How to Buy a Subwoofer in 2020


best subwoofer for your carPeople always associate having a home theater system with having a lot of money. Knowing how to pick your components may make that idea obsolete. Buying a quality, yet affordable subwoofer for your home theater is an example. 

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy great sound effects if you know how to pick a subwoofer.

There are many great, budget subwoofers that you can buy if you want to set up a home theater or simply enjoy your favorite movie at home.

In this guide, we will help you identify what are the most important factors when selecting the best 8 inch subwoofers.

What to Look for

There are a few things to remember if you are out shopping for good competition subwoofer in 2020. This way you don’t have to waste money on a product you’ll end up regretting buying. Here are a few tips you should take note of.

Power Handling 

Look at the subwoofer’s power handling capabilities, especially the ohm impedance, maximum power handling, and RMS. The higher the power handling, and RMS, the more quality performance you can expect.


Always take the durability into account. Look for a subwoofer that is designed by the best companies and made of quality materials. This will indicate the expected lifespan of your subwoofer.

Voice Coils

The voice coils are also significant. Choose a product with great voice coils. If you prefer simple installation, choose single coils. However, dual voice coils are better quality.

Deals are subject to change

If you find a good deal, know it might change. Price tags often vary. We recommend checking the price on the vendor’s website. Some of the subwoofers may be out of stock by the time you’ve decided what to buy. Don’t waste time.

Subwoofer Parts Are Important

Size and Dimension

Do take the size and dimension of the subwoofer into account. They often say the bigger, the better. However, bigger may not always be better or even good when it comes to choosing a subwoofer for your car. You should choose one that can be customized because each car has different space. This will ensure it fits your car well.


When pushed to the limit, most subwoofers would fall apart. Yet, there are some “beasts”, who do not fear high volume in any way. 


If aesthetics are important to you, look for a subwoofer with a sleek, sophisticated design incorporated. To see the ports and driver, remove the front cover. We recommend a chrome metallic finish for these components. The appearance of the bezels matters as well. Go for a piano black or off-white.

Warranty Period

A woofer with just one year of warranty isn’t ideal. Some products have warranty as long as 10 years for the cabinet and driver and 5 or 6 years for electronics. A high-capacity subwoofer with a long warranty term will deliver well if you have a mid-size or large room. 

Did you know that some warranties are limited to as little as 90 days? Always check the warranty unless you don’t mind paying for repairs or replacement every few months. With a long term, you have something to fall back on if it emerges there are broken or otherwise inoperative parts in the subwoofer you have bought.

Bass Quality 

Always look at the subwoofer’s bass quality. The frequencies are crucial. It depends on them whether you get the right kind of bass or not. We recommend checking the frequency range really well.

Look for Enclosures

Check if the subwoofer comes with one or more enclosures. Normally, they don’t come with one and you need to purchase it. For high-quality sound, you need a subwoofer that comes with sealed enclosures.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best competition subwoofer is easy as long as you have the guidelines to help you out. Don’t forget that many subwoofers can be expensive. It is crucial that you have the right one for your home cinema or car or you will end up paying for more if it does not meet your needs.

Read top five or ten rankings online, and always search for more if you want to have extra options too. With the number of companies and brands making these competition subwoofers, you will definitely find it at the above site.