Fallout 4 Survival Mode – Survival Guide In Fallout 4


So, my dear comrades, you decided to test your nerves and strength and try to play Fallout 4 in the “Survival” mode.

I must immediately warn about two things:

What is this fallout 4 survival mode?

fallout 4 survival mode

Firstly, it is impossible to exit this mode simply. If you decide to cheat and, for example, change the difficulty to a lighter one, to save, and then come back – the game will fold you a famous figure of three fingers and issue a warning like this:

Secondly, you will often die here, and since in the “survival” mode there is only autosave, you will have to go back to the last point for a long time too.

And if after all this, you still want to try your strength and resistance to stress … we will continue.

Differences survival in fallout 4 survival mode from other difficulty levels

fallout 4 survival mode play

The need to sleep, eat, drink and take medicine (the ability to relieve natural need is not delivered yet, which is a pity).

The reduced recovery rate from stimulants and water. But now the food will not give positive effects at all until you satisfy your hunger.

Also, Antiradin will remove radiation gradually and even reduce your immunity for a long time.

Reduced outgoing and increased damage in you. In fact, at the initial levels of the game, the only ones who will not let you vanshoit are dutny and radtarakans, but some of the most recent raiders may well shoot off the head off the edge with a single shot, even from a decent distance.

Reduced maximum tolerated weight as your character, and his teammates.

Various additional effects (mostly negative, such as illness) that will affect you depending on the situation and your actions.

The previously mentioned autosave, which will only work if you sleep somewhere and no other way.

The inability to quickly move. If you want to get somewhere, move the rolls.

Reduced maximum carry weight by you and your companions.

There are no enemy markers in this mode.

But do not immediately get scared. This is still an RPG, albeit a bit inferior, plus Sims, which means most of these negative effects can be reduced to zero. But first things first.


Well, you spent an hour or more on creating a handsome protagonist (and maybe a beauty), whose face you still will not see 90% of the game even playing from a third person, because you will run in a helmet or in full helmet. Nuclear explosions died down, and you hatch from the freezer like someone else’s carrier.

I went through 111 shelters, which I will not focus on because of its input into the essence of the game and management. Now you are standing on the street, looking at what American democracy has turned our home into and what to do next.

Be you even Barbie, even Quasimodo – the helmet will write off everything.

And right away you already have a choice: either go on a solo trip, or complete the first quests, bring the settlers to Senkchuari (the native town of the glavgeroya) and, thereby, make your life easier in the future. Personally, we recommend the second option. And the point is not in the preference for building and breeding Sims of all kinds and breeds but in pure pragmatics.

Let’s bounce aside for a moment and look at ourselves from this side. Well, first of all, get ready that your eternal companions will now be the three local horsemen of the apocalypse – hunger, thirst and chronic lack of sleep. Well, these nice guys will bring along new interesting effects, which I will now try to describe:


Reduces the rate of recovery of stamina. It occurs during prolonged wakefulness as well as unstable sleep, which I will write about below.


In different localizations may be called differently because even the description of drugs includes the name “lethargy.” You need to sleep more often. Occurs with prolonged fatigue.


Reduces maximum endurance. It occurs if not for a long time. The longer you do not eat, the stronger the stamina penalties. As long as you have this status, the food will not give positive effects.


You need to eat more often. The principle of occurrence is random and not directly related to food unless you are a fan of raw meat.


Reduces maximum stamina. It occurs if you do not drink for a long time. The longer you don’t drink, the stronger the stamina penalties. Unlike hunger, clean water restores health even with thirst.


The most dangerous status, in my opinion) – causes periodic damage to health. Occurs accidentally when mutants attack you, swimming in bad places, and if you start yourself in terms of malnutrition, lack of food and lack of sleep.

Reduced immunity

More likely to pick up some infection. Occurs when using antivirus.


Yes, in this mode and it can be attributed to negative statuses) – besides the usual decrease in the speed of movement and the inability to run, in the “survival” mode overload also causes periodic damage to health, as well as damage to your legs.

