Bluetooth Errors In Windows 10 – How To Fix With Ease [100% Working]

Bluetooth Errors In Windows 10 – How To Fix With Ease [100% Working]

Good day, dear readers. Windows 10 has brought us a large number of new features, useful chips, and usability, but many users cannot solve the Bluetooth errors that often occur in the system. There are so many options to solve this problem, maybe Bluetooth does not work due to incorrectly installed drivers, let’s explain the situation in detail.

However, along with positive changes, there are also negative ones, including those errors related to Bluetooth. Quite often, one has to face the fact that the correct use of Bluetooth is simply impossible – this leads to serious inconveniences. What to do in this situation? Only the OS is not to blame for everything, because you can try some ways that can solve the problems that arise, ensuring proper operation.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth errors through support

Bluetooth error

One of the most common causes of inconvenience is the background of Bluetooth Support, which is not functioning properly, which leads to incorrect operation. Of course, you need to make sure of everything, so the first thing you should do is check.

Solution 1

You need to go to the Start menu. Then you need to click the Run button (the second and, accordingly, a faster option is the Win + R key combination), then enter services.MSC by pressing the Enter key at the end.

The above steps open up access to the management tool for all Windows services where you need to find the already mentioned Bluetooth Support Service. The main task: to make sure that it works, which will be reported appropriate status.

It cannot be ruled out that the Service is not running, so in manual mode, it is necessary to correct this – using the right mouse button, select the “Start” option, which will immediately change the status.

If you want, you can ensure that the function starts automatically every time you start Windows – to do this, you need to use the mouse to select the Service itself, and then select the ” Properties ” item.

After that, a window should open, where the user chooses the ” Automatic ” option from the ” Startup type ” drop-down menu, then all that remains is to click on the ” OK ” button to save your changes.

Control panel

Bluetooth error

Another way to correct the shortcomings is to delete and add a device. Many people know the reason when Bluetooth is turned on without any problems, but there are difficulties with connecting to the target device. Output?

Remove the device, then immediately add it again, since these steps can be an effective countermeasure. How exactly do this? To do this, open the “Control Panel” in the ” Start ” menu.

Then you should find the button ” Devices and Printers.”

Before you should open a list with all connected devices – find among them the one that interests you, then choose the option ” Delete device.”

After that, you can re-add the desired device, using the instructions on the screen to help deal with the navigation panel, as well as ensuring the correct operation of Bluetooth later.

Sometimes, even if the Bluetooth function is working properly on your computer or laptop, you simply will not be able to get into the coveted list of a device when searching.

To do this, find your computer in the ” Devices and Printers “window, right-click on it to select the ” Bluetooth Settings ” option. After the window with the appropriate settings has been opened, you need to check the box ” Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer,” then you need to click on the ” OK ” button for the changes to be saved.

Update/Reinstall the Bluetooth driver

You can also try updating or reinstalling the Bluetooth driver. This should not be surprising, because most often the main culprit for poor performance are damaged Bluetooth drivers – this is fixable if you take the right steps.

This solution is not accidentally considered a good idea since updating/reinstalling the Bluetooth driver will require a manufacturer’s website – this is reliable and simple because undesirable risks are excluded. What really matters is that you can easily update or even remove the driver from the device manager.

What do you need to do? Select ” Device Manager ” in the ” Start ” menu and then open it. After gaining access, you need to click on the BT device itself, since this is what will allow you to select the ” Properties ” item.

Next, you need to go to the ” Driver ” tab in the properties window – from here you can easily remove, roll back or update the driver by clicking on the appropriate button, which will help the on-screen instructions.

It is definitely worth trying hardware troubleshooting for Windows. This could be real salvation if some of the above actions did nothing to help. Therefore, troubleshooting equipment malfunctions remains.

To do this, you need to find the “ Troubleshooter ” utility in the start menu, and then open it.

Once accessed, click on the link ” Equipment and Sound ” – you will be listed a wide range of possibilities. Note that choosing the option ” Equipment and devices,” you must follow the instructions on the screen to achieve the correct corrections.

Important Notes:

The most important thing – the problem with Bluetooth errors can be different, but only with a more detailed examination will it be possible to determine the exact cause of the occurrence.

That is why it is necessary to always have at hand a list of effective steps to correct the situation, even for those users of Windows 10 who do not have much experience.

How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 10?

For most people, Bluetooth plays a fairly important role in their daily lives. It is used to connect various devices, transfer files, etc. This article will describe how to enable and use it on Windows 10.

1. Open Start. Then go to settings and select Devices.

2. Now you can see the Bluetooth tab on the left side of the window. Click on it. Inside the tab, there will be the same treasured option. All that’s left is to turn it on.

3. After switching on, your PC will start looking for other devices with which you can connect. So be sure that other devices are ready and Bluetooth is also active.

4. As soon as the desired device is visible, it will be displayed in the same window. Click on it, and you will see the Link button.

Before the devices are connected, you need to enter a password on both sides.

How to use Bluetooth in Windows 10?

Bluetooth Errors in Windows 10

1. Click Send or Receive Files using Bluetooth. This feature is in the same tab.

2. Right-click on the file you want to transfer, select the Send tab > Bluetooth.

3. With the help of further help of the Windows wizard, you can easily send or receive the files you need.

Video on Bluetooth errors on Windows 10