How To Troubleshoot Netflix Error M7702-1003 In Chrome? 5 Easy Fix With Extra Tips


Netflix error M7702-1003 occurs in Chrome when there is a failure to use a Google browser component, which prevents the playback of movies and series in the streaming service. When the problem occurs, the user can normally navigate to the online catalog but notes a warning when trying to play on any content using the browser through the desktop. Fortunately, the setback can be solved in three different ways, depending on the original cause. Here’s how to solve it.

# Fix 1: Enable and update the WidevineCdm component

Step 1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type “chrome: // components” (without quotation marks) in the address bar;

Step 2. Look for the item “WidevineCdm” and click “Check for Updates”;

Step 3. Type “chrome: // restart” (without quotation marks) in the address bar to restart Chrome and try playing the Netflix video again.

# Fix 2: Delete the WidevineCdm folder from the computer

If you have a defective version of the WidevineCdm component, the simplest way to fix Netflix error M7702-1003 is to delete it from the system and download it all back to Chrome. To do this, you need to delete your folder from your computer:

# Fix 3: On windows

Netflix error M7702-1003

Step 1. Open Windows Explorer and paste the following path in the address bar, replacing “USER” with your username registered on the computer:

C: \ Users \ USER \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data)

Step 2. Delete the WidevineCDM folder and empty the trash;

Step 3. Refresh the previous step-by-step to update the WidevineCdm component of Chrome.

# Fix 4: On Mac

Step 1. Access the “Go” menu of the Finder and select “Go to Folder”;

Step 2. In the highlighted field, paste the address below before clicking “Go”:

/ Libray / Application Support / Google / Chrome

Step 3. Locate the WidevineCDM folder and remove it. Then empty the trash;

Step 4. Retrace the step-by-step update of the WidevineCdm component inside Chrome to resolve the issue.

# Fix 5: Check for anti-virus interference

If even after these actions Netflix persists in accusing the Netflix error M7702-1003, the chances are that your antivirus is the culprit. To test, disable protection momentarily and try playing a Netflix video on Chrome: if the problem goes away, choose another antivirus.

What is Netflix

Netflix error

The  Netflix is a famous online service film broadcasting and TV series, as well as children’s content, now available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and Xbox, PS3, Wii, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu and runs on Notebooks. The app offers a free month of streaming, so the user can test the service and find out if it’s worth it or not to make a subscription.

After this period, the user can choose between one of the three plans offered by the platform: the basic, the standard, and the premium. There are several payment methods, and prices vary according to the monthly subscription. You can pay the amount per ticket and use other forms of payment, such as credit or debit card. If you regret it, you can unsubscribe from Netflix at any time of the month.

How Netflix works

The site works thanks to streaming technology, which is a way of instant transmission of audio and video data over networks, so to use it, you need to be connected to the internet every time. In addition to videos, this technology allows you to listen to music without the need to download, which makes access to content faster.

To access the service, you can download it from the app stores and use the app on your phone, through your browser, either on Windows, Mac or Linux desktop or even on SmarTVs, with Chromecast and without. Downloaded will be requested a login, for this register your account and then you can enter and watch the movies and series you want.

Interface and Features of Netflix

Netflix error solution

The interface is interesting and elegant. The “blockbuster online” design coupled with its good architecture makes the user experience a pleasure. To access content and download movies on Netflix is ​​very simple, just log into your service account.

Through the bottom menu of the site for movies and TV shows, you can search the content by gender, by keywords and save your favorites. The user still has access to information about the chosen movie, such as synopsis, cast, and ratings of other people. It is worth remembering that the program offered in Netflix American is not the same in other countries.

Following the same model used on Youtube, the software has the “My List” tool. In it, the user can create a selection with the programs, movies, and original series that they want to watch another time, which greatly simplifies the use. With this, it is no longer necessary to search the movie; for example, every time you open the application.

Your interests are already properly separated from the list. The programs run in full screen, which is ideal for watching on TV. But, it is also possible to watch on the cell phone. When you touch the bottom or top of the screen, a timeline appears. You can stop, forward or rewind, change volume, and end. See the Netflix guide to learn more about the main functions of the platform.

Each time the user logs into the site, he or she will make some movie and series recommendations. However, many times, even though the catalog of the service is extensive, there are several titles that do not please much. To make the recommendations system more efficient.

On a regular basis, new movies are made available to the service. The releases are highlighted among the categories presented so that users are within the available innovations.

Compatibility of Netflix

NTFX Streaming compatibility

It is compatible with several platforms and with various image quality options, such as 720p and 1080p, and a recent feature is the 4K view or Ultra HD. However, some problems may occur. If the streaming video service gets Netflix out of the air, a tip is always to follow official Twitter.

It is also possible to try some contact there when your transmission gives the error, or to stay inside applications updates. The same goes for when it does not work.

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