Destiny 2 Data Recovery: Where To Find The 45 Pieces Of Data The Strategist


If you are looking for 45 fragments of destiny 2 data recovery The Strategist, the new expansion for the game, we give you its exact location so you can gather each of them.

Destiny 2 is renewed with The Strategist, its new expansion that includes more weapons, secrets, places, and a new collectible in the form of fragments of data that lie scattered in different areas.

To obtain these fragments of this expansion of Destiny 2, you must locate them and shoot them with the correct element. The fragments are represented by four colors: orange, blue, purple, and red.

If you want to know the location of the 45 pieces of data in Destiny 2 The Strategist, we give you your specific situation.

If you get 35 of them you will get the exotic sword and with the 45 data the G-335 Anseris hummingbird. It will not be easy for you, but our guide will make it very simple for you.

Where to look for destiny 2 data recovery The Strategist

Glacial Drift

Destiny 2 The Strategist

  • You must make a quick trip to Glacial Drift and head to the left of the point of appearance.
  • Then you must go to the western end of the bridge directly in front of you and then go to the opposite side of it, looking towards the point of appearance south of where you are. You will find it hidden under the bridge.
  • After the previous one, look at the bridge from below about 180 ° towards the building. You will find the fragment near the ceiling.
  • Now you must look at the cliff just to the right of the previous building. Get close and observe to find the fragment on the cliff.
  • Taking the previous building as a reference, but now instead of looking towards the exterior of the building, look inside. Once you enter, look to the left, and you will find the fragment.
  • Now head to the opposite end of the bridge. The fragment is located in the large building that is right next to it.
  • Return to the point of appearance of the area and head to the right next to the cliff. Once you have reached the area, turn 180 °, and you will find the fragment hidden in the edge of the cliff.
  • The next you have it in the opposite direction. From the point of appearance, go directly to the west towards the icy wall. In the center of it, you have the fragment.
  • Return the area on the east side of the bridge. For this time, we have to enter the building, use the containers to jump to the top level on the left side. When you arrive, you will find the fragment on the opposite side of the room.
  • Return to the beginning of the appearance and find a tall, thin tree facing northwest. You have the fragment on the tree.
  • Go back to the east building on the bridge. Now, look just above the entrance through which we passed before, and you will find the fragment right there.
  • For the last, go to the east building by the bridge. Enter the building and follow the short path to a cul-de-sac. The fragment is hidden in the upper right corner.

Lost sector

Destiny 2 The Strategist

  • From the previous area, you must go to the lost sector. Once you get to the cave, go to the first room that is open and full of enemies. Upon entering you will see a small bumpy ship on the right. The fragment is hidden just to the left by the other cliff.
  • From the damaged ship, turn left and continue along the cliff until you turn right. From there, look in the opposite direction. You should see the ship crashed with the fragment on the other side of the ravine. Look down into the ravine, and you will find the hidden fragment.

Cave of ancestry Olympus

  • Destiny 2 The Strategist We must go back to the wall of ice from before. Go to the glacial apparition point and head west through the ice wall. You will find a cave just to the left. Enter and follow the path through several rooms full of enemies until you reach a point on the road that divides in two. Take the path on the right, and you will see a bright entrance in the same room. In that entrance tour and you will find the fragment in the ravine below.
  • Return to the entrance of the cave and find the crashed ship. Now go to the left side and look right below and you will find the fragment.
  • Start at the entrance of the cave, pass the starry ship, and follow the path in a straight line through several rooms with enemies until you reach the bifurcation. This time go to the left and continue until you go through an exit in the cave that takes you outside again. From there, follow the path until you are a little closer to the two ice walls that stick out. The fragment is between the two walls.


  • YDestiny 2 The Strategistou must travel fast to Braytech Futurescape and go directly to the left along the path until you see a tall tower. The fragment is on top of her shining brightly next to the lights.
  • From that location in front of the tower, turn around and head to the little cave to the north. This will take you to the Alton Dynamo. When you see the bright light and the exit of the cave, turn, and you will see this fragment on top of a small rock.