How are our fallout 4 survival mode without our smaller brothers – worms?

Of course, almost all of this is instantly taken off by antibiotics, but this thing is rather rare and expensive (traders ask for 300 caps per unit, and there are far from everyone). And all these diseases themselves go away with time if you start to eat properly and regularly, sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle.

But because I still recommend enduring everything firmly on my feet, and use antibiotics only as a last resort, when there are too many negative effects or if you have caught an infection.

In extreme cases, you can cook yourself in the laboratory or find somewhere analgesics or antibiotics from herbs that will increase resistance to certain diseases (although, as for me.

These things come across even less often than simple antibiotics) or visit a doctor and spend their blood caps, honestly collected from cold bodies and found in other places for the immediate treatment of a loved one.

Also, it is worth noting a few interesting facts. Using stimulants and some other drugs does not pass for you completely, causing strong thirst. Consider this in battle.

Also, if you suddenly want to sleep, and in the foreseeable surroundings there is no bed, drink coke kernels, it contains caffeine, and therefore for some time it will accelerate sleep and give strength, but it causes hunger.

The role of sleep

And of course, all your fountains, pools and any other water restore your health. The only radiation there, in most cases, more than the benefits of such treatment. And the last – healthy sleep.

Of course, you can sleep in sleeping bags or on mattresses, but you won’t be able to sleep in them. The fact that in survival in a sleeping bag you can sleep no more than 3 hours and on a mattress no more than 5 hours.

However, in order to get enough sleep (and even get a temporary bonus to the experience gained), you need to sleep in the bed and about 8 hours.

Separately, I want to dwell on such a specific thing as “Adrenaline.” This is a special skill or, if you want perk (although I do not like this bourgeois word), which is issued by default in this game mode.

Note on sleeping

The point is simple – the longer you sleep the more damage. But here everyone decides for himself what is more important to him, more to beat or health. Adrenaline is completely removed if you sleep for more than an hour.

So, bounced, trampled to the side, let’s go back to the sinful land scorched by nuclear war. So, based on all of the above, in survival, your life will not be sugar if you can not build yourself a minimum of comfort (bed and column).

No, of course, you can sleep where you have to, eat pasture (well, or use various bonfires, barbecues and other catering facilities scattered in the wastelands) or drink dirty water, but this is a choice of a very hardcore external.

And the only sources of clean water in the nearest district are Refuge 111 from which you just left and a column on the farm, which is slight to the left (if you look on the map) from this refuge.

Here in these two places, you can get hold of some clean water in Fallout 4 survival mode

fallout 4 survival mode

Well, we are moving along the quest to Concord and doing everything we are asked to do. I’ll not focus on everything, and I’d just note that now the Death Claw will kill you with one blow even in power armor, so make active use of the brain, that is, if you couldn’t kill from the roof of the museum, run to the tool shop opposite it.

All the windows in this store are broken so that you can shoot from it without fear, and the entrance doors are too small for the death claw, so he can not enter, and you can deal with him without any special problems.

Survival Fallout 4

Well, we brought the settlers home and learned the basics of construction. What now? And now we need the very minimum that will help us live more or less comfortably in this mode.

And the first is the house. It is always nice to feel protected by strong walls, but there is also a practical sense. The fact is that something bad can be picked up even if you sleep well in the open air.

Yes, that’s such a nuisance. That is why our bed should preferably be located in the room. Build your house or occupy an existing one; it’s up to you. The next item we have is a column.

It is located in the resource section in the construction menu. This is the simplest device, but indispensable. You can get drunk with clean water and fill the empty bottles if you have them.

Speaking of bottles, I recommend not to throw them away and do not process them in the workshop, but fill them with clean water from the column.

Well, the last is the point of cooking. You can simply drag it closer to your home, and the base grill is located near the first house from the bridge.

