How To Fix The Gigabyte App Center Error “The Driver Can’t Release To Failure” In Windows 7, 8 And 10?


APP Center is a special program or application center GIGABYTE. The clear user interface of the utility provides convenient access to all branded programs and applications, allows you to install them, run or delete from your computer. Select the Live Update item on the menu if you want to update an application online.

APP Center can be customized as you wish, and you will receive a notification about the latest updates of drivers, utilities and BIOS, and thus will be able to use all the features of GIGABYTE motherboards with maximum efficiency.

Functionalities of Gigabyte App center

gigabyte app center

GIGABYTE APP Center is proprietary software from the company of the same name, which produces components for computers. It is installed by default on modern PCs and laptops, where there are devices from this manufacturer. The program is compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 systems.

GIGABYTE APP Center has several utilities that allow you to customize the work of components or perform an upgrade. With Live Update, users can install the latest driver and software updates on their PC. In the program settings, you can set the frequency of automatic check for updates.

The USB Unlocker utility will help limit access to certain devices via USB or configure ports for use with specific devices. The user can control the voltage supplied to the ports, eliminating the possibility of charging external devices from the motherboard.

Through @BIOS, you can install BIOS firmware, and Easy Tune will improve the performance of RAM and processor. However, it is necessary to carry out the “overclocking” of components carefully so as not to disable them.

In addition, GIGABYTE APP Center allows you to:

  • Move files between PC and smartphone;
  • Manage power settings;
  • Create an access point on a computer, distributing a wireless network;
  • Remotely control the computer from the phone;

The” This driver can’t release to failure” Gigabyte app center error message is just one which relates explicitly to Gigabyte motherboards. Some users also have said that the error message arises after updating to Windows 10. The error message is usually due to the shortage of, which can be something of a motherboard. Below are a number of resolutions which could correct this motherboard malfunction.

What is Gigabyte App center error?

“The driver can’t release to failure” is an error message that is manifested among users of motherboards from Gigabyte. The message itself does not speak with which driver problems occurred, but it is closely connected with motherboards from Gigabyte, especially with those who do not have wireless capabilities.

The problem manifests itself when you use the Gigabyte software. The most problematic utility is Cloud Station Server, and since it relies on the ability to use WiFi, an error occurs on a PC without these technologies.

Ways to fix the Gigabyte App center error?

# Method -1 Pull the Plug on the Consistently run next reboot Putting for Remote OC, Cloud Station Server along with Gigabyte Remote

As previously mentioned, that the Cloud Station Server is currently 1 component from the Gigabyte App Center which necessitates. Gigabyte Remote and also the Remote OC are just two are components which require. Changing off those components may correct the matter. This is the way you’re able to switch off those App Center components.

  • To start the Gigabyte App Center through the Windows system tray.
  • Click on the Cloud Station Server at the End of the program.
  • Switch-off the Consistently run next reboot setting to your own Cloud Station Server.
  • Find the OC tab for Remote Desktop OC, and change the Consistently run next reboot choice off.
  • Subsequently, Pick the Gigabyte Remote tab, and then turn off the Consistently run next reboot alternative.
  • Restart your own desktop computer or notebook.

# Method 2: Re-Install Gigabyte Services Via Control Prompt

gigabyte app center

Instead, this matter might also be resolved by Gigabyte services. To do so, press on the Win X hotkey.

  • Subsequently, pick Control Prompt (Admin) to start the Prompt.
  • Input’sc deletes gdrv’ from the Prompt, and press the Return key.
  • Input’sc make gdrv binPath=”C:\Windows\gdrv.sys” type=”kernel” DisplayName=”gdrv”` and reunite to reinstall the services.

# Method 3: Update the Program Center

Should you have Recently updated 10, upgrade the App Center to be certain it is harmonious with the platform. You certainly can certainly do this by pressing on the GIGABYTE App Center Utility Download button with these pages. Start the installer to the program to bring the Program Center variant to Windows.

# Method 4: Uninstall the Program Center

  • Many users have resolved the Gigabyte motherboard error message by simply removing the App Center out of Windows. 1st press Run to start to eliminate the App Center.
  • Input’appwiz.cpl’ from Run and click okay to start the uninstaller window at the photo directly below.
  • Currently, Pick the Gigabyte App Center program, and press on its Un-install button.
  • Press that the Yes button for Additional affirmation.
  • Subsequently, restart Windows after eliminating the App Center.

# Method 5: Update the Motherboard Drivers

Gigabyte App Center error

You May Need To upgrade your Gigabyte device drivers to repair the”motorist cannot discharge ” error message. The motherboard contains got drivers. Therefore, it’s probably much better to work with applications that are driver-updating to guarantee the drivers have been upgraded.

For Example, You can scan with all the Driver that is freeware Booster 5, that may List out-of-date drivers which it is possible to upgrade by pressing on the Update Currently button.

# Method 6: Disable Home Cloud, GIGABYTE Remote and Remote OC in the App Center

  • To get started, open the App Center.
  • Then open Cloud Station Server.
  • You will see a window with five tabs located below. The first three (Home Cloud, GIGABYTE Remote and Remote) are the functions that cause the problem. All of them are marked “always run at the next boot.”
  • Turn off this option for all three and restart your computer.

After that, the “The driver can’t release to failure” error should disappear.

# Method 7: Complete software reinstallation

Gigabyte App Center error

The Cloud Station Server process that runs in the background when an error occurs is called ubssrv. Reinstalling the software will prevent this process from working, which solves the problem with the error “The driver can’t release to failure.”

  • Go to the “Control Panel.” To do this, right-click on the “Start” and select the appropriate item
  • Next, go to the “Programs and components.”
  • In the list of utilities, find Gigabyte. You have a choice before deleting only the Cloud Station Server or the entire App Center.
  • Select the desired software, right-click on it and click “Delete.”
  • Follow the installation wizard instructions. After this process, restart your computer.

It is not entirely clear why Gigabyte has not yet fixed this problem since the error “The driver can’t get a release to failure” occurs in a sufficiently large number of users with a different set of their motherboard and operating systems.

One, or even more, of these settlements will fix the error Gigabyte App center malfunction in Windows 10. In Case you have some for fixing your motherboard mistake hints, feel free to Share these below.