Alton Dynamo

  • Once you reach the area, turn around and look on the left side to find an iron pillar on the left where you have the fragment
  • Alton Dynamo In the first combat area, take the path on the left. Once you are on the balcony, look for two struts that connect to the roof. Look up the panel to the left to see the fragment.
  • When you arrive at the great server room that is full of pillars, take the area on the right. Once you are in the corner to the right, you will arrive at a diamond-shaped room, and you have it located on the side facing the wall.
  • Once you return to the entrance, go in front, and avoid entering the server room. In the next room, from the entrance, look to the right, and you will see a vent in the wall. Enter it and activate the terminal in the next room and go to the other side. This will open a nearby door. Now go back to the room where you get to the vent and go straight. Go through the door on the right and turn left. After killing the enemies enter through the back door to the right. When you arrive at the crossroads, you will see a door on the right that is slightly open. Enter to find the fragment.
  • Enter between the space of the cancellation column. Look for a glass panel on the roof, climb the tower and go through the tall pipe. Now you can see it on the glass and so shoot the fragment.
  • Go back to the cabal room and go to the left corner from the beginning of the room. Jump to the wall of the corner and look far away from where you will see the small fragment.
  • In the same room of the clique, go to the center and pass the glowing orange structure. Now look at the ceiling and check the struts that are connected to a tall tower. The objective is located in the pipes.
  • You have to revisit the crossing with a fragment that was behind a slightly open door, and there is another one in the upper left.
  • Once you have the previous one, go to the right side of the camera and on the right wall just cross the second door. Look up and then to the left the pipes that are a little further away. You will see the fragment of data there.

Rasputin Mindlab

  • In the beginning, you should look for an open vent, go inside and look in the left corner to see the fragment.
  • Rasputin Mindlab Climb the top of the bridge that takes you to Rasputin. You have to get to the point where the Javelin special weapon was during the main story mission. There you will reach a balcony, lower the pipe, and go to the right. You must stop at the midpoint, look up and towards the bridge’s struts.
  • Enter the building through the door near the dispenser. From the first floor, jump through space and look to the left through a large glass door. You will find a closed door with the fragment above.
  • Once the door is open and it takes you to the last chamber, kill the enemies. Now, look at the distance where you will find the fragment located on one of the struts next to the left wall.


  • From the interior of the Braytech area, you have to climb the stairs to reach the Aurora area. This will take you to a first area where you will face some enemies, then go to the next room and take the platform from the highest walkway. Under the ledge on your left side, you will see the fragment.
  • After leaving the ventilation tunnel, turn right. In the next corner, you will find the fragment between the boxes.

Core Terminus

  • When you reach the region, clear the first room. Now it interacts with the terminal that is near the glass door on the right wall. Go through the next door and then the double doors that will open where the fragment is located.
  • Now you must avoid killing enemies after opening the door. Go to the second room and locate the terminal. Interact, and then you can go to the third room where you will find another set of double doors, and on the right side, you can shoot the fragment.

Braytech Futurescape

  • Once you reach the area, jump to the left wall and walk to the far corner. You will see the attached fragment a small drain pipe.
  • From the Braytech Futurescapeplace of the previous one, look to the left on the wall. Now you will see a lot of white cubes, go up to the tall structure. You will be able to see the fragment of data in the storage area of ​​the white tank.
  • For this, go to the platform from the tall building when you enter the area. Look to the right and find some stairs from the walkway. The stairs will take you down. From there jumps the orange tank that is built on the side of the dam. You will see the fragment under the stairs.
  • Go to the public events area, and you will find a structure on the left. It becomes a rooftop right next to the Ana Bray area. From the room look towards the pipes to the north.
  • Go to the side of a long building that flanks the public event.
  • Look at the opposite side of the large building just on the south side of Ana Bray’s room, look towards the southwest corner to locate the fragment on top of the roof.
  • Go down the path between the two buildings, and locate an area that has a tall window near the back. The fragment is on top of an object on the outer side near the window.
  • In the same alley, look towards door two that leads to the inner room. Find a small device on the wall with which to interact. Then go left, cross the building with the hive and look for the structure with the number two marked on the door. Enter and go up and look through the double doors open to see the fragment.
  • In the room with Ana, look at the center on the opposite side of the wall with three computer terminals. Find some boxes, and you have the fragment between the boxes.

This is the location of all the data fragments of Destiny 2 The Strategist so you can collect all the collectibles of this new expansion.