8 Reasons To The Error Youtube Black Screen And Ways To Solve When Playing Videos From Youtube


Many have come across the fact that instead of a video, there is youtube black screen. The problem is serious, as people today spend a lot of time on this site. Someone is watching a video with kittens; someone is learning foreign languages ​​and hanging out on educational channels; someone is learning how to cook or is engaged in training through videos.

What is actually the problem of youtube black screen?

youtube black screen

Google Chrome is quite a good stable browser, but even it sometimes has some strange glitches. And today I will tell you what steps to take when the video from Youtube does not play at all in chrome.

This problem can periodically occur both on a computer and on smartphones for Android and iOS. It manifests itself in different ways: someone shows a black screen instead of video, and someone, on the contrary, white or gray. See for yourself:

Why instead of video – A solid youtube black screen

When you open a page, a black screen is visible instead of a clip, but its audio track may be played (sometimes it is missing). Further, the reasons for why the video does not show are analyzed.

1. Ad blockers

Recently on the forums began to appear complaints that AdBlock and other similar extensions prevent the display of a number of sites.

2. Internet problems

Sometimes at work or school, you may not notice that the connection speed has decreased significantly. If she fell, it could be the reason for the lack of videos on YouTube.

3. Problems on the side of the site

This rarely happens, but sometimes, problems arise with video hosting servers. Then you need to wait a bit, and soon the problem will be solved.

4. The browser version is outdated

If the user is sitting on the old version of the browser, then this will necessarily affect the functioning of any resources.

5. Browser cache

A filled cache causes the browser to slow down, its performance drops. This can cause a black screen.

6. Problems with the operation of Adobe Flash Player

Why doesn’t the video work? Sometimes there are problems with this software.

7. Old video card drivers

The list is incomplete, but the reasons given are the most common.

Consider how to get rid of the black screen.

Ways to solve the youtube black screen problem

Unlike complex errors with Windows, which usually have to be reinstalled to solve it, the problem with YouTube is fixed quickly – sometimes in a few minutes.

Solution 1: Turn off the ad blocker

Almost everyone has such blockers installed – for example, Adblock. All of them perfectly relieve users of ad units, banners, etc. Many no longer remember how sites look, stuffed with various advertisements. However, today the presence of

youtube black screen

Adblock affects the functioning of sites.

Resource owners in their own way cope with blockers. When entering the site, the users can see a notification that the service will be unavailable to them without disabling Adblock service.

Try temporarily disabling the blocker. If the problem is solved, then you need to add YouTube to the list of exceptions for the Adblock extension.

Solution 2: Check your internet to fix youtube black screen

youtube black screen

If the connection speed is reduced to a minimum, then the video even with a low extension can not be made.

To solve the problem, go to the network connection settings, run Troubleshooting. If the problem persists, contact your ISP – probably, the absence of the Internet was caused by his fault.

Solution 3: Refresh your browser

youtube black screen

Constantly ignoring warnings about the need to update the browser, you can easily encounter performance problems. In this case, a black screen on YouTube will not be uncommon.

Solution 4: Updating the browser

Browser update is an opportunity to improve application performance, get rid of errors, take advantage of new technologies. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly check available browser updates and update immediately if they are available.

Solution 5: Clean the cache to fix youtube black screen  

Clean the cache

Often it is the crowded cache that leads to various problems. After clearing the cache, there is a chance to improve the performance of the browser, as well as get rid of the black screen.

The cache speeds up resource loading, but a huge amount of accumulated files leads to problems. For this reason, you need to clean it regularly.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. go to browser settings;
  2. go to the History tab;
  3. click on Clear History;
  4. make sure that the checkmark is only on the item that belongs to the cache, then clear it.

Restart your browser and go to Youtube to see if the problem is resolved.

Solution 6: Update Adobe Flash Player

Flash Player

Probably, the problem arose because of him. Just remove the old version of the software and install the latest one by downloading it from the official developer site. To do this, go to the Control Panel, go to “Programs and Features,” and then remove the Adobe Flash Player.

Most likely, the video will start playing.

It is recommended to make 6 points more often.

Solution 7: Updating video card drivers to fix youtube black screen

video card drivers

  • Another way is to disable hardware acceleration. Right-click on the roller, then uncheck the appropriate box.
  • Reinstall the video card drivers

For problems with video, the reason may be that the drivers for the video card are functioning.

You can get rid of the black screen if you carry out a clean installation of video drivers. To do this, on the official website of Nvidia, AMD or Intel, download a pack of drivers on a PC. Installing them, leave a tick in front of “Clean Installation.” As a result, new drivers will be installed after the old ones are deleted.

Solution 8: Change Chrome Settings to fix youtube black screen

Change Chrome Settings

Many users are helped by changing the initial browser settings, namely turning off hardware acceleration.

To do this, open the program settings (chrome: // settings /) – Advanced. In the “System” section, move the “Use hardware acceleration (if available)” slider to Off, and click the “Restart” button.

Chrome will be automatically closed. Re-open it and check the work of the video.

There is, however, another way to overcome the black screen while watching Youtube, which the users of this video hosting service accidentally discovered. It is madly simple, but it helped a lot of people. What you need to do, you will understand from this video: