Causes And 6 Methods Solutions Of File System Error 2018375670 In Windows 10


The bad sector, damaged files, incorrect file execution policies are considered to be the main cause of file system errors. The error message is usually accompanied by numbers such as file system error 2018375670, 1073741819, 2147219200, 2147219196, 2147219194, 805305975, etc.

This can occur when opening photos, trying to launch an executable file, launch a PDF file or another type. Sometimes temporary failures also lead to such errors. Let’s take a look at how to fix file system errors, but before that, I would recommend that you restart your Windows computer and check if the error has disappeared or not.

Error codes indicate the following scenarios:

  • 2147219196: This error code is mainly caused by a number of UWP applications, due to some error in their established structure.
  • 2018375670: Disk error, which may be caused by bad sectors, disk integrity, or other reasons.
  • 1073741819: If the registry settings “UAC” or “UAC Settings” are changed or the system files are damaged, a file system error may occur.
  • 2147219200: This error code may appear due to damage to system files that support program execution

What is error 2018375670 windows 10?

file system error (-2018375670)

File system error 2018375670 windows 10 occurs during the activation process of a file. A message appears: Start Menu and the Cortana application does not work. We will try to solve the problem during the next entry.

Many overloaded computers, logged in again, but the problem remained, the files did not open.

Causes and solutions of error 2018375670 windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the operating system. The developers took into account all previous mistakes, supplemented with innovative developments, and got the universal operating system. It has a lot of innovations, additional features, and original interface.

However, despite all the advantages of Windows 10, it brought many inconveniences to many users. During operation, various errors occur. The cause of their occurrence has not yet been established, although there are certain solutions to the problems.

To solve this problem, you need to find out the causes of this problem.

The file system error (-2018375670) appears when opening a file. The error message reads as follows:

“The start menu and the Cortana application does not work. We will try to fix this problem the next time you log in. ”

You probably already tried to reset the system, but it most likely did not affect. To begin, let’s define what this problem is about.

There are three main causes of the error 2018375670:

  1. corrupted data in the operating system
  2. outdated or damaged drivers
  3. The activated service conflicts with Windows 10 Explorer.

Ways to troubleshoot file system error 2018375670

# Method 1: Reboot the PC Just restart your computer

file system error

If the problem was a simple conflict between different services, then a simple reboot should suffice. If you have already tried to do this and all without success, then go on to the next method.


# Method 2: Safe Mode Boot your system in Safe Mode

This feature is very useful if you need to know which particular third-party utility is the problem. In this mode, no third-party applications will be loaded into the system. Only the main parts of the system that are needed to start it will be activated. Method number 3 Fix damaged files.

# Method number 3: Fix damaged files

The most common cause of file system errors (-2018375670) is corrupted data. They need to be analyzed and restored. To do this, do the following:

  1. Press the key combination Win + R and register the cmd command.
  2. Further, in the opened Command Prompt write chkdsk/f, and then press Enter.
  3. Then enter the letter ” Y ” and press Enter.

# Method number 4: Use System Restore

file system error (-2018375670)

If you have a system restore point enabled, then it will be logical to roll the system back into a working state. Press the key combination Win + R and enter sysdm.cpl to open the “System Properties.”

Next, go to the System Protection tab and click on Restore, then select the date when your system was stable and follow the instructions on the assistant screen.

# Method number 5: Disk check

Check your hard drive for errors and bad sectors. To do this, run the command prompt (cmd) as administrator and enter the command chkdsk C: /f /r /x, where C: is the system disk.

If you have an error on disk F, then replace F with C, but I definitely recommend checking the system disk and the one on which you have an error.

If you get a message that Chkdsk cannot be started because another process is using the volume. Would you like to check this volume the next time you restart the system? (Y / N). Then press Y and restart the PC. After restarting the PC, the disk will automatically scan.

# Method number 6: Checking system files

HOw to check the sys files

Check and try to restore the Windows system files 10. Run a command prompt as administrator and enter the command sfc /scannow. Restart the system after the scan is completed and follow the steps below.

After the reboot, run back cmd with admin rights and enter the following commands one by one, pressing Enter after each: