Problem Solving In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


Unfortunately, there are flaws in games: brakes, low FPS, crashes, freezes, bugs, and other minor and not very bad mistakes. Often, problems begin even before the game starts, when it is not installed, not loaded, or even not downloaded. Yes, and the computer itself is sometimes strange, and then in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn instead of a picture there is a black screen, the control does not work, you can’t hear the sound or anything else.

What to do first

Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Download and run the world-famous CCleaner ( download for a direct link ) – this is a program that will clear your computer of unnecessary garbage, as a result of which the system will start to work faster after the first reboot;
  2. Update all drivers in the system using the Driver Updater program ( download for a direct link ) – it will scan your computer and update all drivers to the latest version in 5 minutes;
  3. Install the WinOptimizer program ( download by direct link ) and turn on the game mode in it, which will complete the useless background processes during the launch of games and increase the performance in the game.


System Requirements Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The second thing to do if you have any problems with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is to check the system requirements. In a good way, you need to do this before you buy, in order not to regret the money spent.

Minimum system requirements Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn:

Windows XP, Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, 20 Gb HDD, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT

View Recommended Requirements

Every gamer should get at least a little to understand the components, to know why you need a video card, processor, and other things in the system unit.

Files, drivers and libraries

Final Fantasy XIV

Almost every device in the computer requires a set of special software. These are drivers, libraries, and other files that ensure the correct operation of the computer.

You should start with the drivers for the video card. Modern graphics cards are made only by two large companies – Nvidia and AMD. Having found out which product they are spinning with coolers in the system unit, we go to the official website and download a package of fresh drivers:

  • Download drivers for Nvidia GeForce video card
  • Download driver for Video Card AMD Radeon

A prerequisite for the successful operation of the FF14 is the availability of the latest drivers for all devices in the system. Download the Driver Updater utility to easily and quickly download the latest drivers and install them with one click:

  • Download Driver Updater and run the program;
  • perform a system scan (usually it takes no more than five minutes);
  • Update outdated drivers with one click.

WinOptimizer will remove all unnecessary files and clean the registry

When the drivers are finished, you can install the latest libraries – DirectX and .NET Framework. They are somehow used in almost all modern games:

  • Download DirectX
  • Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Another important thing is the Visual C ++ extension libraries, which are also required for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. There are a lot of links, so we decided to make a separate list for them:

  • Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Service Pack 1
  • Then Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 (32-bit) (Also, Download Service Pack 1 )
  • Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 (64-bit) (Also, Download Service Pack 1 )
  • After that Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (32-bit) (Download Service Pack 1 )
  • Also, Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (64-bit) (Download Service Pack 1 )
  • Then Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2012 Update 4
  • Download Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013

If you have reached this place – congratulations! The most boring and routine part of preparing a computer for gaming is complete. Next, we consider typical problems arising in games, and also briefly outline ways to solve them.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn cannot be downloaded. Long download. Decision

The speed of your personal Internet channel is not the only one determining the download speed. If the distributing server works at a speed of, say, 5 MB per second, then your 100 MB will not help.

If Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn doesn’t download at all, it can happen right away for a bunch of reasons: the router is not configured correctly, problems are on the provider’s side, the cat has a bite on the cable, or, finally, the server on the service side from which the game is downloaded.

FF14 is not installed. Terminated installation. Decision

Problem Solving In Final Fantasy XIV

Before you start installing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you need to check once again how much space it takes on the disk. If the problem with the presence of free disk space is excluded, then you should diagnose the disk. Perhaps it has already accumulated a lot of “broken” sectors, and it is trivially faulty?

In Windows, there are standard means of checking the status of HDD and SSD drives, but it is best to use specialized programs.

But it is also impossible to exclude the possibility that the download was unsuccessful because of a broken connection; this also happens. And if you install FF14 from a disk, then you should see if there are any scratches and foreign substances on the carrier!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn does not start. Error on startup. Decision

FF14 is established but simply refuses to work. How to be?

Does Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn give any error after departure? If so, what is its text? Maybe it does not support your video card or some other equipment? Or does it lack RAM?

Remember that the developers themselves are interested in embedding in the game a system for describing errors during a crash. They need it to understand why their project does not start when testing.

Be sure to write down the text of the error. If you do not speak a foreign language, then refer to the official FF14 developer forum. It will also be useful to look into the major gaming communities and, of course, in our FAQ.

If Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn does not start, we recommend that you try disabling your antivirus or put the game on antivirus exceptions, and also check the system requirements again and if something from your build does not match, then improve your PC as much as possible, having bought more powerful components.

In FF14 black screen, white screen, color screen. Decision

Problems with screens of different colors can be divided into 2 categories.

