Diablo 3 Error Code 1016: 4 Proven Solution With Simple Steps


Diablo 3 is one of the most famous RPGs for PCs, but there are a few bugs Blizzard never bothered. Error code 1016 is considered a general network outage error for which there are no specific solutions.

Blizzard blames your internet connection for everything, and in some cases, they may be right. There are several different methods that can be used to solve the problem!

A bit broader overview of Diablo 3 errors

Diablo 3 error code 1016

Many players who were looking forward to Blizzard’s title, Diablo 3, found a hassle in their adventure: an error called 3006. Reported by the public in the official Blizzard forum, this error causes players to be disconnected from Battle.net (and consequently game), without having access to the company’s servers again. That is, these players are out of the joke.

If you are one of those who will start playing Diablo 3, stay sharp because this error occurs at the beginning of the game and specifically through a character, the Templar (or Templar). He is an NPC (non-playable character) who helps users during the adventure, and when you open the trading screen with him, the error arises.

There is also some speculation as to when a shield is fitted in the character this bug happens. Also, according to information published in the official Diablo 3 forum, the bug is unique to the Demon Hunter class.

Anyway, the best prevention against such a 1016 error is not to open the trading screen with this character, at least for now. Blizzard is already aware of what has happened and is working to resolve the issue.

What causes error code 1016 Diablo 3?

There are many reasons for this problem. We will talk only about the most frequent of them:

  • Problems with the IP address.
  • IPv6 is often not compatible with Diablo 3. Sometimes it causes problems with other programs and games. Better turn it off.
  • Antivirus blocking the executable file of the game.

Solution 1: Use this command set

Diablo 3 error

The IP configuration command set can help you update your IP address along with the advanced settings associated with it.

  • Enter the “Command Line,” through the search in Windows. Right-click on it and select the menu item “Run as administrator.”
  • Also, you can use the Windows key combination  + R to open the Run dialog box.  Type “cmd” in the dialog box that appears and uses the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  • Enter the following commands in the window by pressing Enter after entering each one.
  • ipconfig / flushdns ipconfig / release ipconfig / release6 ipconfig / renew
  • Run Diablo again and check for the error code 1016 Diablo 3.

Solution 2: Disable Internet Protocol Version 6

IPv6 is often incompatible with old games, and you should disable it. If you are switching between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, repeat this process for both connections!

  • Use the key combination Windows + R, which will open the Run dialog box. In it, you should write “ncpa.cpl”  and click “OK” to open the “ Internet connection settings ” item from the control panel.
  • When the ” Connect to the Internet ” window opens, double-click the active network adapter.
  • Then click “Properties” and find the “IPv6 ” entry in the list. Disable the checkbox next to this entry and click OK.  Restart the computer to confirm the changes and check if the problem does not occur during the game.

Solution 3: Run the Diablo 3 executable file in compatibility mode for Windows 7

Diablo 3 error  solution

  • If you can find the game installation folder manually, you can search for Diablo 3 in the Start menu.  Click RMB on the icon to find and select the “Open file location.”
  • Go to the Compatibility tab in the Properties window and check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for — select Windows 7  from the menu that appears.
  • Apply your changes and try to start the game to see if the error code 1016 Diablo 3 has disappeared.

Solution 4: Add the game to the list of exceptions in your antivirus

If you use a free antivirus, it can block your Diablo 3 executable file for connecting to the Internet or for accessing specific files on your computer. In any case, the problem can be solved by adding the executable file of the game to the list of exceptions in your antivirus.

  • Open the antivirus interface by double-clicking the icon on the taskbar.

    Diablo 3 error code 1016

  • The “Exceptions” parameter may be located in different places, depending on the antivirus.

Kaspersky Internet Security  :  Home >> Settings >> Advanced >> Threats and Exclusions >> Exceptions >> Specify trusted applications >> Add.

AVG  :  Home >> Settings >> Components >> Web Screen >> Exceptions.

Avast  :  Home >> Settings >> General >> Exceptions

Check if you can now play without getting error code 1016 Diablo 3.

Video on Diablo 3 error 1016


Extra tip on Diablo 3: learn how to fast with the blacksmith in the famous RPG

Diablo 3 is a third person action and RPG game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In it, players are challenged to fight the infernal hordes to save the Sanctuary from their own death.

The expansion brings a new class, items, and the possibility to climb ten more levels. Despite the possibility of getting good items through the loot of their enemies, players can also make their own weapons through the blacksmith.

Learn now how to pick up the blacksmith to always get better weapons:

Step 1: Go to any city. If you are on a battlefield and do not know how to get back to the last city you have just activated the “City Portal,” a button that looks like a blue portal next to the “Skills” option.

Step 2: In the city, find the blacksmith and talk to him, selecting the second option, “Forge.” If it is difficult to find the blacksmith, simply look for the minimap the figure of an anvil. It represents where the blacksmith stands.

Step 3: Select the “Train” option, the fifth from top to bottom. By selecting it, you can see what the requirements are for advancing your blacksmith’s training.

Sometimes, in addition to gold, you’ll also need another item, such as “Blacksmith Training Pages,” found through your enemies’ loot, or even the “Blacksmith Training Book” that can be fabricated through the pages.

To make it go to the first option from top to bottom and find the book in the list of items that can be manufactured. It usually takes 10 pages of training to make a book.

To make new items, you may also need to provide gold as well as other requirements as a raw material. For each type of item, there may be different types of raw materials, obtained through other items.