Fallout 4: Perhaps The Most Complete Walkthrough In The World



fallout 4 After the introductory video, go to the kitchen where the housewife is waiting for you. Now the whole point of your game is to wait for the arrival of the representative of “Volt-Tech.” You can go to the front door and look through the window on it. At the house opposite, you should see the man in the brown coat. Wait when he gets to your door and calls her. Open the door at the request of his wife. By the way, you can play for both a man and a woman. Depending on your choice, at the very beginning of the game, you will have either a spouse or a spouse.

Beginning the passage of Fallout 4 on Game-space

Talk about everything with the man to find out what he offers. Distribute your first skill points after the door is closed, at the request of the spouse in the room with the child. Play with the baby; click on the suspended missiles. When the robot calls you, go back to the living room and watch TV. Once the transfer is completed, then run out through the doors and follow the green mark on the radar at the top of the screen. Soon you must reach the net gate where the officer is standing. Talk to him until he misses you all. Go to the platform, which will be a lift, and watch the cut-scene.

The beginning of a nuclear disaster

Follow up the stairs and go to the girl marked with a green marker, distributing overalls “Shelter 111”. After receiving your totals, go after the doctor “Volt-Tech” and activate the opened cryogenic chamber. See the long cut-scene, after which the first mission will begin.

Time is running out: Goal. Leave the “Asylum 111”

Go to your spouse’s (spouse’s) camera opposite and pull the red lever to open it. Take your wedding ring off the finger of your other half. The only exit from the room with cryogenic chambers leads to the corridor. Follow the other end of the corridor and click on the sliding door. Unfortunately, you cannot open it now. Open the sliding door on the side and follow the corridor. On the glass, on the other side, you will see the first enemy – a radioactive cockroach. Under the window on the box is a security rod. Take it away.

In the next room on the right, there is something to profit. Among other things, there is a stimulator on the table near the computer. Stimulants in Fallout4 are no different from the same items in the previous part of the series. So, using a stimulant, you can restore up to 30% of the maximum level of health of the main character. If, for example, you have 50% of your health, then using a stimulant is meaningless.

Return to the corridor and open another sliding door. Follow forward and then go to the room on the left side, which is indicated by a marker. In the center, there are huge things with electric energy. Move around the perimeter of the room in a clockwise direction. Kill the radioactive cockroaches and go through the new door.

In the room with the caretaker stand, search all around. On the table are stimulants, a 10-mm pistol, ammunition, glasses and a tablet. But the most important thing you have to do: look at the computer on the table and select the line “Open evacuation tunnel.” Exit the computer and see the sliding doors open in front of you. Go through them, killing radioactive cockroaches. Go to the scientist at the corpse at the exit of the “Vault 111” and raise the peep-fight. Now you have inventory, etc. Activate the panel next to the skeleton and wait for the doors of the Asylum 111 to open. Follow through the door, go down, and get in the elevator. Here you will have the last chance to change any parameters or the appearance of the main character. Leave the shelter.

Purpose: Come back home

Follow the marker on the map and mini-radar to complete this task. It is best to cross the river through a wooden bridge. Otherwise, the character will be irradiated with radiation. At the house, you will see an old friend – your robot.

Purpose: Talk to Codsworth

Chat with the robot about everything and find out what happened here. During the dialogue, a phrase appears highlighted in yellow. When choosing this phrase and the required level of conviction, you will receive additional experience points. In the future, such situations will often arise in dialogues. If you successfully select a phrase, you can find out about covers or other valuable items that your interviewees are hiding. Complete the dialogue with the robot.

Purpose: Along with Codsworth, search the area

Follow the robot that leads you into the house with dutni. Defeat the flying bugs, after which Codsworth will say that you need to fly to another house. Move there and smash the flying creatures again. Next, start the conversation yourself with Codsworth, who will tell you that you need to search Concord.

Purpose: Inspect Concord

Note the marks on your radar at the top of the screen. You need to move in that direction. By the way, there will be a river ahead, and you can only bypass it on the bridge to the right. So do it and drive along the road until you get an additional task.

Additional goal. Say hello to the dog. 

At the gas station, you should see the dog. Say hello to her. Now she will be your companion, as well as Codesworth.

Search the station, kill the Krotok – one more standard opponents. Go to Concord and explore the city. You must get to the museum, near which there will be several raiders. Understand the raiders, after which you will be asked to go inside the museum. The task will be completed on this. A new one will begin.

Call of Freedom 

fallout 4

Purpose (optional): Take the laser musket 

The laser musket will lie about the corpse of one of the raiders. Why not pick it up? When using this weapon, press the R key several times to charge it and perform a more powerful shot.

Purpose: Enter the museum

Just click on the door leading inside the museum and wait for the download to complete.

Purpose: Find the settlers 

Strip the museum. Kill opponents at the top, follow through the passage on the right to be at the other end of the first floor. Climb the stairs and deal with all the enemies. Only after none of the raiders are left alive, the door to the shelter of the settlers will open.

Purpose: Talk to Preston Garvey 

Talk about everything with Preston Garvey.

Purpose: Open the door

Start a conversation with a technician Sturges. When he moves away from the computer, then enter it. You need to find the right password. In this case, it was the word CACHE. In general, the hacking system in the game is as follows: on the screen, you see a huge number of characters, some of which form words of five or more letters. You have four attempts to guess the password. Click the words you see. If the password is found, you will get access to the computer. If the code is incorrect, then you will hear the corresponding sound signal, and you will also see on the screen information about whether the selected word has similarities with the password. If you failed in four attempts to pick up a password, then you will need to walk for 10 seconds to make the terminal accessible again for you.

After hacking the terminal, select the line “Open the door,” thereby perform the task.

Purpose Get a nuclear block 

Follow to the specified point and open the door. If you have not used the Sturges computer, you can enter the terminal to the right of the door. Also, this door can be opened with a stud, if you have one. Remove the nuclear unit from the panel, and the task will be updated.

Purpose: Insert the nuclear unit in the power armor 

Return to the room with the museum guests where you were before. Exit this room through the door at the other end and walk to the marker. Open the door called “Commonwealth.” You will find yourself on the street near the power armor. Go up to it and press the E key.

Purpose: Dress up in power armor

Press E again to get into armor.

Purpose: Take the minigun 

Follow up the ruins and pick up the minigun.

Purpose: Strip Concord 

Go ahead and kill the enemies you see. Feel free to jump down from the roof, as the power armor completely prevents the damage taken during falls. In addition to the raiders in the city, you will need to kill a big mutant called the Death Claw. Be sure to search all the corpses. Once all the raiders are dead, the mission will be updated.


Purpose: Report to Preston

Just go back to the museum and talk with Preston Garvey about everything.

Purpose: Talk to Preston Garvey at the Sanctuary 

Follow back to your home near the northwest refuge. There will be a marker. But Preston is unlikely to have time to come here before you. Open the map and see another marker – this is Preston, moving to Sanctuary. You can go to his meeting and talk. The task is over. Preston can take a new task. Another additional task is Sturges, who will be inside one of the Sanchchuari houses after you talk to Harvey Preston. At the same time, a new mission will begin – the “First Step.”

Talking with Sturge

First step

Before moving on, look inside the house and talk with Sturge. Find out how you can help him, and he will say that you need to repair the beds. In the courtyard of this house, there is a workshop, a workbench, and a maintenance station for armor. Since you are already here, be sure to repair the power armor by 100%. In order to do this, you need to leave the armor and repair each part of the costume separately. In this case, you will need to spend the items found.

Surely the charge of your core is almost zero. It is unlikely that at the moment you have another core in your hands. If the charge drops, the movement slows down significantly, as well as the work of the armor as a whole is disturbed. Leave your armor in this place and move on without it. Before you start the next quest, do not forget to open the peep-fight and distribute the skill points.


First step 

Goal Talk to the residents of Tenpines Bluff 

Postpone the quest with the departure for Diamond City and head to the settlement Tenpines Bluff. Open the pip-boy and activate the tracking of the quest “First step.” You cannot currently use a quick trip to a settlement, so go there on foot. Follow the marker on the radar to the east.

Follow the main road Sanctuary and walk between the houses at the end of the city. Further, the road will be blocked by a large lake. To the left down the hill, there is a small bridge. Use it to cross a radioactive lake. Continue to the east, near the water, to go around the huge stones.

When the lake is behind you, a high rusty fence will appear ahead. Go to him and make your way through the hole into the courtyard.

In the right side of the courtyard, there is a small cabin in which you can find a lot of useful things. Among other things, stimulants. Inside there is also a computer terminal and workshop. Examine the note worker. The terminal allows you to control the robot on the street. Leave the building and move to Tenpines Bluff using the marker. Go past the large satellite dish on the right and follow until you reach the new location.

Pay attention to the woman waving a gun. Talk to her about everything.

Purpose: Kill Raiders

Kill Raiders

Your next task is to suppress the aggression of the raiders at a nearby factory. Move south of the settlement using the marker. Go down the slope, go through the railway tracks, dealing with enemies, and move under the overpass. Follow along, and eventually, you will see the plant. Get closer and find yourself on the outskirts of Lexington. Even though you have to clean up the plant, you will have to deal with enemies on the streets of the city. Before entering the zone, look in your inventory and equip the best armor you could find.

