Fix Error 0xe8000015 Itunes In A Few Minutes In 8 Different Time Tested Options


When connecting the iOS device to the computer, an error 0xe8000015 appeared? Many users face it – there are no disastrous consequences. If on the computer screen running iTunes after connecting the phone, the message ” iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. An unknown error occurred (0xE8000015) “, then the reasons are as follows: forgot the password code – identified by the fact that the display on the iPhone shows ” disabled,” and when you connect to iTunes, an error 0xe8000015 will appear.

What is iTunes error 0xe8000015?

iTunes error 0xe8000015

Apple’s favorite media player doesn’t start? Can’t download music, movies and books? The problem has been known for a long time, but the solution will have to be selected in various ways – from the most elementary to the most radical, requiring special attention.

  • Incorrect network settings, Apple ID activation defects, iCloud;
  • little free memory;
  • Failures in the firmware of the phone or computer software – in the summer of 2017, Apple introduced additional features for checking smartphones and tablets in iTunes.

Another error 0xe8000015 in iTunes is the result of using a non-original cable.

Error Information 0xe8000015: Why does it occur?

Error when connecting to iTunes 0xe8000015 occurs, as a rule, for three reasons – due to outdated software (both iTunes and iOS), poor-quality or unoriginal lightning cable, or due to a rare system failure that occurred on a smartphone, tablet or player. Such cases are rare, but it was for such situations that the Apple developers came up with Recovery Mode. However, first things first.

Error 0xe8000015 – Fix Options

Unknown error 0xe8000015 is not the only problem in relation to iTunes, and therefore, as is the case with other problems. You will have to gradually remove completely different causes of failure and restore Apple’s famous player in step-by-step mode:

# Option 1: Reboot

If nothing works for the first time, then it is worth taking the path of least resistance. Namely, restart both the PC and the smartphone, tablet or player (hold down the screen lock button, and after displaying a special pop-up menu, drag your finger over the “Shutdown” item).

When both the computer and the iPhone / iPad / iPod are back to normal operation, you can repeat the procedure for connecting to iTunes. Most likely, the problem will disappear.

# Option 2: Lack of memory

Fix Error 0xe8000015 Itunes

Surprisingly, the 0xe8000015 error often arises due to the lack of free space on the internal memory of the device. As Apple’s technical support operators suggest, at least 1 GB will have to be released.

  1. The easiest way to check which files occupy all the free space through the “Settings,” the “Basic” item.
  2. There is the “iPhone Storage” tab, where all programs, games and individual directories are sorted in the order of their place. It remains only to decide what things have to part with, and then you can repeat the procedure by connecting the iPhone to the PC via USB.

# Option 3: Outdated software

How long have the actions been updated? Is the current version loaded? If for some reason, the media player does not ask every five minutes about the possibility of updating, this does not mean that everything is in order. It is better to carry out a manual check through the menu “Help,” the item “Updates.”

If the software is old, you will have to finish the tedious update procedure by downloading the distribution from the official Apple site.

# Option 4: Unsuitable equipment

Just in case it is worth checking whether the error appears when using other USB ports and wires. In addition, if you have a laptop (or a neighbor’s computer) on hand, it is also better to check if there are any problems, or if history repeats itself.

And yet – do not complain about Apple, if, for example, lightning-cable is not original, and purchased for a modest 500 rubles in an uncertified store. The problem here is not in iTunes.

# Option 5: Broken Apple Mobile Device Service

iTunes error 0xe8000015

The AMDS service often confuses devices running on the iOS operating system and computers interacting with Apple tools.

Often, neither a reboot nor a software update help with problems that arise. The only way to remedy the situation is to restart the service manually. Will have to act like this.

  1. Turn off iTunes, disconnect all devices connected to the PC.
  2. Press the key combination Win + R, in the appeared window, write “services.msc” (without quotes).
  3. When the tab with working or active services opens, all you have to do is find the “Apple Mobile Device” item, right-click, and then select “Restart” (or you can perform a combination of “Stop” and then “Start” – the effect is same).
  4. Save changes, restart the computer.

# Option 6: Losing Lockdown Catalog

XML files, documents that store information about the system configuration, plug-in media libraries, available backups — the listed data is always stored in the Lockdown folder located at C: \ ProgramData \ Apple. When information accumulates too much, iTunes is not able to find all the most important and useful, which is why problems arise.

The question is solved in two accounts – you just need to go to the designated address and delete the Lockdown folder without a residue. Then you can run the media player, the directory will appear again, but with updated data that does not interfere with the work.

# Option 7: OS update

The annoying error 0xe8000015 also appears due to the irrelevant version of the iOS operating system installed on any available device.

Therefore, you should immediately look into the “Settings,” then in the “Basic” tab, and after – click on “Software Update.”

The system will automatically check the availability of new versions, and then will offer to download and then update the software.

# Option 8: Running Recovery Mode

Running recovery mode

And finally, the most radical method to get rid of any errors that occur.

  1. Before starting the procedure, you should do two things – look in the iCloud section (Settings, Accounts and Passwords, iCloud), and first disable the Find iPhone function, and then back up all system data.
  2. Next, you need to turn off the iPhone, iPod or iPad, and turn on iTunes installed on your PC.
  3. The mobile device will have to be ready for a restart, namely, hold down the “HOME” button and connect via USB to a PC (this method works on all Apple devices starting with 3GS, on iPhone X you will have to press the volume up button, then decrease side lock screen button and also connect to PC).
  4. If the actions were performed correctly, then a question will appear on the smartphone screen – whether it is necessary to restore the system in Recovery Mode or just to update. You’ll have to choose RM, and all files from internal memory will be deleted, and therefore you shouldn’t neglect backups!

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