How To Activate & Deactivate Full-Screen Mode In Google Chrome Browser?


Today we are going to illustrate the use of full-screen mode in different Internet browsers. What is it? How to activate and deactivate it? To understand all these issues, we have to continue. Even a novice user will be able to cope with the task. Although, as practice shows, the “full window” mode in browsers is not used very often.

The “full window” option allows you to hide all elements of the program/browser and displays the main field of the utility operation. In our case, the active site will be displayed on the entire monitor. This is very convenient, for example, when reading books and manuals in electronic form.

Activation via settings

full screen

How to enable fullscreen mode? Make it easy. Especially if you know how to behave. The first scenario is the use of Internet browser settings. Instructions for activating full-screen mode will look like this:

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click on the button responsible for opening the function menu. Usually, it is located in the upper right corner. This is a button with three dots or horizontal lines.
  3. Click on the frame image. This button is usually located near the line “Scale.”

It is done. After the executed manipulations, the user will open the Internet browser in the “full window” mode. Reception does not require any special skills and knowledge.

In “Opera”

The full-screen mode in the Opera browser is activated differently. But in general, the algorithm of actions will not require anything special.

A guide to launching the option being studied is as follows:

  1. Launch Opera.
  2. Click RMB anywhere in the browser.
  3. Select the line that says “Full Screen.”

That’s all. Fullscreen mode will be activated. To exit it, just press the Esc button on your keyboard.

Keyboard to help

How to make a full-screen mode otherwise? There is another scenario. It is used in real life much more often, especially by advanced computer users. It’s about using hotkeys. They help users to activate different commands in the programs. And browsers are no exception.

To make a page in the Internet browser in full screen, will have to:

  1. To launch the browser. You must wait for the full download of the application.
  2. Go to the page you want to display on the entire PC display.
  3. Press the F11 button.

After the done actions, the user activates the “full window” mode in the browser. To exit it, you can click on Esc or press F11 again.

Important: the presented algorithm of actions is suitable for most browsers. It definitely work in “Chrome,” “Mozilla,” and “Yandex.”

On the “Mac”

We figured out how to do fullscreen mode in the browser. But this is not all tips that will help achieve the desired result. They are suitable for owners of Windows. Today, some people are using Apple-branded products. This company offers iOS and MacOS operating systems. They need to be able to work. And not everyone knows how to do it.

Full-screen mode on MacOS is turned on in the browser in almost the same way as on Windows. The MacBook keyboard will help bring the idea to life. To make an Internet browser on MacOS in full screen, you need:

  1. Go to the browser and open the desired page.
  2. Press the Shift, Command, and F buttons on the keyboard simultaneously.
  3. Release the listed keys.

The case is complete. Fullscreen mode will start simply. To exit it, you will have to repeat the previously described algorithm of actions. This technique works for most modern Internet browsers. Otherwise, the user will be helped by the previously proposed solutions to the problem.

How to exit full screen in the browser

full screen

In all popular browsers, there is a function to switch to full-screen mode. This is often very convenient if you plan to work for a long time on one site without using the browser interface and the operating system.

However, users often get into this mode by chance, and without proper knowledge in this area can not return to normal operation. Next, we describe how to return to the classic browser view in various ways.

Exit full-screen browser mode

The principle of how to close the full-screen mode in the browser is always almost the same and comes down to pressing a specific key on the keyboard or a button in the browser that is responsible for returning to the normal interface.

Method 1: Keyboard Key

Most often it happens that the user accidentally launched the full-screen mode by pressing one of the keyboard keys, and now can not go back. To do this, just press the F11 key on the keyboard. She is responsible for both enabling and disabling the full-screen version of any web browser.

Method 2: Button in the browser

Absolutely all browsers provide the ability to return to normal mode quickly. Let’s take a look at how this is done in various popular web browsers.

Google Chrome

Move the mouse cursor to the very top of the screen, and you will see the cross in the center. Click on it to go back to standard mode.

Mozilla Firefox

Activate & Deactivate Screen as big

The instruction is completely similar to the previous one – we move the cursor up, call the menu and click on the icon with two arrows.


For Opera, it works a little differently – click on the free space with the right mouse button and select the “Exit full screen” option.


There are two identical buttons here. Hover the mouse over the top of the screen and click on the button with the arrows, or the one that is next to “Close,” or which is in the menu.

Internet Explorer

Activate & Deactivating large screen in Internet Explorer

If you still use Explorer, then you can also do this easily. Click on the gear button, select the “File” menu, and uncheck the “Full Screen” option.

Now you know how to exit full-screen mode, which means that you can use it more often, as in some cases it is much more convenient than usual.