When you complete the preparation, go to the plant through the streets of the city. Act carefully because humans, ghouls, or animals can attack you. Continue south and eventually reach the north side of the plant. On the right side of the roof of the building, you can see a glowing sign. There should also be a small garage.

From here you can move to the right side and storm the entrance of the plant. Take to the left, moving east along the road. Go past the first red car. Stop in front of the second lamppost on the left side and look ahead. You will see a small lane, at the end of which there is a gate. Go through this gate. Keep going forward and turn left, inside the broken pipe.

Passing to the next area, move along the pipe, and be ready to kill the ghouls. When the path is clear, go to the room on your left. Go forward and to the left. Around the corner, there is a small room with lots of useful items.

When you are ready to continue, then go back and sort out the guard at the entrance. Follow along the aisle, killing opponents. On the top step, bend down and move to the right. There will be another place on the right and an open door on the left. First, deal with the raider in the aisle on the right, then go through the doorway on the left and deal with the enemies. On the left side of the room, there is a turret.

Then return to the place where you dealt with the first raider, and deal with the remaining invaders. When all the raiders are finished, then go to the end of the corridor and walk into the room on the left. Climb up the stairs and go through the door on the left side.

Walk along the path and go down the stairs to the next room. Be prepared to confront any raiders. Go through the blue door at the foot of the stairs. On the left side, there is an elevator door. Head south along the corridor and take the stairs to the right.

Use the door at the end. Follow through the doorway on the left, where you will encounter several raiders. When the location has been cleaned, find a crack in the wall around the corner on the right and go forward. Deal with all enemies and return to the elevator door. Go up the steps to the right of the elevator door and up the staircase.

When you reach the large room on the top floor, carefully go inside. There will be several opponents. On the main floor, there are several guards. There are also two turrets. Destroy all enemies to complete the current part of the mission.

Purpose: Report the completion of the mission to the residents of Tenpines Bluff

When the raiders are defeated, and the plant is cleaned, it will be necessary to return to the inhabitants of Tenpines Bluff. Find the door under the exit sign on the east wall and follow to the end. Activate the pip-boy, open the map, and then select the quick move to the settlement. When you find yourself on the spot, then find the woman, which was mentioned earlier, and tell her about the successful completion of the mission. You will receive several covers and access to the workshop at the location.

Purpose: Talk to Preston Garvey 

To complete the current quest, move to Sanctuary and find Preston Garvey. Talk to the man and report that the settlers agreed to join them. You get a rocket launcher for it, which can be used to call for reinforcements.

Continue the conversation with Preston and try to get more information about Quincy Massacre from him. Thank Preston and agree to help him.


Commonwealth Pearl 

Aim: Go to Diamond City: 

Now that you have several more quests available, it is time to continue the search for the missing son. This place is located in the southeast. Fast travel is not available, so you have to walk. Make sure you have activated this quest. Open the map and move to Lexington. From here, you can go straight south. Do not go through the streets of Lexington, because they are unsafe, so move around the outskirts of the city. Using the marker on the map, move through the wasteland.

When leaving the city, you will surely see a message about the detection of the AF95 military frequency, after which entry with a fire support quest will appear in the journal. Head south down the hill until you reach the river. Find a bridge nearby and walk across it across the river.

Ahead you will see the brewery. You can go through the blue door and explore the building inside, but according to the story quest, you need to move to Diamond City. It is not long to go – follow to the south-east. Follow the marker on the map and soon get to the hill from which you can see Diamond City. Go down the slope and keep going southeast, keeping to the river bank on the left.

Soon you will reach the low green building on the outskirts of the city. There is a road south of the building. Head east along the street, cross the bridge ahead (there is still a red car under the bridge) and continue until you reach the inverted truck. From here, follow the road to the right, to the south, approaching the marker. Soon you will receive a signal from the radio tower. Open the pip-boy and tune the radio frequency to the appropriate wave. You will hear a distress call from a man named Rex Goodman, who was captured by mutants. A new quest will appear in the magazine.

Go forward to the big wall that encloses the baseball stadium. Go to the right side and follow to the west. You need to move along the wall of the stadium, so you will soon have to turn to the south. Soon you will see graffiti indicating the direction of Diamond City. Keep going south and walk under the high forests across the road. When you are on the other side, take a left and go to the woman. When a woman finishes a conversation, she turns around and starts a conversation with you. Tell Piper that you want to get into Diamond City, after which the person on the intercom will open the gate. Finish the conversation and go into the building.

Purpose: Find information about Sea

Ask the mayor and Piper what they are arguing about. Tell us what you are looking for the missing person, your son. You will be directed to a detective agency located nearby. As soon as the conversation ends, a new quest will be added to the log.


Purpose: Go to the detective agency Valentine 

Go to the Valentine agency somewhere deep in the city. Look at the guarded entrance marked on the map, then go through it and go up the stairs on the other side. And just now a message appears stating that you have discovered Diamond City.

You will see several huts and tents, which are Diamond City. Go down the stairs and head to the center of the area. Detective Agency Valentine is located in the northeast, where, in principle, indicates a marker. Go through the streets and stop as soon as you get to the weapons store in front. A new goal will be added to the quest entries of your journal – explore the battle zone.

Tip! It is worth spending a few minutes to study the market, where you can get several new quests at once: investigate witchcraft in a museum and much more.

We continue to pass Fallout 4 on Game-space.

When you are ready to continue, go back to the weapons store. Stand with your face and go left. As soon as you reach the school building, turn right. You will see a sign pointing to a detective agency. Follow down the lane on the right and go through the main entrance to the building.

Inside, go to the woman who views the files and talks about everything. Use the option “This is important” (if your persuasion skill is enough). You will learn about the missing detective story. Find out about the evidence pointing to its location. The detective was last seen at Park Street Station. Say that you could help him, and the quest will come to an end. But it will begin a new task, which is called …

Valentine’s Day 

Purpose: Find Nick Valentine

Find Nick Valentine
Before leaving Valentine’s detective agency, climb the stairs to the east and find the first-aid kit on the chest of drawers. Items inside the kit are highlighted in red. This means that they belong to someone. If you take them, it will be considered for theft. Therefore, in the future, if you see the red color, then be careful.

When you are ready to continue, go back down and leave the building through the red door on the east wall. Return to the street, turn to the right side and move to the west until you reach a squat green shack. Turn left here and followed the wooden path straight south until you reach the green trash between the ramp on the left and the stairs on the right. Move up the stairs and go down the tunnel.

After you return to the stadium entrance, go through the turnstiles, and find yourself outdoors. Your next destination, Park Street Station, lies deep in the city, a little to the east. Follow the road south of the statue and turn left. Follow the road east through the courtyard.

Soon the road will disappear, so move to the northeast through the garbage, moving to the marker. Follow until you reach Trinity Plaza. Continue forward, head north past the church to the right, then turn right to the intersection. Follow the road east until you see a public park on your left. Move counterclockwise around the perimeter of the park and follow the road north. If during your travels, you took the additional assignment “Path of Freedom,” then you can fulfill one of the mission goals here. If you are interested in doing this task, then you need to talk to Turbot on the left. Walking along the streets, you will need to find a red line under your feet.

However, we will focus on the search for detective Nick Valentine. Walk behind the park fence in the north until you notice a squat stone building. Head north and find the entrance to Park Street Station. Go through the double blue door to continue the search.

Inside the station, enter the hidden mode and slowly go down the broken escalator. When the voices subside, go to the next room and eliminate opponents. Opponents will go one by one through the passage to the right. Kill them. When the path is clear, return to the main area and move southeast, moving along the corridor to the right of the counter. Note that you can explore the area behind the counter first. There will be a useless terminal and a locked door at the back. Open it and find a small cache with covers. There is a safe here, but for its opening skills are required.

Move along the southeast passage and look behind the drawer on the left to find the mattress. If you need to replenish health, you can take a nap. When you are ready to continue, go down the steps on the right and, as soon as you turn the corner, pay attention to the mine nearby, on the left side. Deal with the enemies and keep moving down.

You will find yourself on the platform of the station, where opponents attack you. Be careful because there is nowhere to hide. Try to lure opponents closer to the stairs and kill each one individually. When the enemies are finished, search the corpses and jump onto the railway tracks. Move through the tunnel in the northeast, heading towards the marker on the map.

When you hit a pile of garbage blocking the path, turn left and continue north. Soon you will encounter several enemies. Eliminate them and move along the marker to the lighted stairs at the back of the basement. Climb up this ladder and activate the control panel of the doors of the shelter.

The doors to Vault 114 are now open. Go inside and move through the gate at the end. On the left will be a few thugs. Go to the locked door at the northeast wall. From here, go right and go through the sliding door directly ahead. On the shelf are two stimulants, Med-X on the table. You can study information about the experiments in the shelter in the neighboring terminal.

