Many psychometric tests for various investment banks and companies are available on the internet. You can choose an efficient test carefully and practice. Enough practice will not let a candidate down on the assessment.

Know the company

Do some research on the company website, do proper research about their core values, their expectations from an ideal candidate?

Make a decent understanding of the company’s culture because this awareness will help a candidate to show their fitness for the company.

Be on time

The basic tip is to arrive early and don’t be late.

Being a late arrival doesn’t leave a good impression, so make sure whether you need to go to the office or location, a day or two days early, to check out the area and make approximation as to how long it takes to get there.

Most of the companies believe that early is on time and on time is late.

In-tray exercises

In-tray exercise involves basically going on a computer and managing the inbox. The different tasks will come in and the candidate needs to decide which one to do first and which ones to put lower down the priority list in very little time.

It is a replication of what a candidate can be expected to do while working.

In this case, prioritization skills and time management skills will be tested.

So the best way to prioritize things should be on the level of urgency. For example, if a piece of work is coming from an internal colleague with a later deadline, it should be kept lower, while if a task comes from someone who potentially leads to some business, it should be kept on a high priority.

Group exercises

Don’t overdo anything to come in limelight. Group exercises are given to see how a candidate operates as a part of the team. Make sure you have rational reasoning for your comments and suggestions.

Using this method employed by an assessment center, HR and the employee will assess whether you are just flagging or you really have value-adding content.

Individual exercises

A case study or a project may also be given to individual candidates. Make proper time management, allocate different time frames for different tasks like, reading the case study, taking notes and learning the key points that will provide the solution to the problem that they have given to you. Also, prepare well for the presentation that you may be asked to do later.

Individual presentation

It is fine to be nervous as public speaking is hard for all of us. But make sure that you understand the question, address it and then give your solution in an easy to understand way.

Importantly once you give your solution, you need to back it up with a proper explanation.

Group presentation

If you are doing a presentation as a part of a group, make sure everyone has an equal amount of time to speak.

If you speak less the assessors might think you are a bit shy and if you speak more they will think that you are being unfair to others. Just be yourself and speak about something you are comfortable with.


The interview is the last but not least aspect of the assessment. You must be ready to face competency-based questions, technical questions and commercial awareness based questions.

Always express your opinion that sparks a conversation and that will make you stand out like, more than just a candidate. Some brain teaser questions might be asked by the interviewer to test your rational thinking ability also.

Coding Tests Streamline Assesment Exams 

More than anything you have to make a rapport with the individuals- the HR people, the people assessing you and the people you team up with. You need to show them that you are the right candidate for the organization.

Show them that you gave them reasonably well thought out answers and make them think that you are the most suitable fit for the company.

Do some research and perform confidently on your numerical and psychometric tests, then naturally your performance will touch the excellence in the coding assessment center.