Firstly, they are often associated with the use of two video cards at once. For example, if your motherboard has a built-in video card, but you play on a discrete one, then Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn can run on the built-in for the first time, and you won’t see the game itself, because the monitor is connected to a discrete video card.

Secondly, color screens come with problems with displaying the image on the screen. This can occur for various reasons. For example, FF14 cannot work through an outdated driver or does not support a video card. Also, a black/white screen can be displayed when working on resolutions that are not supported by the game.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn crashes. At a certain or random moment. Decision

You play yourself, play and then – bang! – Everything goes out, and now you have a desktop without any hint of the game. Why does it happen? To solve the problem, it is worth trying to figure out which character has the problem.

If the crash occurs at a random point in time without any regularity, then with a probability of 99%, we can say that this is an error of the game itself. In this case, fixing something is very difficult, and it’s best just to put Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn aside and wait for the patch.

However, if you know exactly when the flight takes place, then you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a crash.

However, if you know exactly when the flight takes place, then you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a crash. Also, you can download save Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in our file archive and bypass the place of departure.

FF14 freezes. The picture freezes. Decision

FF14 freezes

The situation is about the same as with the departures: many hangs are directly related to the game itself, or rather, with the developer’s error when it was created. However, often the frozen image can be the starting point for investigating the deplorable state of a video card or processor.

So if the picture in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn freezes, then use the programs to display statistics on the loading of components. Perhaps your video card has long exhausted its working life, or the processor heats up to dangerous temperatures?

It is easiest to check the load and temperatures for the video card and processors in the MSI Afterburner program. If you wish, you can even display these and many other parameters on top of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn image.

What temperatures are dangerous? Processors and video cards have different operating temperatures. In video cards, they usually make up 60-80 degrees Celsius. The processors are slightly lower – 40-70 degrees. If the temperature of the processor is higher, then you should check the condition of the thermal paste. It may have dried out and needed replacing.

If the video card is heated, then you should use the driver or the official utility from the manufacturer. It is necessary to increase the number of revolutions of the coolers and check whether the operating temperature will decrease.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn slows down. Low FPS. Drawdown frame rate. Decision

With brakes and a low frame rate in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the first thing to do is reduce graphics settings. Of course, there are a lot of them, so before you reduce everything, you should know how exactly these or other settings affect performance.

Screen Resolution

In short, this is the number of points that make up the game image. The higher the resolution, the higher the load on the video card. However, the increase in the load is insignificant. Therefore, the screen resolution should be reduced only as a last resort, when everything else does not help.

Texture quality

Typically, this parameter determines the resolution of texture files. The quality of textures should be reduced if the video card has a small video memory margin (less than 4 GB) or if a very old hard disk is used, the spindle speed is less than 7200.

The quality of models (sometimes just detail).

This setting determines which set of 3D models will be used in the game. The higher the quality, the more polygons. Accordingly, high-poly models require more computational power of the video card (not to be confused with the amount of video memory!), And therefore this parameter should be reduced on video cards with a low core or memory frequency.


There are implemented in different ways. In some games, shadows are created dynamically; that is, they are calculated in real time every second of the game. Such dynamic shadows load both the processor and the video card.

To optimize, developers often abandon the full-fledged render and add pre-render shadows to the game. They are static because they are just textures superimposed over the main textures, which means they load memory, not the core of the video card.

Often, developers add additional settings related to shadows:

  • Shadow resolution – determines how detailed the shadow cast by the object will be. If the game has dynamic shadows, it loads the core of the video card, and if a previously created render is used, then the video memory “eats.”
  • Soft shadows – smoothing irregularities on the shadows themselves. Usually, this option is given along with dynamic shadows. Regardless of the type of shadows, it loads the video card in real time.


It allows you to get rid of ugly corners on the edges of objects by using a special algorithm, the essence of which usually boils down to generating several images at once and matching them, calculating the most “smooth” picture. Many different smoothing algorithms differ in the level of influence on the performance of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

For example, MSAA works head-on, creating 2, 4, or 8 renders at once, so the frame rate is reduced by 2, 4, or 8 times, respectively. Algorithms such as FXAA and TAA act a little differently, achieving a smoothed picture by calculating only the edges and using some other tweaks. Because of this, they do not greatly reduce performance.


As in the case of anti-aliasing, there are different lighting effects algorithms: SSAO, HBAO, HDAO. All of them use video card resources, but they do it differently depending on the video card itself. The fact is that the HBAO algorithm advanced mainly on Nvidia graphics cards (GeForce line), so it works best on green ones.

HDAO, on the contrary, is optimized for AMD video cards. SSAO is the simplest type of lighting, it consumes the least amount of resources, so in the case of brakes in FF14 it is worth switching it.

What to reduce in the first place? As a rule, shadows, anti-aliasing, and lighting effects cause the greatest load, so it’s best to start with them.