When you are ready to continue, leave the room and go through the doorway in front. In the next room, find the sliding door in the western corner and go to the end. Immediately turn to the right side and go down the stairs. When you’re downstairs, you hear voices – a group of bandits nearby. Move to the next room and go through the door on the left side, where you need to deal with two enemies. Search the corpses, then go to the door at the end of the corridor. Follow through them and find yourself in a spacious room with enemies.

Enter the hidden mode and follow down the stairs to the aisle at the bottom. Kill a lone enemy patrolling the corridor. Down the steps to the southeast of your position is another group of thugs stationed. After the location is cleared, follow the path until you find yourself in the eastern corner of the room. When you see a fork, then go along any route leading to the same place. Below there will be another opponent.

Find the open hatch ahead and go down to the bottom. When you are downstairs, go through the doorway in the northeast and go through the corridor on the right. At the end of it will be another door through which to go. Take the left side and follow the corridor that goes to the right side. Go through the door on the right, at the very end. Inside the next room, you will see a mobster talking to Valentine. Go to the left and go to the stairs in the southwest corner of the room. Climb the stairs, take the hairpins from the tool box on top, then turn right. Get familiar with the gangster, throwing into him, for example, Molotov cocktail. Search the body to find the door password.

Purpose: Talk and follow Nick

Knowing the password, move to the terminal at the north wall, which is located next to the detention cell. Using the terminal and passwords, open the door and enter the room with Nick Valentine. Talk to the detective and tell me what you are looking for Sean. Soon your new buddy will pass through the door, and you will need to follow him. Before leaving the room, pick up the statuette from the table. Go through the door and catch up with Nick, who will be waiting for you nearby. When you’re around, Nick has to run again. Follow him through the complex.

Soon you will leave the current room and walk down the stairs. Below Nick will warn you that there are opponents ahead. Go through the doorway on the right side and take care of the enemies. All opponents are on the west side of the room. You can throw a Molotov cocktail or a grenade at them. When the area is cleaned, Nick will pass through the doorway on the right. Before you follow him, use the fountain in the center to replenish your health.

Follow the detective north along the corridor and wait for him to go through the door on the right. Go up the stairs, turn left at the top and go to the sleeping room. Move along the aisle, sticking to Nick, and eliminate the remaining thugs. In the end, you will reach another staircase. Climb up and take to the right side. On the corridor, there will be several bandits who must be quickly destroyed. Inspect the adjacent premises in the north, where there are several stimulants. Go east along the aisle, turn right at the end and go up the stairs.

At the top, you will see another door, to the south. After Nick opens it, follow him until you return to Park Street Station. There will be another enemy group headed by the boss. If you have a sufficient level of conviction, then you can avoid the battle. Leave the shelter with Nick and go through the station. On the stairs, select the surface.

Returning to the street, tell me that you sent Ellie. Agree with Nick to return to Diamond City. A new quest is activated, and the current quest will end at the same time.


Purpose: Go to the detective agency Valentine

As soon as you are ready to start the execution of a new task, then open your peep-fight and quickly move to the Diamond City market. Your first task: to meet with Nick Valentine and find out what he can tell you about the missing son. When you are on the market, move along the marker to the Valentine agency and go inside.

Purpose: Talk to Ellie

After Nick reunites with Ellie, let her know that you were happy to help. You will receive a small reward.

Purpose: Sit down 

Sit in a chair across from Nick and tell me everything you know about Sean.

Purpose: Tell Nick your story

Begin the story with the description of “Shelter 111”, tell about everything you know. When Nick scans the list of potential killers, find out more about the mysterious institute, then re-discuss Sean. Next, you should describe the kidnappers in more detail. Select each face parameter. When Nick asks you if you heard anything about Kellogg. You will find out that Kellogg was spotted in a city with a similar boy. Nick will offer you a visit to Kellogg’s house with him.

Purpose: Follow Nick

Get up from your seat and leave the building through the red door behind you. Nick is waiting for you outside. As soon as he starts to move, then follow him through the streets of the city. Climb the stairs and approach the building at the end. Wait while Nick tries to open the lock in Kellogg’s house, then try to do it yourself. If you can’t open it, you’ll have to find the key.

Purpose: Get the key to Kellogg’s house

Nick will offer to visit the mayor, who can help you with the key. Go down the stairs behind you, and then, when you find yourself on the ground, head south until you reach the ramp and stairs. Find the sign on the left side, which points towards the city hall. Follow the ramp up, continue forward until you see a yellow elevator. Step on the platform and press the red button to go up.

When the elevator stops, then go to the city hall and talk to Piper. If you have the option of persuasion, then go to the woman at the reception. Tell Geneva that you would like to see the mayor, then go through the doorway behind her. You will find the mayor looking through the window to the right. Go to him and start a conversation.

Explain that Nick sent you and that you need the key to Kellogg’s house. The mayor will refuse to help you, but there are several ways you can convince him. You can bribe him with 250 covers, or try to convince him (if the conviction level is enough). When you have the key, return to Nick, who is waiting for you near Kellogg’s house.

Purpose: Search Kellogg’s house

Upon arrival, use the key received from the mayor to open Kellogg’s door and enter the building. Go to the table on the first floor and walk under it. Click on the red button to open the secret panel on the next wall. Go through, inspect the shelves, and collect useful items. Take away the stimulants on the table opposite; take the cigar on the table near the chair. When you are ready to continue, go to Nick and talk to him. He will ask you to use your dog to find Kellogg by the smell of a cigarette. Leave the building.

Purpose: Show the dog a cigar 

Go back to the street, go to the dog, and select the phrase “Show a cigar.” After you order to find Kellogg, the current quest will come to an end. A new quest will begin, which will immediately be added to your log.



It is time to find the man who may have kidnapped the child. Go to the dog that will be waiting for you at the aisle from above, and follow it through the city streets in the direction of your next destination.

Purpose: Follow the dog and find clues on Kellogg

To begin with, you will pass through the market and leave Diamond City. As soon as you leave the lobby, then go to the nearest street. The dog will run along the road to the southwest. Stay close to her and find yourself in the desert. Soon the dog will stop and start barking. This means that she found clues regarding the location of Kellogg. Follow the dog to the pond and take the item from the ashtray on the box.

Purpose: Follow the dog

 Follow the dog

When you have cigars, the dog will again run through the desert. Follow it to the west along the train tracks. Soon you will be ambushed by a group of excavators. Get familiar with opponents. When the location is cleared, then follow the dog again. Soon the dog will turn to the right. Follow her down and move to the very end.

Purpose: Find clues about Kellogg 

When the dog stops again, you will have to look again for evidence on Kellogg. Wait for the dog to bark, and go to the door in the concrete wall. On the right side of the door, there will be a roll of bloodied bandages tied to the pipe. Pick them up, and the dog will start running again.

Purpose: Follow the dog (continued)

Follow the dog through the neighboring doors and search the corpse on the ground. You will find weapons, ammunition and several stimulants. Climb the stairs on the left side, and as soon as you find yourself at the top level, deal with wild dogs wandering around the location. When the path is clear, find your four-legged buddy and follow the railway tracks.

Purpose: Kill Yao Guy

Follow the dog northwest. Soon you will find a broken tree trunk on the road. Remember its location and keep going forward. At the end of the route, you will be ambushed by a huge creature that looks like a bear. This is Yao Guy. Without a fight to go on, fail. As soon as the battle begins, immediately throw the incendiary mixture at the enemy. The fire will constantly cause minor damage to the monster. Climb to the top and shoot from the main weapon. It is best to use weapons with high damage. For example, a double-barreled shotgun. Shoot the monster in the head, as this is the most vulnerable spot.

Avoid claw attacks if you do not want to take serious damage. To avoid damage, you need to move to the southeast and return to the broken tree trunk, noted earlier. Make the tree between you and the monster. So you can shoot at his head at close range while remaining completely protected from the claws.

If the beast rushes to your position, then just go around the tree to save cover. Continue to shoot at the monster and, eventually, he will issue his last roar. When you are ready to continue, return to the dog at the end of the path to the north-west, and resume the journey. Soon you will see the station building on the right side of the road. Climb the stairs to the rear and go inside.

Jump through the hatch on the ground and rob the room below. You will find bottle caps and ammunition on the corpse. When done exploring, climb the stairs nearby and rejoin the dog on the rails outside. Continue north along the road, and the dog will be buried in the hut on the right, not far from the orange car ahead. Enter the shack and go down the steps to the right. Disarm the sentry and go through the door. Pass right under the arch and turn left into a short tunnel.

Purpose: Find evidence on Kellogg

Soon the dog will start barking again, indicating that it has found something interesting. Keep going west and go through the tunnel. Look at the bottle of alcohol on the small table by the armchair on the left.

Purpose: Follow the dog (continued)

The dog will smell Kellogg again, and you will have to follow her west again. Pass under the arch and cross the bridge. Follow past abandoned cars and deal with ghouls along the way. When you reach the other side of the bridge, turn right and follow the road to the southwest. Move forward with the dog until you notice the assault drone lying on the right side of the road.

