How to Delete a Reddit Account? Do It Painlessly With Our Guide


Reddit is a little-known but popular community platform for sharing various types of content online. Each user can send links and vote on posts and comments provided by members of the social network. Do you want to unsubscribe from Reddit? Find out how to permanently delete your Reddit account.

Reddit is a social media that has existed for about 14 years and has been gaining users around the world. If you are one of these users, but no longer want to be, understand how to delete a Reddit account in this article.

What is Reddit?

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Reddit was created to be a place where users can share links and texts with other users. Each user can evaluate positively or negatively each shared post or news on the site.

Depending on the rating, the news may be more exposed or less exposed to Reddit. If you have registered with Reddit but did not identify with the site, you have come to the right place.

Today we will talk a little about Reddit, how to create an account on Reddit, and how to delete an account in Reddit.


Why do you need to delete Reddit account?

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit have increasingly difficult to fight against the monopoly of social networks. In fact, Internet users no longer consume content on the way, and discussion forums, bookmarking sites and even blogs are becoming less popular.

Community platforms such as Reddit attract users looking for quality content or even information that can make a buzz. This is usually in love members, which departs from the definition of modern internet users.

Unfortunately for Reddit, the time spent on social networking by Internet users continues to grow at the expense of the community platform. Thus, less and fewer members connect to Reddit or find it useful bookmarking service. Do not you want to use Reddit? Learn how to delete your account easily.

How do I delete a Reddit account?

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How do I delete a Reddit account? You can delete your Reddit account at any time with your username and password. The shutdown process is very simple to do and is on the “Preferences” tab. If problems occur when closing your Reddit profile, platform administrators can help you, but they do not have access to your personal data. To cancel an account on Reddit, here are the steps to completely remove your Reddit account:

  1. To get started, sign in to your Reddit account using your account login credentials (username and password) to delete it.
  2. Once logged in, go to the “Preferences” tab.
  3. Then locate the “Erase” tab to the right and click this link.
  4. On the “delete” tab, you will find the Reddit account exclusion form. You can leave a comment if you want to share with the Reddit team reason that pushes you to leave the site. Then ask for your login again for security reasons. Finally, the confirmation box states that this action is irreversible (deleted account not recoverable) and click “Delete Account.”
  5. The message says, “Your account has been deleted, but we will not judge you for it.” Congratulations, you have to close your Reddit account permanently. You are now officially removed from the community platform. The effect of the removal decision is immediate.

Link to delete a Reddit account

This community site allows you to delete your account at any time through the cancellation form. However, you can save time and low with one click by using the fast Reddit delete link. With the quick delete link, you will not have to navigate through the menu to access the reddit online deletion process.

How to create an account on Reddit?

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Reddit has gained more and more fans, especially among the audience that watches series and follows the popular theories through Reddit. If you are interested in Reddit, know how to create a Reddit account and as simple as deleting a Reddit account.

Just follow these steps:

  • Access
  • Click Create Account
  • Fill in the desired email, username, and password fields
  • Click Create Account

By following the steps above, your account will be created. Now you can follow the latest news from the world through Reddit.

I did not identify with Reddit, what now?

Many people do not identify with Reddit, either through the interface entirely in English or the layout of the page.

If you are one of those people, who have not identified with Reddit and would like to learn how to delete a Reddit account, follow the step-by-step instructions above.

Ready! Your Reddit account has been properly deleted. But remember the warning that appeared before? Telling that your posts and comments would remain on the site?

If you do not want to leave your posts or comments enabled on the site, it is best to delete it before deleting an account on Reddit.

How to delete comments and posts on Reddit?

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You can delete the comments on Reddit one by one, or you can install and use the Reddit Overwrite script along with the extension for Google Chrome Tampermonkey and delete all at once.

Unfortunately, the posts linked to your account can only be deleted one by one.

Before deleting an account on Reddit, remember: This action is irreversible! Once removed, the account ceases to exist, and you lose your account data.

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