Dragon Age Inquisition Does Not Start, Does Not Work, Does Not Install


Fans of Dragon Age Inquisition face an unpleasant situation when, after installation, the game does not start. Or in the installation process errors appear. We will understand what is the reason and fix the problem.

Dragon Age Inquisition not installed

dragon age inquisition won't launch

If Dragon Age Inquisition is not installed, see if there is enough free space on the hard disk. Distribution requires free space, so a few gigabytes of extra space does not interfere. Many modern games require a significant amount.


Installing Dragon Age Inquisition is blocked by antivirus

Often, anti-virus programs, in the fight against viruses, protecting our computer from the effects of external threats, for security purposes, block numerous processes performed by the operating system.

Sometimes such security is so strong that the antivirus blocks access not only to viruses but also suspends some normal processes, possibly by mistake, considering them potentially vulnerable. Disable antivirus at the time of installation.

Cleaning your computer and restarting

restart pc

Sometimes, a simple reboot of the system can at once solve many problems arising both during the installation of games and their subsequent work. The same applies to programs, applications.

There are a lot of reasons: the computer is full of garbage, the system cache is full, the maximum permissible number of processes running at the same time, some may or may not be executed, but the system load is exerted. Cleaning the computer and restarting will fix the situation.

No access to the Internet

Some game clients in the installation process require an Internet connection, providing access to the installation server or update server. Make sure the quality of the connection, and if there is no Internet, be prepared for problems when installing Dragon Age Inquisition. Well, if the system gives an error message. And if there is none, you can think for a long time and guess why the toy is not installed.

Dragon Age Inquisition not starting

Before looking for reasons why Dragon Age Inquisition does not start, make sure that the installation itself was successful. Otherwise, if during the installation process failures were observed, but at the same time the game was established, it is impossible to guarantee the subsequent launch and operation. If it starts up – lucky. What happens next is unknown. Remember the installation process.

Reinstalling the game

Many gamers had repeatedly encountered the situation when they had to reinstall the game. Apparently, this is the case when reinstalling Dragon Age Inquisition corrects the problem.

With what it is connected, it is not known, perhaps the antivirus or firewall at the time of installation “ate” some files or something else, but after installing the game again, it starts up, works.

Remove Dragon Age Inquisition and reinstall, paying attention to every detail during this process. Perhaps at some point, the program will request additional files, etc.

There are cases when installing on top of an already installed game solves the situation. The installer may suggest updating files. Thus, there is no need for removal. Well, something like this.

Search for information on the text of the error

Another option. Problems starting Dragon Age Inquisition are usually accompanied by an appropriate system message. Search for the text of the error, as a result of which you will receive the most detailed answer, and, moreover, regarding this particular problem. Actually, the decision will not take long. So you determine the exact cause and correct the problem.

By the way, for some reason, I always forget about it. Until I move the whole computer, simply fill in the text in the search and find …

Run Dragon Age Inquisition as administrator

Run the game as administrator. In our case, to run Dragon Age Inquisition as an administrator, right-click on the game’s shortcut and select Run as administrator. Subsequently, if this method helps to solve the problem, make it the default. Open Shortcut Properties, on the Compatibility tab, and check the Run this program as an administrator box.

Dragon Age Inquisition is not compatible with the system

Another obstacle to running Dragon Age Inquisition may be incompatible with your operating system. In this case, everything is there, in the Properties of the shortcut, add the checkbox Run program in compatibility mode, select the required OS from the drop-down list.

Not installed .NET Framework

dragon age inquisition won't launch

A serious problem of launching Dragon Age Inquisition is the absence of the installed .NET Framework library on a computer, which ensures that programs and applications, including games, are launched and maintained. This is a must, and the Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed on your PC.

There are various versions of the .NET Framework. The presence of any one of them on the computer cannot sufficiently guarantee the correct operation of the program. If, for example, the .NET Framework 4 is already installed on the computer, but the game requires .NET Framework 2 – download and install it. Reboot the PC.

Use the programs that prepare your computer for the correct operation of the game, help to avoid many problems and errors.

Availability DirectX


Perhaps the most important condition, the requirement that must be met for games, including Dragon Age Inquisition, is that the computer has DirectX installed. Without it, no toy will work. Almost all distributions that require DirectX installed already have this set in their composition.

As a rule, DirectX is installed automatically during installation. If it is not in the distribution, download and installs. It is not necessary to do this before installation, it is possible and after, but the presence on the computer is just necessary. Download links are located above.

What to do if Dragon Age Inquisition doesn’t work?

Do not despair if you have already gone through all the ways and nothing helps, and the game does not work. Perhaps these tips will seem too blurry, incomprehensible, and errors are still present.

Reconsider, did everything done right? If necessary, download another Inquisition distribution, if purchased from a store, contact your retailer (manufacturer) for assistance. Maybe the disk is damaged, something is missing. This is normal, quite naturally, it happens. Use another distribution kit and install the game again.

In extreme cases, there are situations when the operating system is still incompatible with Dragon Age Inquisition. Update your system using Windows (via Update Center). The game will work. If the manufacturer indicated compatibility, then it is responsible for it. Upgrade your operating system.

Reinstalling the OS is an extreme case. Not sure about statements like “the operating system is pirated … the assembly … will not work …” or “the hacked toy, the pirate – throw out …”.

A moment worth your attention is to remember whether there were similar problems with other games, in particular, similar to Dragon Age Inquisition. And if problems were observed, it means that maybe it’s time to update something in the system or reinstall it. Thank you for your attention!

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