Get Fixed With The Error Oops… A Server Error Occurred And Your Email Was Not Sent In 7 Tried And Time Tested Methods


Tried sending out an email and ran to an issue? Google is telling you that oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007) And also you also have no idea what to do? Weirdly enough, this error is a pretty common one between Gmail users and also the cause because it’s quite straightforward. Without further ado, let us get to fixing your mail difficulties and eliminating this Gmail 007 error.

The 007 error has disappointingly nothing related to your Emails getting intercepted by James Bond. Instead, the server error can be a consequence of a number of those Lab features on Gmail. Lab features, as their name implies, are experimental, pre-release options that can be enabled by users to market there in boxes with business functionality.

But because a few of those features are still within an Embryonic phase and have not yet been thoroughly tested, they rebel against their masters, making something that can be explained as a miniature zombie apocalypse. The difficulties are large and clear – that you can’t correctly send an email!

When error oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent occurs?

The error “Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#707)” usually takes place once your Gmail client is unable to establish a working connection with its servers. You are sending the mail into the Gmail servers that are in turn keeping it in the account of this you targeted from the email address. Whenever there’s a hindrance for the communication, you receive the error message.

This dilemma mainly arises in the Firefox browser and you also Are various workarounds that work to this particular matter as well. The workaround is disabling the Avast Email Signature. Additional workarounds also incorporate composing a new email, clearing browser cache, reinstalling the browser. We’ll proceed through all them with important fixes starting from the most notable.

Fixes For error Oops… A Server Error Occurred And Your Email Was Not Sent. (#007)

There is no need to despair, though. Oops… a server error Occurred and your email was not sent error can be taken care of just a couple actions.

As frustrating as the “oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#007)” message can be on getting, it is Easy and Border-line satisfying to fix:

Solution Number 1: By Log In And Out

Here’s an easy fix- attempt logging out and out of your Gmail account.

We have seen users record that fixes items on a range of Browsers, from Chrome into Firefox.

You will also want to Try on different browsers to isolate The matter.

Solution Number 2: By Restart Browser Session

oops... a server error occurred and your email was not sent

Another Very Simple solution – try shutting your browser, Restarting it, and seeing whether the GMail error is fixed. Some advocate logging in from the URL:


Solution 3: By Composing a New Message

Earlier we move to after other various workarounds, and You should strive to copy the same text that you planned to ship and ship it with a newly written message. There are a lot of instances that Gmail cannot configure itself and access its servers.

In this case, consider checking your internet connection. In case you are working with a proxy server, try linking to the internet with restrictions. What’s more, copy the whole text (present inside the mail you are attempting to send), write a new mail, paste the writing, and decide to try sending it into the receiver again.

Solution 4: By Disabling Avast’s Email Signature

Like all other antivirus tools, Avast scans your Email for all the potential threats (discovering connections for scams, etc.. ) and remove them accordingly so your computer can be safe. Including identifying keywords and command line sentences present on your other emails.

Along with providing this safety measure, the application also contains an Avast Logo after each email to demonstrate that your email was scanned and declared safe by this software.

There have been reports from many users that conducting Gmail on Firefox that was the cause of the matter. We will attempt to disable the Avast email signature from the application and assess if that simplifies the issue.

In case it doesn’t work, you should go ahead and temporarily disable the antivirus. If this will not work, consider uninstalling it and see whether that makes any change. We are emphasizing Avast as in greater than 80 percent of those cases, that was to blame.

TO disable Avast

Open your Avast application only by clicking the icon present at your taskbar.

From the application, click the gear’ icon present At the top-right side of this window open the Settings.

In Settings, click ‘General’ tab at the left navigation pane. Currently, uncheck the option that says, “Enable Avast email signature.” Press OK to save changes and leave.

Restart your computer and see whether this fixes the issue.

If this does not do any good, then you can disable the Mail Shield altogether. To try it, click “Active Security” with the navigation tab at the left and click on the option of”Mail Shield” once to turn it off. Press OK to save changes and leave.

Whether the issue is solved check, also, restart your Computer after making the changes they can be put into place. You can also try momentarily disabling Avast Antivirus and see whether that makes any distinction.

Solution 5: By Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

oops... a server error occurred email was not sent

When the problem only lies with your browser (together with the Web Site Opening in different apparatus )we can look at clearing your browser data. Your browser may contain faulty files which may be causing the issue.

As soon as we clear the browser data, everything gets flashed and the browser behaves just as if you are seeing the web site for the very first time.

Open Firefox, click the’menu icon’ present at the Top-right side of this screen and select’options.’

Choose the tab’Privacy and Security’ with all the left Navigation pane and click “Clear your latest history.”

Choose the period range as”Everything,” assess each option and See”Clear Now.”

Note: All your cookies, cache, saved sites, and surfing Data is likely to be erased. Make sure that you’ve created a backup of all your important information before carrying out this measure.

After clearing, restart your computer and assess if the Problem at hand got resolved.

Solution 6: By Reinstalling Firefox

oops... a server error occurred and your email was not sent

If all of the above-listed methods fail, then you should consider reinstalling Firefox. There are many cases where this browser fails runs itself that in return, causes various malfunctions and error messages. Backup all your data present on Firefox until you move with this particular specific solution.

Press Windows + R, kind”appwiz.cpl” from the dialogue box and Press Input.

All of the programs installed onto your computer will soon likely probably be recorded here. Right-click on the application and then click “Uninstall.”

After uninstalling your browser, head up to Firefox’s Official site and install the latest client available.

Check if you can accurately send the mail without any Issues.

Note: Try opening up your Gmail account at a separate window and Observe it goes on there.

Solution 7: By Disabling labs

FIx the Labs

Log into your Gmail Account.

Proceed to the icon that looks like a gearbox (you know the one), And choose the option for”Settings.”

Click the tab “Lab” within”Settings.”

Type in, “Background Send” to search

Upon locating”Background Send, then” disable it

95 percent of this time will solve Much immediately and allow you to return to emailing, together with Error 707 becoming nothing but a distant memory.

Important: If you have attempted all the above solutions attempt Opening your account in another PC attached to the same system as you and See whether the error continues to be present there. The Majority of the instances there are various Networks where you cannot precisely send the mail as a result of over-protective Firewalls or another security software.

Moreover, You should also check The status of Gmail servers. It’s likely that There’s an outrage on your area. Google it and you can Choose any of those sites to check the status.