Purpose: Find evidence on Kellogg 

Pick up the stimulator from the box located at the overturned trolley, and from the wooden box remove the Molotov cocktail. Search the Protection near the tree. When you are ready to continue, go back to the assault drone and activate its head.

Purpose: Follow the dog (continued)

After the conversation ends, continue walking west along the road, keeping up with the dog. Soon you will stumble upon a super mutant and his buddy. Both of them will attack you as soon as you get close. Stand aside to avoid the Molotov cocktail flying through you. Use high damage weapons such as a shotgun to defeat opponents faster. If this is possible, then you need to defeat the super mutant first.

When your opponents are eliminated, search their body, and continue to follow the dog. Take the right side to the nearest junction and go north. Soon the dog will leave the road, turning to the left. Follow her to the northwest of the desert. Eventually, you will reach a rusty fence, where the dog will stop again.

Purpose: Find evidence on Kellogg

Search the area. Find bloodied bandages and inspect them to continue surveillance.

Purpose: Follow the dog (continued) 

When the dog runs, follow it, get through the hole in the fence and move north along the overgrown street. Keep going forward, and then stop as soon as the dog begins to climb the steps of the building to the left.

Purpose: Check the dog 

Climb the stairs where the dog is waiting for you. You will find it at the entrance to the building. Talk to activate the next target.

Purpose: Find your way to Fort Hagen

To continue the task, you need to find a way to get to Fort Hagen. Go back down the steps and start going west. Move along the wall so that you will not be noticed from the watchtowers. When you climb into the rear of the building, then enter the hidden mode and climb the wooden forests. At the top, turn right and press against the adjacent wall to avoid the turrets above. Move counterclockwise along the wall and climb the ladder to the south.

Turn left at the top and still act in stealth mode. Slowly move towards the turret in front. If you were careful, you could get on the roof unnoticed. However, if you notice, you will need to deal with the turrets. When you are near the first turret, then turn left and walk north until you see a blue passage. Turn right and cross the adjacent roof. Then turn right again and head southeast. Soon you will reach the large black hatch in the floor. Drop down.

Purpose: Find Fort Hagen

Almost immediately at the entrance to the location, you are attacked by opponents. Laser weapons cause energy damage, so if you have the opportunity, equip armor with the best protection against such damage. Get familiar with opponents. You can use fragmentation grenades and rapid-fire weapons. When the enemies are defeated, then go to the kitchen to the right of the starting position, raise the gun and ammunition on the table. Enter the room to the left of the starting position and find a locked first-aid kit with a blood pack, a stimulant and another useful item.

When you are ready to continue, leave the bathroom and go through the hole in the wall to the north. Turn right and go through another hole. There are turrets here. Understand and go through the door to the west. Continue to go west toward the far wall, go through the door marked “Exit” to the south-west. Go down the stairs and hack the terminal below. If it works, then you activate the Protection nearby, which will help you in battles.

When you are ready to continue, follow through the doorway in the north and take a right into the next corridor. Eliminate the enemy behind the door at the end. Go through the hole on the south wall and immediately kill the patrol. Move back along the southwest corridor where you fought the enemy a minute earlier.

At the end of the passage, go through the doorway to the west and deal with the turret in the niche on the right. Move west through the hole in the wall and eliminate the enemy on the right. Follow the corridor to the north. The corridor will go to the northeast, and you will soon see a turret suspended from above. Use as shelter columns and furniture in the center of the room. If you have hacker skills, then you can try to disable the turret without damaging it. You can also use a computer to open the security door and enter the cage where there are ammunition and medicines.

When the turret is done, remove the stock from the drawer in the center of the room. Leave the cage and open the blue door to find the way back. Call the elevator to the north, go inside and click on the button to go down to the lower level. Below go down the corridor to the south and proceed through the blue door on the left. Wait for Nick to join you. When the team is assembled, then return to the long corridor and continue to go south. Sit down and go to the cart on the right, where you can turn off the laser.

There are still a few opponents ahead and a turret. Quickly run south and go through the doorway on the left. In the next room, continue south and destroy your opponents through the hole in the wall to the right. When the threat is eliminated, then search the location and return to the main corridor. Move through the door at the end of the corridor and take it sharply to the right side to go down below. Open the security gate, destroy the energy gun on the ceiling and go to the next room. Pick up the first aid kit and cartridges behind the table and go down the stairs to the north.

When you get to the bottom, then deal with the guard turret at the aisle to the left. Go through the security gate nearby, take the corridor and enter the door at the end to gain access to the Fort Hagen command center. Once inside the command center, move down the corridor to the south and go down the stairs. Enter the room below and continue east, destroying opponents. When the threat is suppressed, continue straight ahead and turn right at the intersection. Go through the door and walk down the corridor until you see the doorway on the left.

Go to the ward with the beds and collect supplies. On the wall, there is a terminal, for breaking which requires an expert level. Return to the corridor, go west and deal with the turret, near the intersection. Turn left at the intersection and destroy the second turret. Kill the enemies that attack you, then go down to the next level.

At the bottom, take the right side and destroy the third turret. When the location is cleaned, then move along the corridor to the left side and collect the supplies behind the door on the right. Return to the corridor and go through the door on the left, a little ahead. Follow through the door in the northeast corner of the room and pick up another statuette standing on the table. This figurine will give you a constant impact: +25% to critical shots from an energy weapon. Return to the corridor.

Go down the stairs to the south and turn left. Be ready to face another group of enemies. When finished, move along the corridor until you pass through the doorway at the very end. Take the left side, go up the stairs, and destroy the turret above. There is a master-level terminal on the wall in front. Turn around the corner to the right, where there will be another turret. Get familiar with it, enter the room with the reception, and destroy the last turret. After this, pass through the wooden door on the northern wall.

Purpose: Fight and kill Kellogg

Take the first-aid kit from the table and the supplies from the box on the bed. Go forward, move along the corridor that goes to the left, go up the stairs, and go through the door at the end. When the lights come on in the next room, you will see Kellogg and several opponents guarding the area ahead. Ask him where Sean is. When you find out that Sean is in college, ask him how to get there. Get ready for battle.

When the conversation ends, you will have a few seconds before Kellogg opens fire. Turn around quickly and run into the corridor to hide. Throw a Molotov cocktail or fragmentation grenade to damage your targets. When the usual opponents are finished, then the time will come to fight with Kellogg. He has an invisibility cloak – a very irritable thing. In order to hit the target, you will have to shoot at the barely visible silhouette, which can be seen when Kellogg moves around the room. In addition to all this, Kellogg shoots very well and can kill you in just a couple of shots (depending on the difficulty).

During the battle, actively use stimulants and first aid kits. Lure Kellogg to the door at the top of the stairs and hide around the corner. Throw a grenade in the doorway and, if necessary, retreat and replenish your health. In the end, Kellogg will exit stealth mode, making the battle much easier. Be in the shelter and shoot him with the most powerful weapons, retreating back down the corridor if he gets too close.

Purpose: Find more information 

After Kellogg is killed, collect weapons and ammunition. You can find the password from the terminal (on the corpse). Go back to the room at the top of the stairs and find the Kellogg computer terminal on the white table opposite the north wall. Collect stimulants, then activate the terminal. Open the door using the control system.

Purpose: Discuss the information with Nick 

When you do, go to Nick and start a conversation. Tell him you need a way to find Shawn. He will say that you need to talk to Piper, a reporter who is in Diamond City. Tell Nick that you are ready to go.

Purpose: Discuss this information with Piper

Go up the stairs on the south side of the room and turn left. Move east to the next location and call the elevator at the end. Go inside, press the button and go upstairs. When the door is finally open, exit the hallway and use the terminal on the wall. Understand the turret, open the door and go through it. Go back to the street, where you will have a new additional quest. Take the right side and go down the ramp nearby. At the bottom, head north and jump off the edge of the building. Open the pip-boy and go to the tab with the map. With the help of fast travel move to Diamond City.

When you reach your destination, head northeast down the stairs and find the second hut on the left, above the doorway hangs a large sign of the Diamond City newspaper. Go inside and wait for Piper and Nick to complete the dialogue. When this happens, tell Piper that you need help. Tell us about the death of Kellogg. No one invites you to visit Dr. Amari.

Agree with Nick’s plan. The detective will say that you need part of Kellogg’s brain, which you already have. Decide whether you want to take Nick, Piper or anyone with you. Finish the conversation, which will lead to the completion of the current quest and automatically activates the next one.

Dangerous thoughts 

Purpose: Talk to Dr. Amari

Talk to Dr. Amari

Dr. Amari can be found on the outskirts of the old city, where, in principle, indicates a marker. When you are ready, leave the Piper office. Return to the street, open your pip-boy and use the quick move to the Park Street station. Upon arrival at the station, follow the northeast road and proceed to the destination point by the marker. Fight the super mutants hiding in the building on the left, just behind the abandoned bus, and then continue forward until you reach the foot of the big red tower.

From here, turn right and see a sign indicating the path to the building you want. At the intersection, turn right, move along the avenue until you reach the blue door at the end. Go through it. After you are inside, a bald man standing to the left will come up to you. Try to apply conviction. When the conversation ends, move along the alley to the left of the gun shop. Go to the left side and see what Nick Valentine was talking about. Go to the red door and go through it.

