“Circular Kernel Context Logger” Was Stopped Due To The Error 0xC0000188. What Are The Ways To Solve This Issue?


There’s a Concern within the Windows Operating System at which a person, later employing their laptop or pc normally gets their display changed through an un-recognizable, inconsistent exhibit. After consumers influenced by this Particular difficulty open their PC’s Event Viewer to find out what went wrong they visit you or even more lists of this Subsequent error message: ( error 0xC0000188 )

“Session ‘Circular Kernel Context Logger’ Stopped Due to the Following Error: 0xc0000188.”

Doing a moderate Quantity of study on this particular Event Viewer error concept may result in light the simple fact it is thought of as always a Windows error communication also can be not anything more to worry above. It gets quite when paired using a person’s display venturing outside and getting substituted with a gray joke of the exhibit that leaves their laptop or personal pc unusable.

This particular error communication also this particular issue may result from various distinct matters, principal among these getting the influenced consumer’s exhibit motorists no longer working precisely, the maximum file size of this Startup Event Trace Sessions currently staying overly tiny and also the influenced monitor’s SETUP.ETL document being corrupted.

Even though this difficulty Was Initially found on Windows 7, then It may change variants of this Windows Operating System which released and have been developed afterward Windows 7. Fortunately, there are the alternatives Listed below which are the most successful when it regards combating this dilemma:

# Fix 1: Be Sure the Superfetch service is enabled and running

error 0xC0000188

You May Be viewing with a horde of ‘”Session ‘Circular Kernel Context Logger’ Stopped because of into this subsequent Error: 0xc0000188″ error messages on the computer system’s Event Viewer as a service called Superfetch is also, for a certain explanation, disabled or not running in your own PC. If that is the main reason whatever you could have to accomplish to receive rid of this rather than observing that this error message again makes certain the Superfetch service is perhaps not enabled but will be running. To utilize this Remedy to attempt to solve This Issue, you certainly want to:

1. Press the Windows Logo key + Ep open a Run dialog.

2. Type services.msc into the Run dialog and press Enter.

3. From the Services manager, scroll down and find the Superfetch service, click it and then click Properties.

4. Open up the Drop down menu Before this Startup type: Field and just click on Automatic to decide on it.

5. In Case the service was not running, click Start to Commence running. In case the service has been running, only bypass this task and continue ahead into this subsequent 1.

6. Click the Apply and then on OK.

7. Close to the Services manager and restart your own PC.

After the pc keep utilizing it boots up again and then assess to Determine whether the situation stays.

# Fix 2: Boost the Utmost record dimensions of this Startup Event Trace Sessions

As stated the following reason behind Windows Users dropping their exhibit and also using”Session’Circular Kernel Context Logger’ Stopped because of into this next Error: 0xc0000188″ error messages inside their Event Viewer could be that the magnitude of this Startup Event Trace Sessions maybe perhaps not having decent. If that is the situation, only raising the document size of this Startup Event Trace Sessions must fix the issue for you. Todo This, You Want to:

1. Open up the Start Menu.

2. Try to find”cmd.”

3. Right-click Around the lookup outcome branded click on and cmd Run as administrator to establish an example of this Command Prompt.

4. Type the following into the Command Prompt and press Enter:


5. Even the Performance Monitor must appear in your own monitor. From the left sidebar of this Performance Monitor, Double-click Data Collector Sets to enlarge it.

6. Click Startup Event Trace Sessions beneath Data Collector Sets.

7. At the Most Suitable pane of this Performance Monitor, find the ReadyBoot entrance and.

8. Navigate into the Stop Condition tab and then substitute anything Is now at the dimensions field using forty.

9. Click the Apply and then on OK, shut the Performance Monitor, shut the Command Prompt and restart your own PC.

Examine to see if the problem Was solved Up computer boots.

# Fix 3: Create your personal pc substitute the document that is SETUP.ETL With a fresh brand replica

error 0xC0000188 solution

If of those options explained and listed previously have Worked for you personally, you may still attempt a dialing Mary — forcing your own pc to substitute the SETUP.ETL record having a new backup.

A corrupted SETUP.ETL file may additionally, frequently are a case of the problem, thus producing your own computer replace its own present SETUP.ETL file having a brand fresh one ought to manage any corruption or any alternative damage imposed upon the older document.

To Produce Your personal computer substitute its own Present SETUP.ETL record using a new one, then you Want to:

1. Press the Windows Logo key + Ep open a Run dialog.

2. Type the following in the Run dialog and press Enter:

Percent windirpercent \panther

3. From the case of Windows Explorer which Arises in your own Monitor, find a file tagged setup.etl, click it and then click Rename.

4. Rename the document into setup old and press Enter to validate The activity.

5. If requested if you are about changing the file’s certain Extension, affirm the shift.

6. Restart your PC. After the pc boots it Will automatically make a document the older You simply just renamed. After This Is completed, check to See Whether this option managed To fix this issue to you personally.