Error Loading Player (Html5 Error In Video Player) – How To Fix It Quickly


Many users encountered a problem when watching a video on the Internet with an HTML5 error in the “error loading player: no playable sources found. We will tell you about the player HTML5 Video Player and its main advantages compared to similar technologies. We will also tell you how to fix this failure.

Thanks to the relentless development of technology, the HTML5 standard has recently appeared, which is a new version of the markup language of web pages that allows you to structure and display their content. Innovations have improved the process of creating and managing graphic and multimedia elements, simplifying work with objects.

The HTML5 standard is endowed with many advantages and provides great opportunities in organizing a web environment, but even here, it was not without failures. Users, when watching videos from online resources, may encounter a forced stop of playback, which caused an HTML5 error.

Usually updating the page with reloading the content solves the problem, but not always. In addition, such failures are especially unpleasant in the case of the limited Internet.

What does error loading player mean?

Error Loading Player

With the introduction of HTML5, the need to use special plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash, Quick Time, and other add-ons, which are converters of digital content into video and sound, has completely disappeared. You no longer need to download similar extensions to browsers.or codecs for viewing media content.

The browser is able to cope with the playback of clips with their own means without using any additions. This is due to the HTML5 implementation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript symbiosis, where media content is part of the web page code.

Now the placement of media files is performed by standard tags, while the elements can be of different formats and use different codecs. With the advent of the new version of the markup language, since 2013, application development has been conducted under it, HTML5 has gradually become used on most popular resources and today is the main standard.

The technology is considered to be much improved than previously used, and failures are not typical for it. At the same time, users are often concerned about the problem of inability to view content on the network, and many already know the failure of “Upload HTML5: Download Error” in the player with standard support or “HTML5: video file not found”. Such problems occur for various reasons, among which most often the culprits are the following:

  • An outdated version of the Internet browser;
  • Accidental browser crash ;
  • Problems, carrying out technical works on the server;
  • The negative impact of third-party extensions or applications.

Modern technology-enabled video players have been introduced on most websites today, but the problem is still relevant, as the full transition to the new standard seems to take longer. So, at the moment, the issue will have to be resolved on its own.

About HTML5 Video Player

A new format for playing videos using HTML5 was developed in order to facilitate viewing videos on various websites. As a rule, most video players contain settings that require certain plug-ins and extensions in the browser.

These plugins are responsible for the type of video and support for its format in the player. Now, the most popular technologies are Flash, Quicktime, Microsoft Silverlight. For example, the absence of Flash Player on a computer will not allow you to open most video clips, audio recordings and animations.

Unlike others, HTML5 technology allows you to view an online video without the need to install additional elements in the browser and supports OGG, WebM, MP4 and others. The main thing is that the webmaster would use the HTML5 video generation code on the site.

How to fix error loading player

Error Loading Player

To solve the problem is quite simple; for this, you need to get rid of the causes of the failure. Consider how to fix the HTML5 error in several ways:

  • First of all, the page should be reloaded; in case of accidental failures, this particular solution is effective;
  • You can also change the quality of the video being played (choose a different resolution in the player settings );
  • It is worth trying to update the browser. When the HTML5 player is on the site, and the browser version does not support the standard, this error occurs and then the solution is obvious. You can view the availability of updates for your browser in its settings. For obvious reasons, it is recommended to download the latest updates from the official site. Sometimes, for the program to work correctly with the new technology, it may be necessary to reinstall the browser manually (complete removal followed by the latest version installed);
  • The browser should be cleaned from time to time from the accumulated debris. On different browsers, the cache and cookies are cleared differently, as a rule, the option is in the program settings. It is also possible to select the time period for which the data will be deleted. It is better to clean for the entire period.

To check if the browser is dealing or if there is another reason for the HTML5 error, you need to try to launch the same video using a different browser. It may also become a temporary measure to solve the problem, but if you don’t want to abandon the usual program, and the failure is manifested on an ongoing basis, it will help to update or reinstall the software.

More ways to troubleshoot error loading player

Error Loading Player (Html5 Error In Video Player)

The extensions present in the browser can also hinder the correct playback of the video in the player with the support of the standard. In particular, the Adbloker tool often blocks media content.

To deactivate third-party plug-ins, go to the browser settings in the Add-ons section, where you will see a complete list of available extensions that may interfere with the playback of files and stop their work. In some cases, the problem is capable of provoking an excessively vigilant antivirus or FireWall, leading active protection when working with network resources.

Blocking undesirable, according to the program, traffic leads to the termination of downloading content. Temporarily disabling the software that blocks the connection solves the problem.

Sometimes there may be problems with resources (there are problems with hosting, technical work is underway, DDOS attack has collapsed, etc.). Then you just have to wait a little time, because when errors occur on the server side, you can do nothing about it, except to report an error of the site administration.

As an option to temporarily fix the HTML5 error, you can switch to Adobe Flash, if the resource supports this feature. Some sites can do this automatically if the browser does not support the current standard. The considered ways to solve the problem are quite effective and will definitely help to depend on the cause of the inconvenience with viewing media content.

Video on error loading player