Follow the corridor that goes to the left and enter the large chamber on the right. At the end of the room, you will notice Valentine chatting with a woman. Go to them. Climb to the stage and go through the doorway in the southeast corner. Finally, go down the stairs and turn right, heading for the brightly lit room below.

Go to Dr. Amari and talk. Let Nick explain what you want, then ask Amari to help you. Give the part of Kellogg’s brain. When Nick offers to connect the chip to his brain, thank him and wait. Next, find out if there is a way to break the lock. Amari will suggest that you and Nick try to access together. If you are ready, then agree to begin the process.

Purpose: Sit in the chair of memory

After the conversation is over, go to the chair of memory and sit on it. After a few seconds, the simulation will begin.

Purpose: Examine Kellogg’s memory

When the fog clears, go ahead and enter the room at the end. Inspect items and people to learn more about Kellogg’s past. When the scene ends, go to the right side. When you get to the kitchen in front, look at the following sequence and move on. Repeat the process, review Kellogg’s memory in the hallway, on the bar, in the warehouse, in Shelter 111 and finally see Sean. After this, the scene ends. Interact with the TV to return to the real world.

Purpose: Talk to Dr. Amari

Go to Dr. Amari and start a dialogue. Tell her you to feel good. The doctor will say that you should prepare. Learn about radiation protection. You will need to find a suit of radiation. Better yet, take power armor.

Convince the doctor that you will find a way to explore the glowing sea. The current quest will end. Climb up to where Valentine is waiting for you. A new quest will begin, which will be added to the log.


Glowing Sea 

Target. Find Virgil by the Glowing Sea. 

Before leaving the office of Dr. Amari and proceed to the next stage of the adventure, search the room to collect medicine. Take away the hologram. Climb up the stairs even higher. Go to the room on the left and hack Irma’s terminal to learn more about customers. In the next room, find the first aid box, then return to the level below.

Purpose: Talk to Nick

Join Valentine at the door in the north and start a conversation. Ask about Kellogg. Decide if you will take Nick with you to the Glowing Sea. If you can agree because in this passage Nick went with us.

When finished, leave the building and go back to the street. The luminous sea is quite far southwest of your current position. You have a long way to go. However, if you remember, you need to prepare carefully. In the office of Amari, you could find enough medicines, so now you need to find a suit. There is a shop in Diamond City where you can buy the thing you need. Open the map and quickly move to the Diamond City market. Find Fallon to the west of the bar.

Go down the stairs and enter the building through the red door at the end. Inside, go to the woman behind the counter and convince her that you are not a thief. Select the swap option and scroll through the list until you see a Hazmat costume. This costume should have a radiation resistance of +1000. This is exactly what you need!

If you have enough cash, select a suit and confirm the purchase. Otherwise, you will need to complete several quests or sell the collected items. When you have the suit, leave the store, open the map and quickly move to Fort Hagen. Upon arrival, follow the road south until it disappears. Step into the desert and start moving southeast over a wavy landscape. Use the marker to determine the route. Understand the enemies that will stand in your way. In the middle of the way, you will stumble upon a new location.

From here, go straight south until you reach the lake. Take to the left, moving close to the water on the right, and keep going forward — head southeast towards the marker. Soon you will find a new place. Find the road, follow it to the south-east (straight to the marker). Soon you will find yourself under the overpass. Before continuing, open the peep-boy and put on your newly acquired costume. When dressed appropriately, leave the road and go south through the desert.

Soon you will find yourself on the outskirts of the glowing sea. Almost immediately, you will hear the click of the Geyser Counter. The level of radiation received will begin to grow. A new suit will not be able to protect you from radiation fully, but the damage will be minimal. When you are ready to continue, move southwest toward the lights on the horizon. Under your feet, you will have water. Avoid it, continuing to move to the south-west, using the marker on the radar as a guide.

In the end, you will find yourself near the destination and see a few wild ghouls. Approach the hill behind, as quickly as possible. Go down on the other side and follow the marker until you find yourself in the crater Atom.

Continue south, and soon, you will see a wooden structure to the right. Go up the path and go to the woman inside. Ask her about the holy land and tell me that you will not harm her. After she lets you stay, go back to the woman and find out about Virgil. If possible, use the persuasion option and explain that you need information. You will learn that Virgil can be found in the southwest, in a cave.

Go back down the path, then go south-west, moving to the top of the hill in the direction of the marker. When you reach the top, then go down on the other side and keep going forward. There is something difficult to see here, so you need to go strictly along with the marker. Periodically, you will encounter large radioactive basins. It is best to stay away from them. In the end, go to the Virgil’s cave, the entrance to which is located between the rocks.

Follow the narrow passage to the north, ignoring the broken turrets. When you notice Virgil on the left side of the tunnel, go up and start a conversation with him. First, tell him that the story of Kellogg’s death is true. If possible, select the persuasion option and ask why Virgil left the institute. Tell us about your son.

Virgil will offer his help but will ask for something in return. Ask what he wants, and then agree to find a serum as soon as you enter the institute. Talk about everything and find out where to start. The current quest will end, and a new one will begin.

Hunter / Sacrifice 

Purpose: Go to the ruins of CIT


It’s time to find an institution. But first, you need to go to the ruins. This location is located north of Diamond City. Leave the cave, outside open the map and move to the city. Upon arrival, remove the radiation protective suit and put on something more combat. Then turn around and go down the stairs to the foyer. Go through the turnstiles, continue to move forward, then turn right when you reach the road.

Turn right again, then go north under the forests. From here, continue north, following the road until you reach the bridge over the river. Go forward. At the top of the bridge, use the stairs to get to the other side. Continue to go north until you reach the land.

When you cross the river, then go right and follow the road to the east. Pass a bunch of tires and turn left into the square in front of the ruins. Tune into a radio frequency, then open the pip-boy and select the radio menu. Select the combat signal option and tune to a short sound. Close your peep-boy and go on.

Purpose: Use a radio frequency to track the target

Your next task is to wander around the area in search of an institution. As it approaches the target, the radio will begin to squeak. Move south and return to the dam. Turn left and follow the road that goes east along the river to the right. On the road, you will see a yellow-red sign. Go to him and arrange an ambush. Having dealt with the monsters, continue to go east and turn left until the sign. Continue north until you find a new location. Climb the stairs leading to the large green building on the left, then go inside.

Purpose: Kill the hunter

When you enter the building, turn off the radio to get rid of the annoying signal. Go west, in the reception area, search the corpse on the table. Next, go through the arch in the wall to the north and follow the passage to the west, going up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, roll through the door on the right side and continue along the path. Go through the arch in the west and go to the next location. You will be ambushed, so go back through the arch and take cover, killing opponents. There are two turrets here, so be careful. Deal with them before killing ordinary thugs.

When the location is cleared, go through the arch in the west at the top level and take the right side. Follow the corridor that goes to the east and eliminates the enemies that you encounter. Go to the first room on the left and collect the supplies. Return to the corridor, then continue forward. Climb the stairs and deal with the enemies. Then take the left side, walk along the corridor and enter the room on the right. Head to the left side and eliminate the enemies in the corridor. In the end, turn left and go up the ramp. At the top of the slope, you will see a doorway leading to the street.

Behind the doorway, there are several raiders. Pass through it and quickly run along the path leading to the door at the end. Kill the opponents, then go left, moving along the corridor. When you reach the kitchen, go through the door on the right. On the other side, you will see a locked door in front. Open it and collect bottle caps and weapons. When finished, go back to the corridor and follow to the south. Go through the door and turn left. Don’t climb the ramp yet. There will be a balcony with several enemies, among which there is an enemy armed with a rocket launcher.

Throw in pomegranate or Molotov cocktail, then go up and deal with the remaining opponents. Next, go through the doorway at the top of the slope and turn left. Destroy other enemies and go through the doorway in the south. Go left and pick up the fallen rocket launcher. Follow the corridor to the right. Head north and go left at the intersection. Run to the aisle to escape from the turret.

Follow through the doorway at the end of the walkway and take to the right. When you get to the garbage blocking the path, then enter the room on the left side and move through it to the right to be on the other side of the barrier. Take care of the raiders, which will appear from the doorway to the north, then go forward along the corridor. Next, go to the right side and exit to the balcony. Follow through the doorway on the left and climb the stairs. When you reach the top level, then go left on the stairs.

Go west along the corridor and note the door on the left. Follow the ramp down, search the corpse and unlock the ammunition box. Go through the door, which was mentioned earlier, and deal with opponents. Before you go through the door in the south, go west and unlock the door on the left. Inside there will be ammunition, medicines, a safe in the wall and a computer terminal. Break the turret and unlock the safe in the wall to the left. Clean out the safe and leave the room.

Go back down the corridor to the east, go to the door on the right. Follow behind the car to hide from the laser. Please note that using the terminal on the table, you can turn off and on the turrets. Go through the door in the south and kill the enemies. Take cover in the room to the left, if necessary, and lure opponents down the stairs so that they go one by one. When the room is cleaned, go to the elevator and press the button.

