Nvidia Control Panel Missing – 10 Easy & Quick Ways To Fix This Problem


What is the problem of the Nvidia Control panel missing ?

The Nvidia control panel is proprietary software that allows you to customize the settings for your video card and monitor. This program, like any other, may work incorrectly, “fail” or refuse to start at all. Sometimes the error of Nvidia control panel missing is irritating.

During the installation of the NVIDIA video card driver on your computer, it automatically turns on with it. It provides video card users with an interface for setting parameters and changing the configuration of their device.

Many users of the graphics adapter reported its disappearance on their Windows computer. Previously, they found it in the context menu of the desktop.

The reason behind the Nvidia control panel missing

NVIDIA Dashboard is a hardware management application. And this error usually happens when upgrading from a previous version of Windows when you wake the computer from sleep mode. Let’s look at the leading causes of crashes when launching the Nvidia Control Panel, and there are several:

  • The panel is hidden.
  • Your drivers are out of date.
  • Your drivers are faulty.
  • Unexpected operating system failure.
  • Problems with system services installed with the driver (Nvidia Display Driver Service and Nvidia Display Container LS).
  • Incompatibility of the installed version of the Nvidia Panel with the NET Framework utility.
  • Video driver is not suitable for the video card.
  • Some third-party monitor management software may conflict with Nvidia software.
  • Infection with viruses.
  • Hardware reasons.[the_ad id=”1033″]

How to fix Nvidia control panel missing in different situations

In this article, we will talk about why the Nvidia Control Panel is missing or does not open, about the causes and solutions to this problem.

Method 1: Open the NVIDIA Control Panel

Nvidia Control panel missing

Windows hide the control panel during an upgrade from a previous version or by using software that changed graphics settings. Open it in Windows, and then configure its display in the context menu of the desktop. For this:

  1. Press WIN + R to bring up the Run dialog.
  2. Enter “control” in the “Run” dialog box and press “Enter” on the keyboard.
  3. In the dashboard, under View By, select “Big Icons.”
  4. Select NVIDIA.
  5. Click “View” or “Desktop.”
  6. Then “Add desktop context menu.”
  7. Right-click on the desktop and see if the problem disappears.

Method 2: Update the graphics driver

The problem arose because you are using the wrong graphics driver; it’s not the latest version. Therefore, make sure your adapter has the correct configuration and update it. If you do not know how to do an update manually, then use the program.

After completing the process, be sure to restart the PC and check if the problem go away.

Method 3: Reinstall the graphics driver

Nvidia Control panel missing

If the update did not work, you need to reinstall it. I by simple updating. Before installation, you will have to clean all files and complete the installation of all components.

  1. Download the software from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Run the installation.
  3. Tick ​​the agreement.
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Wait until the end of the process.

We hope that these methods helped you fix the problem. If not, contact a specialist.

Method 4: OS repair

Such problems occur quite often, especially for those users who experiment a lot with installing and removing various programs. After uninstalling applications, the system can have “tails” in the form of library files or drivers, or registry keys.

These problems are solved by simply rebooting the working machine. If the problem is observed immediately after installing the driver, then the computer must be restarted without fail since some changes made to the system can be applied only after this action.

Method 5: System services

When installing software for a video card, the “Nvidia Display Driver Service” and “Nvidia Display containers” services are installed to the list of system services (both of them or only the first one), which in turn can fail for some reasons.

If the suspicion falls on the incorrect work of services, then you need to restart each service. :

  1. Open the “Control Panel” Windows and go to the “Administration.”
  2. Then we look for in the list of equipment “Services.”
  3. We select the necessary service, and after that, we look at its state. If the status “Works” is displayed, then in the right block, click on the “Restart service” link. If there is no value in this line, then you need to start the service by clicking on the link “Start the service” in the same place.

After the accomplished actions, you can try to open the Nvidia Control Panel. And then restart the computer and again check the functionality of the software. If the problem is not solved, then go to other options.

Method 6: NET Framework Update

NET Framework Update

NET Framework is a software platform required for running some software. Nvidia products are no exception. Perhaps a new software package installed on your computer requires a more recent edition of the .NET platform. In any case, you always need to have the current version.

The update is as follows:

  1. Go to the package download page on the Microsoft website and download the latest version. Today it is NET Framework 4 and upper. The package download page on the official Microsoft website
  2. After launching the downloaded installer, start it and wait for the installation to complete. After the process is over, restart the computer.

Method 7: Fixing Invalid video driver

When choosing a driver for your new (or not) video card on the official Nvidia website, be careful. It is important to correctly determine the series and family (model) of the device.

Driver search:

  1. Go to the Nvidia official site driver download page. Download Page
  2. Select a series and a family of cards from the drop-down lists, as well as your operating system’s bit depth. After entering the values, press the “Search” button.
  3. On the next page, click “Download Now .”
  4. After one more automatic transition, we accept the license agreement, and the download will begin.

If you are not sure of your choice, then you can install the software automatically. But first, you need to obliterate the old video card driver. This is done using special software Display Driver Uninstaller. Open the “Control Panel” and go to the “Device Manager.”

  1. We find our graphics card under “Display adapters,” click on it PKM and select the link “Update drivers” in the popup menu.
  2. A window will open prompting you to choose how to search for software. We are interested in the first item. By selecting it, we allow the system itself to search for the driver. Do not forget to connect to the Internet.

Then Windows will do everything itself: it will find and install the current software and will offer to reboot.

Method 8: RemoveMonitor control programs

If you use third-party applications to adjust monitor settings like MagicTune or Display Tuner, they can cause system conflicts. To exclude this option, you’ve to remove the used software, reboot and check the functionality of the Nvidia Panel.

Method 9: Remove Viruses

The most “unpleasant” cause of failures and malfunctions in the work of programs is viruses. A virus can damage both the driver files and the software attached to it. Also, it may replace them with their own infected ones. The actions of viruses are very diverse, and the result is the same: incorrect work of the software.

If malicious code is supposed to exist, you must scan the system with the antivirus you use. Or you can use the utilities from Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web or similar.
br>If you’ve no experience in treating the system, it is better to turn to specialized resources.

Method 10: Fix Hardware problems

In some cases, proprietary software may not start because the device is simply not connected to the motherboard or connected. Sometime it may be connected to the motherboard but incorrectly. Open the computer case and check the tightness of the cable connections. Also, don’t forget to check the reliability of the video card fit in the PCI-E slot.

We have analyzed several reasons for the failure of the Nvidia Control Panel, which for the most part are not serious and can be easily fixable. It is important to remember that most of the problems cause the user’s inadmissibility or inexperience. That is why, before starting the actions to remove and install software, check the equipment and try to restart the machine.

Video Tutorial to fix Nvidia control panel missing