How To Choose the Best Gaming Mouse and Keyboard 


In the article, we will look into how to choose the best gaming mouse and keyboard.

Modern games also require modern equipment to work properly. If you have a high-quality gaming setup, you wouldn’t want to buy a cheap mouse or keyboard.

Of course, you’ll want the best for your PC. In this article, you’ll learn what to consider when buying the best gaming mouse and keyboard.

Choosing Your Keyboard 

Using a gaming keyboard can increase effectiveness and streamline your gameplay. So when it comes to buying one, what things do you have to keep in mind? 

Type of Keyboard

Choosing the right type of keyboard can be tricky. Every gamer needs to find the ideal keyboard which is 1) comfortable and 2) suitable for their setup. The following are some of the common types of keyboards: 



Wireless gaming keyboards


Wireless keyboards are quickly growing in popularity. They function the same as wired keyboards, however, as its name suggests, these keyboards don’t have wires. You can connect them on your PC by setting up Bluetooth. Many gamers prefer wireless because they look clean on their desks. Some of them also come in sleek, cool, and futuristic designs.


Membrane and Semi-Mechanical


If you hate hearing your keys go “click click click” whenever you game, membrane keyboards are the best choice for you. These keyboards are relatively quiet and satisfying to touch. 




A popular option for gamers, mechanical keyboards gives you better speed and precision when gaming.

Most mechanical keyboards only need to be pressed halfway before they can register a keystroke which means you exert less force.

Membrane keyboards need more effort to type but the actuation force is lower — which can lead to more typos. If you don’t mind the noise, mechanical keyboards are the best choice for you.


Another important factor to consider is your budget. Keyboards that are less than $100 are mostly membrane and old model mechanical keyboards. 

In the $100 to $150 range, you’ll find some of the best gaming keyboards such as the Corsair Strafe and Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.

Most of these have mechanical switches, monocolored backlighting, and even a numpad. Keyboards over $150 are often sold with full RGB backlighting, macro keys, and some of the best mechanical switches.

Choosing Your Mouse 

You don’t necessarily need a gaming mouse in order to play PC Games, however, if you want a slight competitive advantage and convenient gameplay, then a mouse for gaming will certainly help you. Here are things you have to consider when choosing your mouse.

Know your playstyle

Complex games have unique game styles and some mouse just does better than others.


Shooter Mice 


For the gamer who loves shooting games, the shooter mice is the best for you. These are the most common type of gaming mouse with the conventional left and right button, wheel, and two to three thumb buttons. 


“MOBA” or “MMO” Mice


These mice are perfect for massively multiplayer online games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Vainglory. They often have several buttons you can click to activate special skills in game.  


Ambidextrous Mice


These mice are perfect for left-handed gamers. These mice often have perfectly symmetrical bodies and buttons placed conveniently for the left hand.  


Hybrid Mice


If you’re a gamer who plays more than one genre, this mouse is the best choice for you. They often include more thumb buttons but have less elaborate MMO grids. 

Type of Sensor

Choosing the best sensor for your mouse should be based on personal preference. Optical sensors use a light-emitting diode to work. Fans of optical sensors claim that it is more reactive and less laggy than laser mouse. Laser mouse uses laser to detect surface and makes tracking better compared to optical mouse. It works in all kinds of surface and doesn’t have to beam light to work. 

Grip Style

There are three common types of grips style: fingertip, claw, and palm. Your grip style depends on what you find most comfortable and the type of game you play. 

Palm Grip

Most gamers use palm style grip and mice made for this are usually wider, longer, and have a steeper back arch to support your hand. Palm style may be the most relaxed and natural position however in gaming palm players tend to be slower and may be bad for pros who do repeated rapid movements in game. 

Claw Grip

The claw style grip mice are usually shorter with less aggressive back arch. They are suitable for fast gliding and moving back and forth across the screen.

 Fingertip grip

This is the most extreme type of grip which offers minimal contact points between mouse and hand. Mice for these grips tend to be very short, light, and normally have flat back arch. It is designed for games that require speed of movement and not for games with delicate, slow, and precise gliding.