When you reach the next floor, move along the corridor and enter the room at the end. Ahead there is a master-level terminal with which you can access the cell in the center of the room. Go through the door to the north and follow up the stairs. At the top, turn to the left, then open the door on the right. Go through it, break the terminal in the southwest corner of the room to open the security door.

Next, hack the terminal to the south-east and open the security door on the left side. Go through it, search the room to return to the main area. Go through the newly opened door in the south. Go up the stairs in the center of the room. At the very top, go through the door to the north and talk to Z2-47. Like Kellogg, the next enemy may become invisible. He is also able to restore his health for some time. But killing him is pretty easy if you prepare well.

Use kits and stimulants to improve health, as well as various boosts to increase damage and enhance armor. Hide behind the doorway to the south or behind the pillar in the center of the room. Shoot the enemy, throw fragmentation grenades and Molotov cocktails. Do not forget to use the rocket launcher found at the beginning of the level. After the enemy finally becomes visible, turn on VATS and attack it with everything you have in stock. Kill the enemy.

Purpose: Recover the chip

 Recover the chip

Next, go to the killed enemy and search his body, most importantly, capturing the chip. This completes the current quest and begins a new task. Before continuing on the location, you can do a few more things.

First, pick up the password from the toolbox near the stairs in the north of the room. Go to the terminal on the east wall. Use it to activate the nearest elevator. Open the security door. Go inside and go to K1-98 (or Jenny) at the end of the room. After she thanks for the help, you can continue the research.

Return to the area where you fought the boss, and climb the stairs to the north. Pick up a weapon and go to the terminal on the left, on the top step. Use the remote control door to open the door on your right. Collect supplies and open the card in the peep-fight.

Molecular Level 

Purpose: Analyze the chip

Walk along the path to the left of the gun shop and return to Dan Memory. Dr. Amari will be able to examine the information on the chip. So go to her and talk about everything. After she asks you about the adventures of the Luminous Sea, tell us that you managed to get help from Virgil. Amari will say that she doesn’t know how to break the chip, but she will indicate the direction of the group that could help with this. He will ask about the organization and hear the code phrase “Follow the Path of Freedom.” Try to learn more about this organization and the mysterious “Subway,” and then say goodbye to Amari.

Purpose: Find “Underground”

You may recall that you have already heard about the “Subway” of the Path of Freedom, at the very beginning of the game. A robot guide talked about her near Park Street Station. Then an additional task, “Follow the Path of Freedom,” appeared in your journal. It’s time to do it! Open your peep-boy and quickly move to the Boston Cammon location.


Purpose: Follow the Path of Freedom 

When you get to your destination, then follow the road to the north, dealing with any opponents in the location. Let Boston Kammon be on your left. Go forward a bit and see a fountain and a bot-guide. If you have not spoken to them before, go to him and start a conversation. Ask the robot about the road of freedom and they will tell you to follow the red path through the city streets. After talking with the bot-guide, look at the fountain and look for the phrase: “By the end of the path, follow the Freedom Lamp.”

Purpose: Continue to follow the Path of Freedom

Directly under the sign, you will find the mark of the Path of Freedom. Look at him and find the red line on the ground leading to Boston Cammon. Follow the line from the park, then go north to it. The line runs along Park Street Station and goes northwest. Soon she crosses the road, taking you to the headquarters of Massachusetts. Look at the next marker on the ground and continue along the line that is moving backward along the road.

Almost immediately, the line will go under the abandoned car and return to Park Street Station, but this time it will follow the right side of the road. Follow the line that turns north. You will have to kill any opponents who will stand in the way. Check the next mark behind the bus on the right side before continuing track.

Keep going forward until you find yourself at the foot of the red tower, then walk to the right side. Ahead, you will see a sign pointing in the direction of the place where Dr. Amari lives. There you already were. After the line crosses the road on the right, you will notice the next marker. Inspect it to see another piece of code.

When you are ready to continue, then turn left at the crossroads and follow the road to the north. Climb up the slope in front and go down on the other side, killing all opponents. If you kill the Stalker Legendary Ghoul (Ghoul) located nearby, then as a reward you will be able to carry an unlimited number of cartridges for a pistol.

Going down, turn right and find another marker. Check it out, then follow the line that goes east. Climb up the stairs ahead and get ready to face several ghouls. When the location is cleared, continue east and then go down another staircase. Be careful, because then you will encounter a super mutant and a mutant dog.

When you are at the building on the right side, you will be ambushed by several super mutants. One of them is a suicidal mutant who will try to run closer to you and explode. Run away from him and shoot, using the system VATS, to understand which of his hands is vulnerable. When he is finished, eliminate the remaining villains, and then examine the marker on the statue. Finally, follow the line that moves along the right side of the building.

Take the left side at the end of the lane and continue to follow the line that goes north. Go forward a little, cross the road and start moving east. Follow the line to the north and look ahead at the marker. Please note that there are a few more super mutants and mutant dogs at the location. So get ready for battle! After the street has been cleaned, proceed further, keeping close to the line that goes west. Go around the statue in front and look at the last marker near the old North Church.

This is the end of the Freedom Trail, where there is another clue for you: 1 – R, 2 – A, 3 – I, 4 – L, 5 – R, 6 – O, 7 – A, 8 – D. It looks like you were in the right place. Enter inside the old North Church ahead to continue the journey.

Purpose: Find the Freedom Trail 

Inside the church, go through the hole in the wall and enter the large camera filled with goals. Clear the location of the enemies and find the door on the right side of that very hole. Follow through the door, take the first-aid kit from the left side and go down the steps at the end of the aisle. At the bottom, take the right side and follow the tunnel to the west.

Destroy the ghoul that will attack you, and go to the very end of the corridor. Continue north to deal with the last ghoul and find the Freedom Ring Trail on the wall to the right. Your next task is to move clockwise and against the ring by entering the codeword RAILROAD. Combine each of the letters with the arrow and press the center button to open the secret door eventually. On the button, you need to press each time you hover on the desired letter.

Go through the door and go down the stairs at the end of the corridor. When the woman in front starts a conversation, then move closer until you see options for dialogue. Explain that you are not her enemy and that Dr. Amari has sent you. Next, tell her your story. When, finally, Desdemona introduces herself, then ask her about the Underground. This completes the next part of the quest “Find the Underground.”

Purpose: Talk to Desdemona

Talk to Desdemona
Climb the stairs to the east and follow Desdemona down the corridor. Go through the door at the very end to gain access to the Undergrounds headquarters. On the other side, go down the stairs and walk up to Desdemona on the right. When she informs you that the group will help, provided that you give them the chip. Tell Desdemona that she can take the chip. As soon as you know everything you need, get ready to go back to Virgil to the Glowing Sea.

Purpose: Return to Virgil 

Put on the main character a suit with high protection against radioactive radiation and repeat your way from the church until you find yourself outside. Next, open the map in the peep-boy and quickly move to the cave far to the south-west. Upon arrival, go inside the cave to get to the Virgil laboratory.

Follow the passage and talk to Virgil. Tell him that you have the code and tell me that the Subway group helped you break the chip. Virgil will say that next. You need to catch the teleportation signal from the Institute to get inside. End the conversation with Virgil.

Purpose: Get help setting up a signal 

After the conversation ends, you will need help assembling a Virgil device. Three additional tasks will be added to the magazine: talk to the Podzemka group, talk to the Minutemen and talk to the Brotherhood of Steel.

In order to complete the current quest, you must go for help to one of these factions and go through the introductory quest, if you have not done so before. In this passage, the choice was made in favor of “Subway.” Although you can go to the Minuteman or the Brotherhood of Steel.

Purpose (optional): Talk to the “Underground.” 

When you are ready to discuss the device Virgil with the “Underground,” then exit the cave and quickly move to the old North Church. Enter the building and move down the crypt to find Desdemona. Talk to her about everything. Tell her to go further. Finish the conversation to complete the quest “Freedom Path” and add a new story mission to the journal. Desdemona will agree to help you with the condition that you help the Deacon first.

Agency work 

Purpose: Talk to Deacon

Go to the Deacon and ask him what is required of you. Then assure him that you keep the existence of the Underground from the Institute in secret. Ask what the Subway needs from you and tell Deacon that you are interested in helping him.

Purpose: Meet Deacon on the old highway 

When you are ready to help the “Underground,” then leave the crypt and exit the old North Church. Remove the suit with radiation protection and wear your favorite combat suit. Your next destination is the old highway, which is west of Lexington. Open your pip-boy, go to the tab with the map and quickly move to Lexington. Upon arrival, head southwest and find an overpass.

Go closer and go under it. Then move west to the marker on the map. Cross the railway crossing and continue west. Soon, on the edge of a cliff, you should meet an old friend Deacon.

Talk to him about everything and tell me that in disguise, you practically did not recognize him. After he explains the purpose of your mission, try to find out more details. Tell him to move on.

Purpose: Follow Deacon and find the “tourist.”

