The Hoverwatch Invisible keylogger For Android Review


Invisible keylogger for android is a program used for covertly tracking and spying the activities of a phone.

As the mobile tracker runs in the background to avoid detection by the user, it is still can monitor web browsing history, scan multimedia content, review chat messages, oversee call logs, browse text messages, etc.

What is a mobile phone tracker? 

To use a mobile phone tracker, you will first need to download it and install it on the targeted phone. When you use a reliable invisible keylogger for android like Hoverwatch, you will see that the process of downloading it from the official website is easier, faster, and simpler.

Once you have installed a mobile phone tracker on a targeted phone, you can then spy on different activities performed on the device by its user.

Tracking a phone may be necessary because of different reasons including for tracking the location of the phone if it has been stolen. 

Why Fo Parents Use The Hoverwatch To Track The Phone? 

Parents are also increasingly using Hoverwatch for tracking the phone activities of their kids including the capture of every keystroke, social media posts, etc.

This is possible because this phone spyware has various features and functions for accomplishing comprehensive tracking.

Hoverwatch should be used by any parent worried about his/her child abusing his/her internet or smartphone privileges.

Many parents are using Hoverwatch for spying on their kid’s phone activities if they suspect that they may be accessing inappropriate online content or just hanging out with strangers or the wrong people.

Using Hoverwatch can also help parents protect their kids from sexting and possible cyberbullying in chatting platforms and social networking websites.


What Do You Need To Know To Install KeyLogger?

First, you will need to access the targeted phone for you to download and install this invisible keylogger for android. Moreover, you have to ensure from the phone setting that download and installation of apps from unknown sources is allowed. 
You just need general knowledge in the use of a smartphone including downloading and installing apps. 


Why is it Convenient To Use this Invisible Keylogger For Android?

It is convenient for using this invisible keylogger for android because downloading and installing on the targeted phone is simple and easy. On the website of Hoverwatch, you will see an outline of the simple process involved, from signing up to the actual start of phone spying/watching.

The size of the spying app is relatively smaller and hence the process of downloading and installing the app happens within a short time. You can also sign up for a Hoverwatch account for free and when satisfied with the app during the free trial period, you have various subscription options. 
Hoverwatch is also suitable for use because it comes with numerous features and functions which enable comprehensive tracking of mobile activities. And while tracking phone activities, the tracking app remains completely undetectable even if the user of the phone knows his/her way around the phone.


What are the main functions of this invisible keylogger for android which will be useful to parents? (h2)


As I had already said, this invisible keylogger for android comes with numerous features and functions. Some of the main functions of the application that parents will find helpful include:

Phone keylogger 

With this phone tracking program, parents can monitor and view phone keystroke details. This may include browser search requests and tracking of usernames and passwords. 


GPS Tracking 

This feature is important for helping parents to track the location of the targeted device and the user. You can view real-time locations of the target phone on the map and this is made possible through the use of available cell towers, Wi-Fi signals, and the latest GPS technology.

View Call Log 

When a parent uses Hoverwatch for tracking the Android device of her child, details about incoming and outgoing calls will be available for viewing after being recorded. These call details may include caller names, call duration, and even data logs. 


Website Monitoring

This android spyware also helps in keeping a complete account of the different websites that your child used. 

Call Tracking 

Call tracking information of the targeted device of your child can be accessed through your Hoverwatch online account. You can access the exact time and date when a call was made or received by your child, type of call (missed, outgoing, unanswered, incoming), phone number, etc. 


Read messages and E-mails 

We all know most kids nowadays are using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and SnapChat. Both incoming and outgoing messages in these social networks can be tracked. Moreover, parents can also spy on phone text messages, emails, and MMS. 


Hoverwatch Viewer

This feature is essential for parents in tracking the phones of their kids as it allows the capturing of the screenshots of the targeted device. Also, you can capture the image of the targeted phone user stealthily using the front camera. This may be useful in case the device is lost or misplaced and you want to know who has it. 


Pros and cons 

The pros of Hoverwatch include:
• A detailed and comprehensive spying tool giving you virtual access to the activities performed on the targeted device. 
• Easy to download, install, and use
Stealth mode allows spying without detection
• Competitively priced 
The cons of Hoverwatch include:
• The version for iOS is unavailable
• No remote installation

Pricing policy 

The pricing of Hoverwatch is competitive and flexible. Currently, this invisible keylogger for android is available in 3 subscription plans.

Note that there is a free 3-day trial offered that you can use to have a feel of the features and functions of Hoverwatch invisible keylogger for android before you can proceed to use the premium version.

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95
3 month $59.95 $99.95 $299.95
1 year $99.95 $199.95 $499.95

Personal Plan: This plan allows its user to only monitor one Android device at a time. The pricing starts from around $24.95 per month. 

• Professional Plan: You can monitor up to 5 devices at a time with this subscription plan. For a single device, the pricing starts from around $9.99 per month.

• Business Plan: Allows monitoring of up to 25 devices and the pricing starts from around $6.00 per month per device. 

Conclusions and results

You will find many spying apps claiming to be the best when it comes to monitoring and tracking devices remotely. We cannot tell for sure if the claims are true or not.

However, when it comes to Hoverwatch, you will see that this is a reliable invisible keylogger for android.