ipad Disabled Connect to Itunes bypass [Quick Fix]


Do you keep important data in your PC tablet and fear that unauthorized people can access it?

This is truly a possibility, as many users leave their gadgets unattended many times in public places.

A security password is used to protect user data — it is requested when the tablets are unlocked.

If you enter it incorrectly several times in a row, the message “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes” appears on the screen – how to unlock the device in this case?

The Reasons For The Appearance 

If you are using password protection of data, you need to set such a password on the system entry so that it does not disappear from your head the very next day.
Otherwise, it is necessary to perform the procedures described in this review regularly. Typically, a four-digit numeric password is entered at the entrance to the system.

When creating it, you need to take care of the complexity:

  • Do not set the password as a sequence of numbers – for example, the sequence “1234” or “0000” guessed very, very easily;
  • Do not set important dates on the password – a password in the form of a year of birth is not reliable protection;
  • Use sequences of non-repeating numbers – instead of “1919” use something like “3591” (all numbers are different).

Using such instructions, users often set such passwords that they forget them. And how will the device that you are trying to unlock by selecting a password to behave?

How You Got Blocked In The First Place 

After the first six incorrect attempts, the iPad will offer to think for one minute. And after several more attempts.

It will be blocked permanently – this is how the protection against password guessing works.

This protection works solely in the interests of the user – it will not allow unauthorized persons to pick up the password for entering the system, in every possible way preventing the selection of numbers.

IPad is disabled, connect to iTunes” appears – how to unlock the tablet when this frightening text appears?

Next is supposed to restore the contents of the tablet from a backup stored on a computer or in iCloud. Yes, in some cases all your data may be completely lost.

But in order to avoid this, you must have a backup of your device.

ipad Disabled Connect to itunes Bypass – The Solution 

What should I do if “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” appears on the tablet screen?

The appearance of this inscription means that the number of attempts to enter the correct password still exceeded the maximum permissible value.

In order to continue using your device, you need to restore it. What does it mean?

This implies that your computer should have a backup of all important data.

This is exactly how the security system on the tablet works – it completely blocks the device, requiring its restoration and subsequent extraction of data from the reserve.

If the tablet falls into the hands of an intruder who wants to pick up a password, then after several attempts the device will turn into an almost useless chipset. Unlock iPad can make only its owner.  
What should be our next steps, if the inscription “iPad is disconnected, connect to iTunes” appears on the tablet screen? The scheme is very simple:

  • Turn off the tablet PC completely;
  • We connect the tablet to the computer and enter Ipad into recovery mode;
  • Restoring Ipad.

Enter Aypad into recovery mode is very easy. Connect it to the computer running iTunes, hold down the power/lock button and the Home button, wait 10 seconds.

Release the power/lock button and wait another 10 seconds. As soon as iTunes announces that a device is in recovery mode, the Home button should be released.

Next, click on the “Restore” button and wait for the operation to complete.  

As a result, we get a pristine clean device, which will need to fill in previously saved data – connect Ipad to the computer, select the last backup and load it into the tablet.

After some time, all data in your device will be restored, and you will be able to use your photos or work files.

Other ways to restore iPad

Other ways to restore iPad

If the iPad requires its connection to iTunes, you can try resetting your password in the following way:

  • We connect the locked device to the computer running iTunes;
  • In case of a successful connection (without a password request), the backup will be launched;
  • Turn off the iPad and put it into recovery mode;
  • We restore the tablet and proceed to restore the contents from the backup.

As a result, we get a ready-to-use tablet computer with all the important data, photos and videos. But the password request will disappear since it will be reset.

AYpad Tables Work Around 

This method can work on Aypad tablets with old software. But on new devices it will not work .

If you do not have a backup made earlier, then you will have to part with the current content.

If you are not able to use iTunes, you can try to delete the contents of your tablet using the “Find iPad” function. To do this, go to the iCloud website using your Apple ID.
There we select the current device and press the erase button – after a few seconds, all the files from Aipad will be deleted. Please note that this method will work only in the following conditions:

  • Your iPad is signed in to iCloud, and the Find iPad feature is enabled;
  • Your iPad is connected to the Internet – it is through this channel that the command to remotely erase data will go to it.

Once all data has been deleted, you can start the tablet – all files on it will be destroyed, and all settings are reset to the factory settings.

Now you can recover all important data from iCloud or from a backup stored on your computer.

If you are unable to remove the lock on your iPad, contact Apple support or your nearest authorized service center – they will help you fix the issue.