Well, here you are, comrades, and you are ready for the first fliplane campaigns. But this is only the beginning, you are still pretty wadded, and around every corner, there can be an enemy who will kill you, if not from the first, then quite possibly from the second or third strike, which is also noticed.


And what to do? Well, in the first couple, I recommend to pump strength and endurance, and it is better to pump something from this to the maximum already at the stage of the distribution of characteristics.

The power you need, naturally, in order to carry more. And you can not wear too much here, with 10 forces the maximum tolerated weight is only 175 local kilograms (and yes, I know that these are pounds).

Endurance is responsible for the maximum amount of health of the character, which is also important. Further, for a comfortable game, I recommend in all available places to immediately build a minimum set for survival: a bed and a column.

Special Notes

I will not mention here that from the column you can just drink it so that you can quench your thirst and heal, because in my version of the game the columns have a limited resource and after some time of active use they stop restoring health, although they still quench thirst and allow you to fill the bottles clean water.

Well, how can you make it so that when a character dies, you do not need to re-cut the floor of the card to the right place? And there is a little trick. Of course, mattresses and sleeping bags for a night of good sleep are not suitable, but as a control point may well be suitable.

Seeing this artifact boldly pokes “sleep 1 hour”, and save, and do not spend a lot of energy. However, this should not be abused. If you persist too often, you will quickly get tired, and maybe catch insomnia.


And last but not least – teammates. No matter how difficult any other partner is, he must live and be able to distract the enemy well. An ordinary dog ​​, in this case, is not very suitable, although it may distract the enemy for a while, grabbing him by the limbs or even finishing off. Ideal – Ada.

This is a ground-breaking experimental instrument from the Automation supplement. Even in its basic version, it can drag 280 kg of local weight. Also, all the armor and weapons are built-in, which means they weigh nothing.

Well, plus she will give you the drawings of the machine for creating robots. On it, you can additionally pump the robots (strengthen its armor, change the weapon and increase the maximum tolerated weight) or create a new robot for yourself based on your personal aesthetic preferences.

I can say for myself that now Ada is quite calmly fighting the hand to hand battle with two death claws, one of which is the legendary leader. At the same time, she’s pretty good at age, which allows me to shoot as well. The only disadvantage in this business is that you must inflict more than 50% damage to the enemy; otherwise, if your partner kills the partner, they will not give you any experience.

Here somewhere here, you can meet Ada …

… and here is our beautiful and rescuer.


Well, perhaps, everything, dear comrades. Now you are ready to survive in the world of Fallout 4 on the maximum complexity. Of course, survival will become easier over time and by the 20th level enemies who used to seem something unkillable will become quite ordinary.

So, the bogs, who at first vanshoti my character just running past, are now quite easily killed with a few shots of a shotgun, and the character himself is already able to withstand five of their blows.

And a few tips at the end on fallout 4 survival mode

fallout 4 survival mode learning

Collect the most convenient weapon pack for you. Personally, my pack is a shotgun for mutants, a carbine with explosive cartridges for raiders and other people, and a sniper.

Do not shun the use of stealth and ranged weapons. Often, the enemy can be removed with a single shot from a distance so that the rest will not even understand what happened. And even if it does not work out, you will have time and the opportunity to retreat or change position until you are discovered.

Use Watts. Not that I was a lover of this business, even more, likely on the contrary, I do not recognize him, but by clicking the vatsom along the way, one can find unnoticed or hidden enemies (for example, bogs under water or in ambush) or mines. Remember, there are no enemy markers in this mode.

Do not rush to eat antibiotics as soon as you find. Most diseases are not dangerous and only slightly degrade the overall comfort of the game, and they pass by themselves in time. Only an infection is dangerous, so it should be treated as soon as possible.

Do not throw out or recycle empty bottles from the “trash” section. You can fill them and some other glass containers with clean water from the column.

Use the brain. You will be able to defeat even the strongest enemy if you can lure him to where he cannot get you, but you are the opposite.

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