Often, gamers themselves have to optimize Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Virtually all major releases have various related and forums where users share their own ways to improve performance.

One of them is a special program called WinOptimizer. It is made specifically for those who do not want to manually clean the computer from various temporary files, delete unnecessary registry entries, and edit the startup list. WinOptimizer will do it, and it will also analyze the computer to find out how you can improve performance in applications and games.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn lags. Big delay when playing. Decision

Many people confuse “brakes” with “lags,” but these problems have completely different reasons. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn slows down when the frame rate at which the picture is displayed on the monitor decreases, and lags when the delay in accessing the server or any other host is too high.

That is why the “lags” can only be in online games. The reasons are different: poor network code, physical distance from servers, network load, incorrectly configured router, low Internet connection speed.

However, the latter is the least. In online games, the client and server communicate by exchanging relatively short messages, so even 10 MB per second should be enough for the eyes.

There is no sound in FF14. I cannot hear anything. Decision

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn works, but for some reason, it doesn’t sound – this is another problem that gamers face. Of course, you can play like that, but it’s still better to figure out what’s the matter.

First, you need to determine the scale of the problem. Where exactly is no sound – only in the game or even on the computer? If only in the game, then perhaps this is because the sound card is very old and does not support DirectX.

If there is no sound at all, then the point is definitely in the configuration of the computer. Perhaps the sound card drivers are installed incorrectly, or maybe there is no sound due to some specific error of our favorite Windows OS.

Controls do not work in FF14. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn does not see the mouse, keyboard, or gamepad Decision

 A Realm Reborn

How to play if you can not manage the process? The problems of supporting specific devices are irrelevant here because we are talking about the usual devices – the keyboard, the mouse, and the controller.

Thus, errors in the game itself are practically excluded, almost always a problem on the side of the user. You can solve it in different ways, but, one way or another, you will have to contact the driver. Usually, when you connect a new device, the operating system immediately tries to use one of the standard drivers, but some models of keyboards, mice, and gamepads are incompatible with them.

Thus, you need to find out the exact model of the device and try to find exactly its driver. Often, devices from well-known gaming brands come with their own software bundles, since the standard Windows driver simply cannot ensure the correct operation of all the functions of this or that device.

If you do not want to search for drivers for all devices individually, you can use the Driver Updater program. It is designed to search for drivers automatically, so you only need to wait for the scan results and download the necessary drivers in the program interface.

Often the brakes in FF14 can be caused by viruses. In this case, there is no difference how powerful the video card is in the system unit. You can check your computer and clean it of viruses and other unwanted software using special programs — for example, NOD32. Antivirus has proven itself from the best side and received the approval of millions of users around the world.

Important Notes

ZoneAlarm is suitable both for personal use and for small businesses, it can protect a computer with the Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems from any attacks: phishing, viruses, malware, spyware, and other cyber threats. New users have a 30-day free period.

Nod32 is an anti-virus from ESET, which has received many awards for its contribution to security development. On the developer’s site versions of antivirus programs are available for both PCs and mobile devices; a 30-day trial version is provided. There are special conditions for business.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn downloaded from a torrent does not work. Decision

If the distribution of the game was downloaded via a torrent, then there can be no guarantees of work in principle. Torrents and repackers are rarely updated through official applications and do not work on the network, because in the course of hacking, hackers cut out all the network functions that are often used to verify a license from games.

Such versions of games are not only inconvenient to use but even dangerous because very often many files are changed in them. For example, to bypass protection, pirates modify a .exe file. At the same time, no one knows what they are doing to him. Perhaps they are building self-executing software.

For example, the miner, which when you first start the game, will be integrated into the system and will use its resources to ensure the well-being of hackers. Or a virus that gives access to a computer to third parties. There are no guarantees and can not be.

Also, the use of pirated versions is, in the opinion of our publication, theft. The developers spent a lot of time creating the game, invested their own funds in the hope that their offspring would pay off. And each work must be paid.

Therefore, if there are any problems with games downloaded from torrents or hacked using various means, you should immediately remove the “pirate,” clean the computer with an antivirus and purchase a licensed copy of the game. This not only saves you from questionable software but also allows you to download updates for the game and receive official support from its creators.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gives an error about the absence of a DLL file. Decision

As a rule, problems associated with the absence of DLL libraries arise when you run Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but sometimes the game may turn to a specific DLL in the process and, without finding them, fly out in the most impudent way.

To correct this error, you need to find the necessary DLL and install it in the system. The easiest way to do this is with the DLL-fixer, which scans the system and helps you quickly find the missing libraries.

If your problem was more specific, or the method outlined in this article did not help, then you can ask other users in our “ Questions and Answers ” rubric. They will quickly help you!

We thank you for your attention!