Error: Terminating Igfxhk Module Or Igfxtray


The emergence of errors when running Windows often confuses the user. Most of them appear without a clear explanation of the error link. And the owner of the computer has no choice but to seek advice on the Internet.

One of the problems that may prompt the user to such actions is the termination of igfxHK Module or igfxTray. Considering that this program works in the background, many people do not know about its existence. And they have no choice but to put up with the problem or seek its solution.

What are igfxHK Module and igfxTray


If an error appears on the screen that reports the termination of the program igfxHK Module or igfxTray, this indicates a problem with the drivers of the computer. Such a malfunction manifests itself on machines that have an Intel-based graphics card installed. While AMD users of the graphics processing component cannot face it.

The igfxHK and igfxTray modules are part of the driver package of virtually any model of graphics card based on the Intel chip. Error reports that they are faulty, and it cannot disappear by itself.

Choosing the “close the program” option, the computer user runs the risk of encountering lags in productive games and applications because the intel video card driver will not be able to work correctly after disabling the module.

Most often, the program igfxHK Module is terminated due to incorrectly selected drivers during installation. In most cases, it happens on the Windows 10 operating system.

This is because Microsoft’s new version OS has provided an automatic software installation feature for all system components.

When deciding on the choice of installation drivers for an automated Microsoft tool, the risk is high that a piece of software selection will be wrong, and this will cause such errors.

Also, a problem may occur due to the installation of wrong drivers. For example, many users install software for computer components from disks. They contain old versions of drivers that may conflict with a modern operating system.

How Does this work in the system?

The igfxtray.exe process is responsible for displaying the Intel Graphics icon to the system tray on the system tray. The program is presented by the publisher of Intel Corporation and does not apply to the system.

It also interacts with the graphics driver of the Intel 81x series chipset and allows you to customize the screen resolution, color depth, contrast, etc. They are installed on devices working with integrated graphics.

The process igfxtray.exe Module is not demanding on system resources. Stopping the process will cause the program to close normally, and the icon from the tray will disappear.

The program can be installed as a recommended software in Windows Updates or separately from the manufacturer’s website, at the request of the user.

Tip! Program files are located in the directory C: \ Program Files or C: \ Windows \ System32. The driver version with which it works can be viewed in the Device Manager, in the “Video adapters” section – “Intel (R) Graphics.”

How to remove igfxHK from windows startup

How to remove igfxHK from windows startup

To prevent the program from starting when booting Windows, remove it from startup:

  1. Go to the Task Manager and open the Startup tab.
  2. Remove tags from applications related to Intel.
  3. If there is no application startup, right-click on the desktop and select “Graphic Settings” → System Taskbar Icon → Disable.

With the subsequent restart of the PC, the program will not start in the tray.

What to do if igfxHK Module or igfxTray is not working

To get rid of the igfxHK Module and igfxTray errors, you need to install the actual video card drivers. The one that’s suitable for the specific version of the operating system you use. We recommend doing this in two different methods according to the following instructions:

1. The first step is to remove the old Intel driver from the computer. To do this, go to the utility “Programs and Features.” which on older versions of Windows is called “Add or Remove Programs.”

2. In the utility, you need to sort by naming the list of applications available and find “Intel Graphics Driver.” Then you’ve to delete all the Found item. If there are several of them, you need to delete everything.

3. After removing the drivers from the Intel-based video card, you’ve to restart the computer for changes to take effect.

4. Next, you need to go to Intel’s official site and download the driver update program from there. It can independently detect a component of a computer that lacks a driver. Find relevant software on Intel servers and offer it to the user for installation;

Downloading the program, you need to install it. The installation process is no different from other applications.

Important Note:

During the installation, the Intel driver update program will prompt you to start WinSAT, and the Windows Aero look automatically. If you are not sure that these applications are necessary for your computer, we recommend that you do not install and run them.

5. After installation, you need to run the driver search program and select “Start search” in the window that appears;

6. In a few minutes, the application will analyze the computer and determine the model of the video card that needs a driver. And then, the options of current graphics software will be offered to the user;

7. Install the driver version by selecting it depending on the operating system used on the computer.

8. After the installation of the new drivers for the video card, do not forget to restart your computer, and the error in the work of the igfxHK Module and igfxTray should no longer disturb you.

Could this be a virus?

Yes! Viruses can be irritating as known processes. To determine whether a process is infected or not:

  1. Check in the Task Manager, in the properties of the “Publisher.” Must be the copyright string “Intel Corporation.”
  2. Use free scanners to scan your PC for malware: Dr. Web Cureit! Alternatively, the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

To prevent PC infection in the future:

  1. Download software only from official sources.
  2. Use ready-made anti-virus solutions for online protection.
  3. Do software installation monitoring to detect the unauthorized installation of a virus on your PC.

Video tutorial on Igfxhk Module