When the conversation ends, follow Deacon east. Climb to the roof of an abandoned bus and drive along the overpass. Continue east and be prepared to face a pair of ferocious ghouls near a large pile of tires on the right side. Other ghouls will attack you from the rear as you pass by the bus. Understand all opponents before resuming searches. A little further you will notice Ricky, the “tourist,” looking into the desert. Talk to him on various topics and name the password “Subways.” Ask Ricky to tell you more about the mines and the chrome dome. Thank him for helping to complete the task.

Purpose: Talk to Deacon

Next, go back and talk to Deacon. Ask why he lied to Ricky. Then say that you are not sure that Riki is telling the truth. Deacon will say that you need to believe Riki on the word. Find out more information about leaving the tunnel, then agree that the tunnel would be the safest option.

Purpose: Get inside the tunnel 

Return on the road to the west and get to the surface. Then follow the northeast, using the map marker as a compass. Soon you will reach the edge of the ditch, and you will see a pipe below. Go down and go through the tube. There is a door ahead that needs to be used to get into the sewer.

Purpose: Get a prototype of Carrington

Inside, talk to Deacon and find out more about the prototype. Let him know that you are ready to go. Follow him down the hall. Wait for the Deacon to break into the terminal, then go through the newly opened security gate on the right side. Walk forward along the corridor and when you get to the metal road, then turn to the right. Go down the slope and get ready to face multiple opponents. When you deal with them, then continue to move forward. Turn left, follow the water and enter the lighted corridor. Follow through with the Deacon and step into the path on the right. Get access to the terminal at the end of the corridor and turn off the turrets and searchlights.

Next, retreat a little along the path and move to the very end. Go down the stone steps and get ready for battle with an enemy group. If you have a fragmentation grenade, you can throw it into the corridor. When the path is clear, go east and follow the passage. In the end, you get to the broken pipe. Look inside and deal with the enemies. Then enter the tube and move to its end. Activate stealth mode and slowly move forward so that opponents in the next room do not notice you. Turn right, locate the computer terminal and hack it to open the security door nearby.

Enter the southwest room and go through the double blue door. Quickly eliminate opponents and take a few minutes to collect useful items. On the first floor, you will find a cooking station and several beds (you can lie down to restore health). There is a box of ammunition in the room in the northwest. When you are ready to continue, go up the stairs to the south-west and enter the room at the top. On the central table there is an expert level terminal. Another terminal is located near the door to the southwest. If you have the appropriate qualifications, then hack a second to disable the laser traps along the corridor. Then go through the door.

When you get to the intersection ahead, remember the room on the left side, where there are opponents. Do not rush to go there, but turn right, picking up medicine in the toilet at the end of the corridor. Destroy opponents who will surely hear you. After the path is safe, continue and pass through the closed door near the bathrooms and clean out the ammunition storeroom nearby. Next, go back to the corridor and enter the room described earlier. Go through the door on the right and follow the corridor leading to the left, to the department “X.” A corridor leading to the right side leads to a room with databases.

First, enter the database room and access the research terminal on the central desk. When you read the magazines, go to the terminal on the south-west wall. Break it and unlock the security door. Now you can enter the premises in the northwest and pick up useful items. After you collect the supplies, go back to the corridor, and go through the door of the department “X.” Enter the room at the end and deal with the opponents. When all enemies are defeated, the Deacon will begin to crack the nearest terminal, and thereby open a large vault on the southeast wall. When the passage is open, you automatically get a fantastic weapon.

Purpose: Leave the place

Before leaving the complex, clear the room outside the vault, and go back down the corridor. Take a left at the intersection and move along the passage marked “exit.” Note that there are mines here. Blow them up, shoot firearms. Do this before moving on. When the location is cleared, go up the stairs and go through the door at the end of the corridor.

On the other side, deal with opponents and go to the metal stairs. Find the terminal on the left side of the red column and use it to turn on the elevator and turn off the turret system. Next, go east to the end of the track. Press the call button to bring the elevator. Enter it and rise to the ground level. Climb up the stairs behind the cabinet blocking the path and exit through the door on the right.

Purpose: Meet Deacon near the old North Church

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, open your pip-boy and quickly move to the old North Church. Enter the building and go down the crypt until you reach the base of the “Underground.” You will arrive on time and hear the end of the dialogue between Desdemona and Deacon. When Desdemona asks if the Deacon’s story is true or not, decide what to say. Agree to join the faction. Choose a code name that you like, and the quest will come to an end.

A new fractional quest will be added to the log. However, it is optional for the main storyline. Instead, follow the corridor Desdemona to the headquarters of the “Underground.” Now this point will be available as a place to quickly move.

Molecular Level (continued)

Go to Desdemona, and she will agree to help you with the storyline quest, Molecular Level. Tell her about everything and, in the end, Desdemona will offer you help. Please note that the next mission goal will differ depending on which faction you decide to join. In this passage, as stated above, the main character joined the “Underground” faction.

Purpose: Talk to Tom 

Find Tom nearby and talk to him. Ask him if he can build a car. You will learn that building requires a safe house with a workshop. By this time you should already have such a house. Therefore, go there and create the necessary platform.

Safe house

safe house

Leave the “Subways” headquarters, go back through the crypt and get out. Your next destination is north of Lexington. Open the pip-boy, go to the map and quickly move to Lexington. Then move on the marker to the north. Go to the big blue screen and go over the fence to access the parking lot with lots of cars.

When you get to the parking lot, two messages will appear at the same time. Move north in the direction of the blue tower in the center of the lot, and eliminate opponents who are attacking you. After the location is cleared, find a small blue hut on the northwestern outskirts of the site. Remove the lock, go inside and activate the workbench. In order to complete the mission with a safe home, you must strengthen the area 100%.

Molecular level (continued)

When you are ready to focus on the main goal of the storyline, go to the workbench, open it and go to the special menu. Choose a reflective platform. Find a place to install it outside and build it to complete one of the important phases of the project.

Purpose: Talk to Tom 

After the reflective platform is installed, then return to Tom. Open the pip-boy, go to the map and quickly move to headquarters. Talk to Tom and say that the platform is ready. You will learn that you need to find three special items – a circuit (board), a sensor module and a biometric scanner. Three new tasks will appear in the journal at once.

Purpose: Build emitter, relay and control console

If you are lucky, then right now in your inventory will be all the necessary items that you could find during the game. If not, learn three new additional goals in the journal. To find the PCB, you need to search military sites.

At telecommunication stations, you can find sensor modules, and you will find a biometric scanner in hospitals. Each goal will point you to a particular place where the missing item is located. Visit Milton Hospital, the Coast Guard Pier and the Federal Reserve Warehouse, which will appear on the map.

To get started, open your peep-boy, go to the tab with the map and quickly move to the parking lot (or where you built the reflector). Open the workbench and notice that the emitter, relay and control console have been added to the special menu. If you already have all the necessary resources, then make them and connect the power.

If you still lack any components, then visit each of the three places described above. When you collect, then go back to the reflector and build the necessary details.

Purpose: Energize signal interceptor

After the construction of the signal interceptor is completed, you need to power each of the elements separately. If you have reached the first level of science, then consider the option of developing generators, each of which can produce 10 units of energy. Build small generators to activate the machine.

Purpose: Talk to Desdemona 

When the signal interceptor is working, find nearby Desdemona and talk to her. Ask her for a Patriot. Agree to become a faction agent to end the conversation.

Purpose: Use a signal interceptor

When you are ready to continue, stand on the signal interceptor and wait for the teleportation to move to the Institute. Once you reach your destination, the Molecular Level quest will end. A new quest will appear in the log. It is time to find the son of the protagonist!


Institution of a closed type

Now that you have finally reached the Institute, the search for Sean has gone to the final stage. Immediately get out of the teleportation camera and head east. You will hear a voice asking you to use the elevator. The final task of the final storyline is soon activated. Please note that you can fulfill the wish of your faction and download the encrypted message to the terminal of the Institute at any time. However, you must first hear what exactly an unfamiliar voice tells you.

Purpose: Enter the elevator

At the foot of the stairs, go to the platform lift. The door will close automatically, after which the elevator will begin to descend into the depths of the complex. You will hear a story about the Institute and find out that this person knows why you came here. When the elevator stops, then go east along the corridor. At the end of the passage, go to the next elevator and click on the button. When the elevator reaches the destination, then go into the room in front and go to the boy behind the glass. Start a conversation and tell the boy about everything.

Talk to the man and ask where Sean is. When Sean’s “Father,” tells who he is, then continue the conversation. Agree to join the Institute, to have the opportunity to explore the complex.

Purpose: Meet the leaders of the division

When the conversation comes to an end, Father will say that you must meet with the four leaders of the Institute’s division: Clayton Holdren, Ally Filmore, Justin Ayo and Madison Lee. Go through the doors behind the Father and climb the steps to the right. Upstairs go to the bathroom in front and pick up useful items.

Then return to the top step and move south. Get the password from Shawn’s terminal from the wall cabinet in the office, and then collect the first-aid kit. Find the terminal on the right side and use the password to access it. Read the records of Sean and note that you are not able to turn off synthetics.


