Error 651 when connecting to the Internet in Windows 10, 8, 7

Error 651 when connecting to the Internet in Windows 10, 8, 7

One of the most popular errors when connecting to the Internet is an error 651. It appears in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. You can see this error in the process of connecting via the high-speed connection (WAN Miniport PPPoE). In this case, the Internet to the computer can be connected both directly and through a router or modem. The error itself appears with the text “A modem or other communication device reported an error.” It looks like this:

If we consider Windows 8, then the error itself will be slightly different there. This is all due to the peculiarities of the interface. In any case, the solutions will be the same.

Below we consider the most popular and effective solutions that can fix the error 651. Customers of only providers that use PPPoE can face this problem. Among the popular:, TTK, Rostelecom, MTS.

Simple solutions to error 651 in Windows

error 651

To make a simple and understandable instruction, we will divide this article into two sections: the solution to this error when connecting to the Internet via a router (modem), and when directly connecting the cable from the provider to the computer. But first, we want to give a few simple, general tips that may help get rid of the error with the launch of high-speed connectivity.

  • Call in support of your Internet provider, inform them about error 651. Ask if there are any problems on their side. Just this error very often occurs due to problems in the equipment provider. And before changing any settings at home, it would be nice to make sure that there are no problems on the other end of the cable.
  • Disconnect the network cable from the computer, router, modem, and plug it back. Try restarting the high-speed connection.
  • Reboot your computer. Also, restart the router, or modem (if any). Just turn off the power for a minute and turn it back on.
  • If this error appears in the process of setting up the connection to the provider, during the first start, then most likely you just incorrectly indicated some settings when creating a high-speed connection. Check all the parameters you entered. If you do not know something, you can call in support of the provider.
  • Recall that you changed, installed, or set up before the appearance of error 651. Maybe you installed an antivirus that might block the connection. Try turning it off temporarily.
  • If you have two network cards installed in your computer, disable one. Leave only the one through which you are trying to connect to the Internet. You can simply disable the adapter in the network connections.

If these recommendations did not help, and you still cannot connect to the Internet via a high-speed connection, then you need to check other more complex solutions. Below we will try to clarify the situation with the error “Modem or other communication device reported an error” when you have the Internet connected via a router or modem, and when you directly connect the cable to the network card of the computer or laptop.

If error 651 appears when connecting via a router (modem)


This is generally a separate story. Here it is important to understand one thing: if you have a cable from an Internet provider connected to a router, and a router with a computer connected by a network cable, or via Wi-Fi, then there is no need to launch a high-speed connection on the computer. It just doesn’t make sense. Is that the router you have settings in the bridge mode (Bridge). I’ll explain now.

Almost all default routers work in Router mode. And when the Internet is connected to the router, and you start a high-speed connection on your computer, it will not go through the router. And you will see error 651. This is normal. Why even run the connection on the computer if you have installed the router. The router itself will establish a connection with the provider via PPPoE protocol. It is only necessary for the settings of the router to configure this connection. Choose a connection type, set a username, password, etc.

The router will call the ISP, connect to the Internet, and simply distribute it to all devices via cable and Wi-Fi. A high-speed connection on a computer is simply not necessary. It can be removed.

All that is needed is to set up your router correctly, or a modem to connect to an Internet provider. To do this, see the instructions for setting up your router. It all comes down to choosing the type of connection (which your provider uses) and specifying the parameters for the connection (user name, password).

If you still want to run an Internet connection on your computer, via a router, then you need to put the router into bridge mode (Bridge). True, we do not understand why.

We think with error 651, more precisely, with its appearance when connecting through a router, we figured it out.

Error “Modem or other communication device reported an error” when connecting the cable directly to a PC or laptop

These solutions will be useful in the case when the Internet is connected without additional equipment (except for the router in the Bridge mode). Directly to the computer.

Before changing any settings, we still advise you to find out if there are any problems on the ISP’s side.

Reset network settings, delete high-speed connectivity and reconfigure

You can simply delete your high-grade connection to the provider, and re-create it. But it is better to reset the network settings (TCP / IP), and then create a new connection.

If you have Windows 10, then reset the network can be done with this instruction. If Windows 7, or Windows 8, then run a command prompt as an administrator and execute the following commands in turn:

netsh winsock reset

netsh int ip reset c: \ resetlog.txt

Restart the computer, and re-create a high-speed connection. Everything is very simple.

You need to open the “Network and Sharing Center.” To do this, right-click on the Internet connection icon (on the notification panel), and select the appropriate item. In the new window, click on “Create and configure a new connection or network.”

Well, then everything is standard (click to enlarge) :

Probably, the error 651 will not appear, and you will be able to connect to the Internet.

Disable the TCP / IPv6 protocol in the PPPoE connection properties

There is information that this method works. Go to “Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network Connections.” Or “Network and Sharing Center” and on the left is “Change adapter settings.” Next, right-click on the PPPoE connection and select “Properties.”

Go to the “Network” tab, uncheck the “IP version 6 (TCP / IPv6)” component and click “Ok.”

After that, we try to start a connection to the Internet.

Change registry settings

error 651

I’m not sure that this method will work in the normal version of Windows (as it is suitable for server versions of Windows), but you can try.

First, you need to go to the registry editor. To do this, press the key combination Win + R, enter the command regedit, and click “Ok.”

Go to the section:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters

Right-click on an empty area, and select “Create DWORD value (32 bits)”. The parameter name is set to EnableRSS, and the value is 0 (zero).

Create another parameter called DisableTaskOffload, but with a value of 1.

After that, you need to restart the computer. Run a high-speed connection. Perhaps you will not see error 651 anymore.

Some more solutions to error 651


  • Disable the third-party antivirus for a while (if installed). Also, disable the built-in Windows firewall. Not infrequently, they block the connection to the Internet via a high-speed connection.
  • Go to the device manager, and in the “Network adapters” tab, check the network card adapter. You can try to update the network card driver. It is best to download the driver from the official site, and just start the installation.
  • Do not forget about the provider. More precisely, that the problem may be on his side.

If you have any other information on the solution of error 651, then be sure to share it in the comments below. You can also leave there your questions on the topic of the article; we will answer and try to help.

Video on fixing tips of error 651