Fixing Discord Overlay Not Working Error With Our 100% Guaranteed 6 Methods


Discord is a Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) software Designed by gamers for use. It’s exceptionally popular, with quotes that more than 90 million people have utilized it. The Overlay feature enables you to share, swap messages and send screenshots throughout gameplay to your own friends!

There’s nothing worse than once this interactive gambling Tool stops working out. It’s not launching, or it appears to be available, but it is not displaying in your screen. Do be mindful that not all games are played Discord Overlay. If you should be playing something popular such as League of World or even Legends of Warcraft, there must not be such a thing getting in the form of you personally enhancing drama using Discord Overlay.

In case your Discord overlay is not working while you are playing Games, you are not by yourself! Players have been reporting this issue. But do not worry! The fantastic news is that you are able to repair it utilizing the repairs we’ve listed below.

To Fix discord overlay not working

discord overlay

In case you are discovering that Discord Overlay is not currently revealing, Stick to these basic measures to test to repair the situation…

You do not need to attempt all work your way down. List till you get.

# Method 1: Assess when you enabled in-game overlay at Discord

Before attempting repairs, start Discord to test if you enabled in-game overlay. This is how to take action

1) Click on the gear button to start User Settings.

2) On the left panel, click Overlay. Ensure you turned The toggle adjacent to Enable in-game overlay.

3) On the left panel, click Games. Ensure you turn the In-game overlay feature to the game you are playing with. When it is turned off, at the list of games, click on the monitor button near the game to turn it around.

If your sport is not in the list, run your game after which Click Insert it to incorporate your game to Discord.

Run your game to determine whether your Discord overlay turns up. In case Not, try out another fix.

# Method 2: Run Discord as administrator

discord overlay

In case you did not run Discord as an administrator, You Might strike That the Discord overlay not working issue. Consider running your Discord as an administrator to determine if this problem persists. This is how to take action

1) In your desktop computer, right-click the Short Cut of Discord and Select Properties.

2) From the pop-up window, then browse into the Publish tab. Examine the box next to Run this program as an administrator and click okay.

3) In your desktop computer, double click the dictionary of Discord to Open it.

4) Run your game.

Watch if this issue arises. If not, You’ve fixed this issue.

# Method 3: Insert Discord into the whitelist of One’s Third-party antivirus application

If you are employing antivirus application in your own, you might strike the Discord overlay not working issue. Your antivirus application can restrict Discord, which means that your Discord overlay might not run as expected. You may test adding your Discord into the whitelist of one’s antivirus application.

# Method 4: Assess for software disruption

Maybe the Discord overlay not working issue is also Triggered by different applications running in your own PC. Try disabling them to see whether your Discord overlay works or not. If you are running the programs which possess the overlay features, or else you are running the programs that you could get to an own microphone, then they can restrict your Discord overlay.

# Method 5: Disable hardware acceleration at Discord

Discord Overlay Not Working Error

Hardware acceleration is a feature in Discord that utilizes your GPU to earn Discord simpler. Lots of users have reported that this feature might cause the Discord overlay not working issue.

In case you turned to the hardware acceleration feature in Discord and the Discord overlay not working issue does occur, consider disabling hardware acceleration in Discord. Observe the instructions below to assess if you turned to the hardware acceleration feature or not:

1) Open your Discord, Click on the gear button to start User Settings.

2) On the left panel, click Appearance and turn off the Toggle next to Hardware Acceleration in the event that you turned it.

Run your game to find out if this issue persists. If not, You’ve resolved this issue!

# Method 6: Reinstall Discord

In case you have tried all of the repairs above however this issue persists, Consider reinstalling Discord. This is how to take action

1) Uninstall Discord initial:

a. In the keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the Time to start the Run dialog. Type control and press Enter to start the Control Panel.

b. View that the Control Panel from Category. Click Uninstall a program.

c. Double click Discord to reinstall it.

d. Restart Your Computer.

2) Download Discord from the official site after which Install it.

3) Open Discord. Run your game and then add it into your Discord.

4) Enable the in-game overlay feature for the game. Should you Do not understand just how exactly to complete, consult with Repair inch.

Watch if this issue arises. If not, You’ve resolved this issue!

Tip: The best way to mend Discord connection errors?

It is quite bothersome to run in the voice relationship issue When playing the game. But do not worry, minding a VPN connection can fs many voice connection errors.

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To Prepare a VPN link in your Windows PC

Discord Overlay Not Working Error

1) click the link to visit the official internet site of NordVPN. Subsequently, Practice the steps on its internet site to select your own plan and make your own NordVPN account.

2) In your Windows PC, visit the NordVPN download webpage to Download and set it up.

3) Establish NordVPN. Enter password and your account, Click register.

4) Click Quick link to link into this Server advocated for you personally mechanically. If you wish to join with another VPN host in a country, simply choose the host that you wish to attach with the left panel, or go through the nation pin onto the map.

Normally the audio link issues Should be repaired.

A few of those fixes previously will assist you in solving this issue. In the event that you have some questions, please make your comment below.