Easy & Quick Fix of msvcp120.dll if the System Reports Its Missing


msvcp120.dll A DLL is an extension denoting the dynamic link library. The functionality embedded in files of this type can be used by a huge variety of software installed in the system.

The very same msvcp120.dll file is a library included in the distributed package of Visual Studio C ++ 2013.

What is the error msvcp120.dll file?

Almost all applications in the Windows operating system are written in the C ++ programming language. In order for them to function normally, Visual Studio C ++ libraries of this or that version must be installed on users’ computers. Probably, the application you are running has requested access to the msvcp120.dll library, but something went wrong, and it did not work.

The MSVCP120.dll error is one of the most common errors that can appear when running an application in Windows. In this post, I will explain how to solve it in a very simple way and using only installers published on the official website of Microsoft. Go for it!

Why does msvcp120.dll error appear?

Why did the application fail to access msvcp120.dll? Well, the error message will indicate that this library is missing in the operating system; however, this is not always the cause. For example, the library may be in the system, but it has been damaged, for example, by a virus, malware, or even by a user (by chance, of course). However, at times, the msvcp120.dll library is really not on the computer, because Visual Studio C ++ 2013 was not installed on the system.
The msvcp120.dll error message does not offer any solution to the problem. In fact, it does not even refer you to the Microsoft help forums to find a solution. So, next, I’ll show you how to fix it without installing third-party programs.

How to get rid of this error?

How to fix the error with the msvcp120.dll file? In fact, fixing an error with the msvcp120.dll file is incredibly simple:

  • Find out the bit your Windows version. It is important. For 32- bit Windows, you need the 32bit version of the file and, accordingly, 64 bit for 64- bit.
  • Go to the official Microsoft website, download the distributed Visual Studio C ++ 2013 package from the download section and install it. For your convenience, you can download the package from this link.
  • As soon as you download the distribution package to your PC of the required bit depth (for 64-bit systems, both are needed), run the installer, accept the license agreement and start the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete. During it, every DLL file that is missing on your PC will be added to the system. Among them, the msvcp120.dll you need is sure to be contained. Files already included in the system will be updated in parallel to the latest versions.
  • Restart the computer and try again to run the program, reported the absence of msvcp120.dll.

That’s all. After installing Visual Studio C ++ 2013 on your computer, you should no longer experience problems with the msvcp120.dll library.

What to do if an error with the msvcp120.dll file still appears?

Some users do not manage to get rid of the problem with the stipulated library. If you are one of these lucky guys, then we recommend performing the following steps:

  • go to “Programs and Features” (or “Applications and Features” for Windows 10);
  • locate the Visual Studio C ++ 2013 package;
  • click on it with the right mouse button and select “Delete”;
  • remove possibly damaged libraries, re-install Visual Studio C ++ 2013 using the link above.

In general, try reinstalling the Visual Studio C ++ 2013 libraries to fix the error with the msvcp120.dll file. As a rule, after reinstalling the problem should be resolved.

Important warning

msvcp120.dll Please note that recently the number of unscrupulous sites that offer to download certain DLL files separately from the full package (for example, the separate file msvcp120.dll) has significantly increased. Download their offer for a fee. Most often, such offers contain a malignant code, viruses, or are commonplace fraud. Remember that Microsoft distributes all DLL files (including msvcp120.dll) independently and absolutely free of charge.

We also want to note that the network contains a large number of instructions offering to download the file you need (for example, msvcp120.dll) separately and manually place it in a specific folder. We recommend this method to really experienced users and all actions you take at your own risk and peril. Using this method can not only eliminate the error but also cause a few additional ones to appear.

We hope that this article has helped you answer the msvcp120.dll question, what the error is and how to fix it. In any case, write about your results in the comments.