100% Working Ways To Fix The Error 1603 When Installing Java


When installing Java, which is used by many sites and, accordingly, claimed by the user, there may be a number of problems. One of them is quite serious – error 1603: the update is not completed. However, it can be circumvented.

What is error 1603?

error 1603

Error 1603 is an installation error that occurs when you try to install a Windows installation package on your Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system. You will receive the following error message: “A fatal error occurred during installation.”

You may receive this error if your “SYSTEM” account does not have the “Full Control” permissions setting on the route where you want to install the package.

You can solve this error by granting the “Total Control” permission setting to your “SYSTEM” account. Keep in mind that you will need administrative rights to perform this task.

Causes of error 1603

The phrase ‘Error 1603’ is an error code that indicates that there is a specific error in the system that does not allow complete installation of the program that is being installed. Even the developers themselves are wondering about the reasons for the error 1603. Nevertheless, there are a number of patterns in which it arises:

  • Internet connection interruption;
  • damaged Java program on the computer;
  • damaged java registry;
  • malware or other software that interferes with downloading.

Solutions of error 1603

Fix error 1603 in several ways. Ultimately, one or the other will help to install or update Java successfully.


error 1603

A simple reboot can work. Restart the PC first. If this does not work, delete the boot file and download the new one from the official Java website. Then restart and try again to install the program.

TIP. Of course, you should check and connect to the Internet. After all, error 1603 when installing Java occurs just because the update has not completed. In addition, from simple actions, it is immediately worth scanning the entire system with an antivirus. It is likely that malware is to blame for the failure of the installation.

Disable content

The next step is to turn off Java content usage in the browser. This is one of the versions why Error 1603 pops up during installation.

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Open the item “Security.”
  3. Uncheck the item that is responsible for displaying content in browsers.
  4. Reboot the computer.

After performing these steps, you can try to reinstall Java on your computer.

Uninstall previous versions

An installation or uninstallation error with code 1603 also occurs because there are already previous versions of the program in the system. To eliminate this possibility, it is worth removing them. Uninstallation is best done through the taskbar. Special tools like CCleaner will also work. With the help of it, you can check your computer for the presence of harmful programs that may also interfere with the installation.

Registry entries

error 1603 solution

Finally, error 1603 can be caused by corrupted registry entries. This is the most serious problem. Solving its ordinary user is not always under force. If you have never worked with the registry, you should not train to fix problems with Java. Otherwise, you risk damaging the entire operating system, rather than correcting one small error.

If you still decide to start editing the registry without the help of a specialist, first make a backup copy of Windows. It is better to make any changes with the help of special programs, such as WinThruster. You need to find records related to Java and restore or delete them. But before that, make copies of them (must have the .reg extension) in order to return everything back in the case.

It does not provide such radical methods of solving the problem as reinstalling Windows. It is unlikely that each user will reinstall the OS to fix the error 1603, associated with only one work of Java. The above methods in most cases, relieve the user of problems and allow you to install Java on your PC safely.

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