4 Proven Ways To Fix Error Code 924 In The Google Play Store


Many users on the Android phone collide when the Google Play store app starts to fail, giving error code 924.

Among the main causes of system messages, which encountered an error code 924 in the google play store, are the following:

  • Communication error while downloading and updating the application.
  • No free disk space.
  • Incorrect settings for access to service parameters.
  • Caching
  • Account identification issues.

The Causes Of Error Code 924

google play error code 924The reasons for the error code 924 when downloading and updating applications are problems with storage (sometimes it occurs immediately after manipulating the transfer of applications to an SD card)

The connection to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, problems with existing application files and Google Play, and some others (also reviewed).

The ways to fix the error listed below are presented in order from simpler and least affecting your Android phone or tablet, to more complex and related updates and data.

Note: before continuing, make sure that the Internet on your device is working (for example, by accessing a website in a browser), since one of the possible reasons is sudden out of traffic or an interrupted connection. It also sometimes helps to simply close the Play Store (open the list of running applications and swipe the Play Store) and restart it.

It is quite simple. You can get rid of such failures, but first, let’s see what error code 924 means.

What Does Error Code 924?

error code 924 google play

In simple terms, the error code 924 means that you can not download or update the application in the play store on your Android phone.

It is noticed that this happens not only in applications, for example, the vatsap is not updated, but also in games (in a naval battle).

The elimination of such problems should not begin with basic and decisive measures. Therefore, first, make sure that the Internet is in an accessible state, and the necessary services are working.

It is also worth checking the date and time – sometimes because of such a simple failure of problems, a lot of problems arise. Who wants to very quickly access the store market store recommend using an alternative application.

4 Proven Ways To Fix 924 Error

I’m not talking about viruses that can block access to this service, so such problems will not be considered.

Let’s look at how to fix or work around the annoying error code 924, without any special knowledge or special tools.

#1 The Quick Fix – Just Use An Emulator

By installing an emulator, you can immediately get around error 492 in the play store and instantly download and update applications and games, even those that are previously registered.

This is the best program for downloading and updating inaccessible applications that you will not even find in the Play Store search results.

Analog is a set of standalone, easy-to-install management tools for Android OS applications including XAPK Installer, App & APK Management, APK Downloader, and more.

Once the analog is installed, you are ready to go. I believe that the application is as simple and convenient as possible so that your android works smoothly.

There are no flashy extras in it, and downloading and updating your favorite applications and games, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Launcher, and many at the highest level. Try it and see for yourself. You can download it right here.

#2 Roll Back Solution – Uninstall Previous Updates

error code 924 google play storeIf you get in the playmark: “failed to download the application error code 924”, then you must first make sure that the smartphone is connected to the Internet. This is the simplest thing that can be.

Also check the free memory space, regardless of whether the installation is distributed to the SD card.

It is possible that the service simply can not upload files. In this case, you need to clear the memory by deleting unnecessary files or applications.

Also, when trying to access official services, it is necessary that the Google account be enabled.

Only the problem can not be limited to the actions of the user. As it turned out, the service itself can also “fail.”

This is due to “bugs” in the updates. On the one hand, they may simply be installed incorrectly; on the other hand, and updates are poorly designed.

You need to remove the previously installed update. To do this, go to “Settings, select the” Applications “section, select the play store, click” Turn off, confirm and delete updates.

After that, you need to restart the device. Having access to the Internet, start installing the latest updates, which are radically different from previous ones, as bugs are fixed.

#3 Clear The Cache And Data: In the application play

If this does not help, pay attention to caching and data. Yes, they can be removed manually, but I still recommend using the “CCleaner” application.

It will automatically clear the device after scanning, but since you cannot download it from the Play Store store, download it right here – the link is at the end of the recording.

Another problem with this failure can be a situation in which the service simply does not recognize the account associated with this device.

To remedy the situation, you must enter the appropriate settings section and delete the existing account (the cloud section and accounts).

Then enter the details of the existing Gmail address with the password again, although not the fact that this will necessarily help.

#4 The Last Possible Solution

The most effective way and the most “difficult” solution to the problem can be considered to reset the device to its factory settings.

This will delete all contacts stored in the phone’s memory, applications that you have installed yourself and everything that has been saved in the internal memory.

You can perform this operation in the “General Settings” menu by clicking on the “Reset” item. The phone will reboot and appear in the form from which it jumped out of the factory conveyor.

Finally, some users recommend using the nulling method to delete all data. However, in this case, it looks too radical.

Although the operation itself takes a little time, the result exceeds all expectations, but a reset is recommended only in cases where absolutely nothing helps.

Only you can not exclude problems with the failure of the operating system or damage to the device at the physical level.

In such a situation, you will have to act by other methods, especially if an informal firmware has been installed — then no one can guarantee the performance of such a device and may even lead to irreversible consequences.

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