Error “Gps Signal Not Found 11” And “Failed To Detect Location” In Pokemon Go


The game Pokemon GO has won deserved popularity all over the world. Many users liked the unusual gameplay and the idea of the application. However, sometimes the gameplay is overshadowed by a variety of errors. Some of these errors are “Gps Signal Not Found 11” (“Gps Signal Not Found 11”) and “failed to detect location.” Today I will tell you what to do in this situation and how to fix such errors on your smartphone running Android or iOS.

“Gps Signal Not Found 11” in Pokémon GO: what to do?

gps signal not found 11

So, what should be done first of all, if the error “Gps Signal Not Found 11” appeared in Pokémon GO. We will start with the simplest methods. I recommend you carefully read the entire manual and follow it exactly. If the error does not disappear further – write in the comments, we will understand together.

Solution 1: Make sure the GPS is on

Are you sure that GPS is enabled on your smartphone? Check this! If location is turned on, you need to check that it is working in high accuracy mode (this option is called “all sources” in many smartphones). In different versions of Android, the interface is slightly different, but the principle is the same everywhere:

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Go to the “Location” (may be called otherwise)
  3. Make sure the slider is in the on position.
  4. Select the mode “To all sources” (“Use GPS, Wi-fi and mobile networks to determine the location”)

Now the game Pokemon GO will use all possible sources to determine the location as accurately as possible. If you use only wi-fi and mobile networks to determine the location, then you may encounter the fact that your avatar will run around the map, or jump from point to point (or the coordinates will be determined incorrectly)

Solution 2: Disable fictitious locations

In some versions of Android, the developer has disabled the ability for applications to hide that they are using fictitious locations (“coordinate substitution”). Thus, when you start Pokemon GO, you may see the error “failed to detect location” or “Gps Signal Not Found 11”. You need to disable dummy locations in your system settings in order to get rid of the error.

  1. Go to the phone settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the item “About phone.”
  3. Find the item “Build Number,” “MIUI Version,” or something similar.
  4. Click on it 7 times. After that, you will see the message – “You became a developer.”
  5. We are looking in the “Settings” item “For Developers,” go
  6. The item “Fictitious locations” should not be ticked (uncheck!)

If this did not help you to solve the problem, read the article further, and try other methods.

Other methods for resolving the “Gps Signal Not Found 11” error in Pokemon GO

gps signal not found 11

Most often, the above methods help get rid of the Gps Signal Not Found 11 error. However, if the error still remains, then let’s consider other options that may help:

  1. Try restarting your smartphone
  2. Try to go out into the open (to the street, say, if you are indoors) and wait a bit – it is possible that the GPS will still find satellites
  3. Turn off the power saving mode in your smartphone and remove/disable all the programs that are designed to save your battery charge – they often care too much about the increased battery life and interfere with the normal operation of the system
  4. Use the mobile network instead of wi-fi (maybe you play in a cafe and use wi-fi). Although, sometimes, Pokemon GO does not work through the mobile Internet
  5. Turn on Flight mode and turn it off after a few seconds.
  6. Install the latest update Pokemon GO for Android
  7. Download Google Maps, install and run. Download GPS Status & Toolbox, install and run it. Then run the Pokemon GO. These actions sometimes help get rid of the error.
  8. Try disabling all permissions for the Pokemon GO app, except location.

If this did not help, then the last resort will be to reset your smartphone settings to factory settings or to install the stock version of the firmware from the manufacturer. You can also write to Niatic (developer) about your problem.

“Gps Signal Not Found 11” on iOS in Pokemon GO

gps signal not found 11

If you get an error “Gps Signal Not Found 11” on an iPhone or other device running iOS, then you can use the above tips (except for those that relate only to Android). Besides:

  1. If you are indoors, try to go outside and wait for the GPS to detect the satellites.
  2. Turn on Wi-fi, even if you do not use it
  3. Turn on and turn off airplane mode
  4. Disable and re-enable cellular data. “Settings” – “Cellular communication” – “Cellular data”
  5. Restart the Pokemon GO app
  6. Turn off and re-enable the Geolocation Service. “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Geolocation Services”.
  7. Reset network settings (all Wi-fi passwords and other network settings will be deleted!). “Settings” – “Basic” – “Reset” – “Reset Network Settings”.

Error “Failed to detect location” in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go

Another common error in Pokemon GO is “failed to detect location.” This error occurs at the time of launching the game or when your avatar appears on the game map. Most often, restarting the game or disabling/enabling the GPS module does not solve the problem. This error is in many ways similar to the “Gps Signal Not Found 11” mentioned above so you can try using the same methods to solve it. However, there is one tip that is directly related to this error.

Remove all programs that replace the coordinates

Pokemon Go

As you probably know, GPS spoofing has flourished in Pokemon GO for a long time. The developer did not immediately begin to deal with this phenomenon, as he was busy with more pressing matters. However, in May 2017, Niantic launched a new fix test, which should stop sniping and spoofing in Pokemon GO. Also, Google has released the security update Android 7.1, which does not allow applications to hide the fact that the location has been changed from the OS.

Thus, since the release of version 0.63.1 of Pokemon GO, many coaches who “indulged” in GPS-spoofing began to receive the error message “failed to detect location.” If you have installed programs for changing coordinates like Fake gps, Joystick GPS, Mock Location, Fly GPS or similar ones – do not use them or delete them from your smartphone. Every day, Niantic will be increasingly “press” cheaters, so it’s time to start playing honestly right now 🙂

So, today we talked about the errors “Gps Signal Not Found 11” (“Gps Signal Not Found 11”) and “failed to detect location” in the Pokemon GO, found out what to do in this situation and how to solve the problem. I hope that the article was useful to you.

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