The Problem Of Starting Skype With The Absence Of Msvcp140.Dll: 3 Fast Fixes


At one time, a software service such as Skype revolutionized the world of communications. It captured the fans by the fact that being a free utility and using the global network, he made it possible to call anywhere in the world without worrying about tariffs and distance. But, as in other programs, it has its own bugs and errors, on which developers constantly work, and constantly try to improve the product. And today one of the most common program errors is the problem of starting in the absence of Msvcp140.Dll missing.

The cause of the error

  • Error solutions
    • Full reinstall Skype
    • Installing Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable
    • Integration of the libraries MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll directly in the directory

The cause of the error Msvcp140.Dll


Basically, this pad torments owners of older versions of Windows (XP and 7). The missing MSVCP140.dll file is one of the libraries of the Windows operating system and is included in the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable component distribution package.

In Windows, the new generation package is provided with the update. This error appeared with the need for the utility in the MSVCP140.dll add-on, it began with the update of Skype version

Error Msvcp140.Dll missing solutions

msvcp140.dll missing error solution

The appearance of this type of overlap is mainly due to the installation of software taken from unofficial resources. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to follow the rules of the user and use only licensed software, since mainly pirated versions are cut down a lot.

Consider options for correcting the problem, based on the version of the installed operating system.

# Method 1: Fully reinstall Skype

reinstall skype

Since you still encounter the “missing MSVCP140.dll” startup error, the first simplest and most logical way to fix the problem is to reinstall the program:

  1. Remove the existing version of the utility that throws us an error, through the Assistant “Add or Remove Programs.” It is located in the computer control panel. We go, we find in the list the installed version of Skype and delete it.
  2. Downloading from the official resource the latest version of the program:

Please note that this is the full version, and it will install all the necessary components for Skype to work correctly.

  1. After following all installation instructions, be sure to confirm the installation of additional library packages. We are mostly interested in Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable. Because Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable is the version that includes the necessary addition.
  2. The way should work.

# Method 2: Installing Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable

msvcp140.dll missing

The second way to overcome the problem is to mount the file we need by installing the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable package manually. In this case, we do not have to delete or modify the program itself.

  1. Downloading Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable installation file from the official Microsoft resource (the installer is suitable for all operating system digits).
  2. Run, agreeing to all the requirements of the installer (for the loyalty it would be better to run as administrator).
  3. After the registration of the library in the registry, we need to agree to T&C and reboot the computer.
  4. When you start the system, Skype should start without any obstacles.

# Method 3: Integration of the libraries MSVCP140.dll missing and VCRUNTIME140.dll directly in the directory

Not so reliable way, as it may not work on all systems. But if circumstances so require (suppose you do not have the right to install anything on a computer), a very radical way.

  1. Download the MSVCP140 and VCRUNTIME140 library files (the VCRUNTIME140 file is also important if you install only MSVCP140 – the utility will require the second library).
  2. Copy the library into the folder of the installed program, where the Skype.exe startup file is located (for example C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Skype \ Phone).
  3. After these manipulations, the utility should independently adjust the copied libraries and correct it.

If for some unknown reason, none of the methods take you to the solution, as an option you can install the old version of the utility, not earlier than

Having dealt with the essence of the problem, the way to solve it is not far off. Find and share new ways to solve problems and use the services that Skype provides us.

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