Aswidsagent.exe – what is this process: Quick Steps To Remove This From Your System


Hello. We continue to consider little-known elements of Windows, which often cause alarm and concern among users. Today, you will learn about aswidsagent.exe, what the process is, what it is responsible for, whether it can be removed or disabled, how to do it correctly.

What is Aswidsagent.exe?

Aswidsagent.exe fileAswidsagent.exe, also known as aswidsagenta.exe, is the executable file of one of the avast antivirus protection modules. – Identity Protection Service. Depending on the version of the security software, the process name may differ by one letter.

Aswidsagent file overview

If you use Avast complex protection, then one of its modules is the identity verification service. The Identity Protection Service, which is launched by the above-mentioned aswidsagenta.exe element.

It is located in the folder with the antivirus:

Why did I decide to dig into this topic? Several people approached me with a question – why does the process load the system? This can be seen by opening the task manager.

Frankly, we reviewed a lot of forums and thematic sites, and we turned to the Avast support service. But no one specified me a specific reason. The only way to solve the problem is to uninstall the program.

How to remove aswidsagent.exe?

Aswidsagent.exe deleting method

We will not touch the file itself. Yes, and just select it and press Del you do not succeed, because the self-defense system works, and your action is blocked. Alternatively, you can use the software to delete the items to be deleted.

We recommend uninstalling Avast and then installing another antivirus.

  • If you are using Windows 7, then you need to open the control panel and go to the “Programs and Features” section:
  • For Windows 10 of the latest version, the previous step is irrelevant. You need to go to the “Applications and Features” menu by right-clicking on the “Start” button. Then from the list, select the topmost item:
  • In the case of the “seven,” the following window will open, where you will need to find unnecessary software and perform the removal:
  • For Windows 10, the essence is the same, and only the interface has a different appearance:
  • As soon as the removal process is over, do not rush to restart the computer. I recommend getting rid of the “traces” of the antivirus first. To do this, download the CCleaner utility and do everything as shown in this manual (you can also download the program from the link).

Attention! If the aswidsagent.exe process loads the system, but Avast is not installed, it means that you are dealing with a virus infection.

What to do in this case?

  • It is necessary to close all running programs and windows.
  • Click Win + R to invoke the command console and enter the following:


  • Confirm the action with the OK button, after which the temporary folder will open, which you need to completely clear:
  • To scan your PC for viruses and fix them automatically, use portable (installation- free ) applications from AdwCleaner or DrWeb CureIt. And it is better to run both but in turn.
  • It does not interfere with the CC cleaner optimizer to clean up the garbage on the computer. And then reset the browser (just in case). For Google Chrome, this is done like this:

That’s all. Now you know about aswidsagent.exe: what it is and how to remove it. If you have any additional and interesting information about this process, please write in the comments.

Video on avast’s aswidsagent.exe