The process of creating Synthetics


When you are ready to continue, then go through the doorway to the east and go down to the very bottom of the stairs. Ahead, you will see Dr. Ellie Filmore (dressed in a yellow suit) talking to a synthetics. Go to the doctor and, as soon as she finishes the conversation with the synthetics, talk to her about everything. When the conversation ends, look around. You will find synthetics behind the counter on the left side selling weapons, armor and other supplies. A door to the west will lead you to the central intersection of the Institute, from where you can get easy access to any of the four wings of the complex.

As soon as you are ready to continue, go back to the foot of the stairs and go through the tunnel to the north. Turn right into the lab. Follow the corridor and enter the large round hall ahead. Dr. Holden, a scientist, dressed in a green suit, should be somewhere nearby. Most likely, it is located at the terminals on the left side. Go to Holden and talk about everything. When he asks if you want to join the Institute, respond positively. Only after that, he will answer all your questions. Finish the conversation and get ready to look for the next “co-founder.”
Before leaving the location, behind the partition to the north, find the master terminal. Then go to the door in the northeast. Behind the door, you can find a terminal installed on the table with useful files. Search the lockers to the northeast, go up the stairs on the left side and clean out the next room where the medications lie. When done, leave the lab.

Return to the corridor, take the right side and go down the hill. Down below, keep going forward and follow the blue line to the advanced systems lab. At the top of the slope, take the right side and enter the lab. Once inside, wait until the scientist comes out of the room on the left side and collect the ammunition. Read research notes at terminals east and northeast. When you’re done, go through the door in the northeast and talk to Dr. Madison Lee in a blue suit.

Learn about the department, and the doctor will suggest installing the same chip in your pip-boy that will allow you to move to the Institute at your own will quickly. Agree and end the conversation by selecting the remaining phrases.

Next, leave the lab of advanced systems and follow the slope down the right side. Take medicine from the table on the left and move along the next slope. Run through the black line to the laboratory of synthetics. At the top of the slope, take the right side and enter the lab. Inside follow the corridor in front, and behind the glass, on the right side, you will see the last scientist dressed in a black suit. When he moves to the next room, then follow him and start a dialogue. Learn about everything and finally end the conversation.

Purpose: Use a network scanner

Before leaving the lab, explore the location and find the terminal on the table nearby. Read about the activities of the Institute, select “Download hologram.” Select a scanner and start the process to complete the current task. Please note that if you select the option “copy an encrypted message,” then complete the quest of the Underground faction. On the other hand, you can join the Institute.

After the story quest is completed, you will be available to move quickly to the Institute. In addition, a synthetic quest will be added to the journal. This is the first quest line of the Institute faction. From this point on, you can continue to perform additional and fractional quests. Please note that the execution of orders of one faction worsens your relationship with the other. Then you will need to select one of the fractions, after which you will become close to the Fallout 4 ending.


Go to the Father and talk to him. You need to meet with the character, which is located north of Libertalia, located in the eastern part of the map. When you are in place, then perhaps the character you need will already be in battle. Talk to him and tell him that they are ready to attack the camp of the raiders. The rest of the mission is pretty simple. Move through the location, killing raiders and collecting loot. When you pass through the door that leads to the captain’s cabin, then raise the gun right in front of you. This is a legendary weapon, do not forget it.

Move around the corner to the right. Go through the door to face the robber. When you enter the room, then deal with the enemies. Decide what to do with the captain, then search the location and return to Father. After you talk to him, he will say that a room has been prepared for you. Go into it and look around the room. When this is done, the quest will be completed, and a new task will begin.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Talk to the Father, who will tell about the stolen synthetics. You will need to go to the location of Bunker Hill, where you need to find and return these synthetics. Go there and meet with an ally. When you talk to him, the battle will begin. It will be a long and difficult fight. The Brotherhood of Steel will appear. Do your best to stay away, at a safe distance. Let synthetics do most of the work for you. The Brotherhood of Steel is a serious opponent, with a large army, including powerful captains and sergeants with Gatling machine guns and lasers. You will have to hit a strange character when it is possible.

After the battle comes to an end, then on one side of the square, you will find a red door to get to the camp. Inside the battle will continue. Again, follow the same pattern as before. You will have to hit the strange character again when it is possible. Ultimately, you will again have to talk to the Father. Decide the fate of the four runaway synthetics and return to the Father. To talk with him to return to the Institute is not necessary. Move to CIT. Inside the building, you will probably need to do some fighting. Climb to the roof where you can find the Father. This completes the task.

The new face of humanity

Go inside the Institute and go to the meeting place. Listen to the conversation of the people present, then talk again with the Father. After this, the mission will end, and the next task will automatically begin.

Mass Fusion

Follow down the stairs to talk to Ally about your father. She will tell you about the plan for obtaining a special item that will speed up the process of assembling a nuclear reactor. Move to a destination where you cannot travel fast yet. When you are in place, the game will warn you that this decision will make you a permanent enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel. Complete any tasks of the Brotherhood of Steel before you take this step.

After you do this, you will find yourself in the desired location for the current quest. Fight several representatives of the Brotherhood of Steel, collect passwords in the table. Now move to the marked computer terminal and use the received codes. Read the notes to find out if the item is under the ground. Enter the elevator in the center of the main room and use it to go down below.

As you move down in the elevator, your opponents will attack you. There are few shelters here, so be prepared to use a lot of first-aid kits. When you find yourself at the bottom, go to the room on the left side to find the key. Before using the key, after leaving the room, go to the right side. Through a bunch of trash, you can get into the room with the switch. Switch him to re-activate the elevator and collect loot. Use the key on the next door of the room and go inside to find a hole in the ground through which you can get to the levels below.

Studying the lower levels, do not rush, collecting useful items and inspecting everything around. There are no important items, but there is a huge amount of ammunition and other things that may be interesting and necessary for you. When you are ready to continue, then find the elevator located at the lowest level. After you get there, Ellie will tell you that she will wait for you while you study the rooms.

You must enter the core. However, before you do this, go to a small room nearby and pick up a suit that protects against radiation. The fact is that as soon as you enter the core, the radiation level will be equal to 20 rad / s. Use the side passage and press the button to go inside. Wait for the loop to complete.

After you are inside the core, go to the main console and click on the button. Take the agitator, which will lead to blocking. Destroy the turrets, and then leave this place the same way you came here. Click the button. When you leave, the process of disinfection will remove the entire level of radiation from you, so you will not have to use medicines.

As soon as the door opens, you will encounter a security bot. He has a huge stock of health, and in itself, it is very large. Use any doors to keep distance from him. After its destruction, you can leave the location. However, the Brotherhood of Steel has attacked you again. Kill everyone, collect supplies and earn experience. When the area is cleaned, then move to the marked door on the map that will lead you outside. Use the quick trip to return to the Institute and talk to Ellie. This quest will complete, simultaneously launching a new mission.

Important mission

Go and talk to the Father. He will tell you about the team that was sent in search of Wallace, but in the end, faced with problems. Quickly move to the specified place, where you will encounter some opponents defending a location. Having settled with them, go inside the house to find your informant Enrico.

After talking with him, go to the door that leads to Wallace. Talk to him through this door. Your ultimate goal is to convince him. Enrico will tell you something that will lead to the completion of the current and the beginning of a new quest.


Return to the Institute and talk to the Father. He will say that you should write a message. During recording, you can choose from various options. Then talk to the Father again.

Here is the correct scheme:

– Buttons on the left side.
– The dials in the center.
– Pipes on the right side.

After everything is turned on, go back to the Father and report about it. It is located in the reactor area. Turn on the reactor when you are ready and talk to the Father. You will need to attend the meeting. Move there. You talk to the directors and make some long-term decisions. When the conversation ends, the quest will be completed. A new task will begin.

Break the connection

Move to the reactor area and talk to the Father. He will say that you must eliminate all allies who helped you get here. If you answer positively, then you have to fight them. This means that you need to put an end to communication with the “Underground.” Follow to the place and destroy all. It will be a very fierce struggle. Remember the traps in the hall. When you destroy everyone, go back and talk to the Father. This quest will end, and a new one will begin.

Airship crash

After talking with the Father, talk to Dr. Lee. You will be informed about the next task. You will encounter the Brotherhood of Steel and their robot Liberty Prime. When you are ready, move to the place. Go through the door. Once inside, clear the location and move to the upper level. There will be a whole group of people, as well as several generators. When you see them, destroy them as quickly as possible. Synthetics will help you in this matter.

After the destruction of the two generators on the location, enter the elevator and go up to the third generator. Destroy and his. There are several turrets and a Protector that protects the generator. Kill them. Now you need to follow to Liberty Prime, which is outside, at ground level. When you are there, synthetics will start hacking the robot. Now you must protect it. Get ready for another massive battle. At the top will fly a combat airship. Use cover to hide and attack him at the same time.

Try to stay close to the robot. When the burglary is 100% complete, the robot will destroy the Brotherhood’s airship. You have teleported a short distance from where you can enjoy the picture.

Splitting the family

Return to the Institute and talk to the Father. This storyline is completed. Recall that the game has several endings. This passage describes the ending for the Institute.