Discord Review: Chat And Social App For Hardcore Gamers


Although Discordia is popular among the gaming community, however, you may not have heard it in case you are new to the gaming world. As it is specially optimized for Discord players, it is much more than the usual chat platforms like Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Skype.

Being an occasional player, I was not familiar with Discord until I found out about some of my fellow players. And after knowing and using their functions, I became one of the fans of their social communication functions that adapt to your gaming experience to the next level.

Are you thinking about what is in Discordia for the player you have? Come on, let’s find out more.

What is discord?


Discord is an online voice and text chat application for players. As a player, you can chat and talk with your fellow players in real time while playing multiplayer games, either online or in your local network. And my experience says that’s the way it is. better than the chat built-in games options

Like any other chat application, users can start using Discord in a few simple steps. You just need to sign in, add your friends, join a chat server and start chatting with your friends. You can also use the invitation code to invite more friends.

The discord is developed to replace the other VoIP programs. That players usually use to chat while they play, especially online multiplayer games. It allows you to send direct messages to others and even chat in large groups, making it suitable for multiplayer games.

Advantages of discord

Discord offers a beautiful Slack-like interface with rich text support including Images, GIFs, videos and files. Also, the software is as easy to install and use as any other VoIP application on the market, and if you have used Slack, you will be at home.

There are many more reasons to change discord. Let me tell you one by one in detail.

Create/join servers

advantage of discord

Discord allows you to create or join a server. A server in Discord is like a community of like-minded players. Have common interests to follow and talk. For example, a public ” Counterattack ” server attracts people interested in playing Counter-Strike.

You can create your own server if you want to have a private community. After creating your server, you can invite your friends by sharing the invitation code of the server. In the same way, you can join other servers, that is, using the invitation code of the server you want to connect.

From the right panel of your server panel, you can see the number of users online on your server. And you can also see a person’s profile and mute, deafen or mention it in the conversation. Also, you can View/configure role and permissions of any person.

On a server, if you have permissions, you can also add text or voice channels. A channel in Discord is like a group of players to talk about a single theme. For example, a text channel called ” CS Cheats ” is better for reading or sharing Counter-Strike cheat codes.

As you have already understood, a voice channel is for group voice calls, and a text channel is a group conversation box to share texts with everyone. Surprisingly, Discord allows you to create or join and chat on an unlimited number of servers without any limitations.

Beautiful interface


Discord has a modern interface that allows you to switch between channels, add mentions and hashtags, and upload screenshots of the game in your conversations. You can embed almost all types of media directly into chats, even popular GIFs. You can include emoticons Also in the chats.

Its interface helps you easily. Share images, videos, files, and links from your desktop or mobile device. The application is updated frequently to offer new and improved features from time to time, for example, a better chat interface, more emojis, support for larger groups, etc. And I forgot to tell you that Discord is completely free of advertising?

Essential characteristics

Discord offers powerful features in a simple interface. It lets you add friends using its Discord tag that is similar in format to Twitter hashtags but is limited to four characters in length. It also shows friend suggestions based on your registered email address.

You can also add friends individually and send them a message outside of the servers. You can even block direct messages from unwanted people, and Discord automatically hides your messages on the servers.

The application panel shows the contacts in line, pending and blocked in different tabs. Every time you receive a message, Discord sends you a push notification so you can instantly know who sent what. In addition, you can initiate a voice chat with an individual or on a channel as easily as pressing a few mouse clicks.

One of my favorite features is its overlay in the game, which allows you to see who is talking in the middle of your game, just like the Chat Heads of Facebook Messenger. In addition, you can adjust the volume, change servers or channels and do more without leaving your game. The overlay, however, requires your Windows
Client, DirectX 9 or higher and OpenGL.

Security features


Discord application auto-encrypts chats and other data, and even protects your IP address, unlike the main VoIP solutions. Your server backend runs with DDoS protection and features automatic failover mechanism that works to boot the application in case of problems with the server. In addition, in the event of a server failure, Discord automatically switches to a new server to prevent data loss.

That’s not all — the application packages in a lot of privacy and security features. In the server configuration, if you have permissions, you can set the roles of any and all and permissions.

High performance

As Discord is designed specifically for players, it makes less impact on your CPU and therefore does not affect the performance of your game (i.e., higher FPS rates) – allowing you to play without problems. On the other hand, the servers are distributed discord. Throughout the world, you can select and connect to your nearest server to enjoy a quick experience.

Its native application does not require special drivers or complex configuration, so it only takes a few minutes to configure it. Due to its low requirements, you can also run it in your browser. And its simple interface makes it light enough to run on mobile devices as well. That said, it offers native applications for Windows
, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

In addition, you will be surprised to know that your voice quality is so clear that you can even hear the slightest incoming sound. That’s also because Discord is built with noise suppression, echo cancellation, and many more features.

Disadvantages of discord

Although Discord is full of features that players enjoy to the fullest, there are some things that can be added or fixed.

The interface can be made easier

Although Discord has a nice interface, it is still a bit difficult to use. I found a few options presented in such a way that they can confuse users – especially the newbies. Therefore, I think developers should work on its interface to make it easier and more minimal.

You can add features

As a player, I almost do not make video calls because it causes performance problems, but sometimes I want to show my game skills to a friend. At that moment, I lost the screen sharing function in Discord, and if I omit this missing function, Discord is an essential application for all players.

Errors must be fixed

Sometimes I tend to hear robotic and distorted voices. , which is probably a consequence of the clash between Discord servers. It resolves if I connect to a different server or location and then change again. Although it is not yet a major problem, it would be good if it is fixed .

Built only for players

Since Discord is focused on players, it encourages fewer people to join its platform. Let your rivals like Skype. But if you ask me, I think it’s good because in this way I can keep the game chats (often violent, mature or offensive) in Discord and have regular conversations about other solutions. In this way, one does not mix conversations, and therefore, there are no incorrect texts.

Discord against others

To help you better understand the Discord feature, I have created a comparison table to help you understand the similarities and differences. Between the discord and its two biggest rivals.

  Discord Skype TeamSpeak
Communication Free Free
Friends list Yes Yes
Push notifications Yes Yes
Multiple channels Supported Supported
Modern text chat Yes Yes
Direct messaging Yes Yes Yes
Video call Do not Yes
Share screen Do not Yes
Invite friends Through web link Via email
Automatic failover Yes
Server support Yes Yes
Overlay in the game Supported Supported
Codec Opus SILK CELT, Speex, Opus
Min. CPU usage Yes Yes
Freeware Yes Yes Yes
Cost of the mobile application Free Free Paid out
Protection IP and DDoS protection IP protection only
Browser support Supported Plugin required
Native applications Android, iOS, Windows
, macOS, Linux
Android, iOS, Windows
Phone, Blackberry, AmazonFire, Ã, Â Windows
, macOS, Linux, tv
Android, iOS, Windows
, macOS, Linux

Final thoughts

Discord is designed for 21st-century players, with a range of features in one application. Unlike tedious chat interfaces, Discord helps manage conversations on servers and channels, along with numerous customization options to meet your needs.

I feel that discord is built for each player. And if you are a player and you have not yet tried Discord, then there is no reason to wait. Come, register here for Discord and start connecting and making new friends to play online games.

And if you are already in Discord, share your experience with us. It’s also easy: just write a comment below to let me know what you feel about the discord.