Remove Sihclient.exe: Complete Removal Solution


What is Sihclient.exe?

Sihclient.exe is identified as a dangerous Trojan infection that records on your computer secretly and causes many unpleasant troubles. A group of cyber hackers developed it with their evil intent and wrong motives.

Once this malware is activated, it makes changes to the DNS configuration, the HOST file, and other important settings.

Because of the existence of this unpleasant threat, you have to face such problems as sluggish and unresponsive behavior of your PC, the appearance of false warning messages and notifications, redirection of web search and others.


Sihclient.exe-Virus comes bundled with many unwanted toolbars, add-ons, plug-ins and extensions that take up a huge hard drive and drag overall computer performance.

It also bombards the target computer display screen with a bunch of ads and pop-up windows that show attractive deals, deals, discounts, coupon codes, and others. He is trying to get you to buy spam and services online.

The solution provided in this article will help to completely get rid of the Sihclient.exe virus and other related files. It will help you to solve all such unpleasant problems from all versions of Windows, such as XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and others. You are advised to follow this manual after carefully reading this article.

Dealing with this threat becomes difficult for most security tools because of its nature, to change its location and name at regular intervals. It disables firewall settings and blocks security sites without your permission or knowledge. To avoid all such problems, it is recommended to choose Spyhunter Anti-malware. It follows the logic of programming and sophisticated technology to find out all infected objects and destroy them permanently.

Sihclient.exe -the virus is able to add corrupt entries to the registry editor and damage system files that are important for the smooth and proper functioning of the PC. It also disables the firewall settings and deactivates the security application without your permission or knowledge. If this threat remains for a more extended period, it leads to a situation associated with such problems as crashing or freezing of the computer, difficulty of vital equipment components and others.

To get rid of all such issues, it is recommended to take quick steps to remove Sihclient.exe and other related files. The worst part of this threat is tracking all of your browser data and collecting sensitive information such as bank login data, social sites password, IP addresses, credit card number, and others. To get rid of such unpleasant problems, it is recommended to take steps to remove Sihclient.exe and other related files.

How This penetrates your computer?

Sihclient.exe is a very harmful virus that infiltrates your computer using a freeware package, such as a video downloader, a download manager, a PDF creator, etc., that users download and install on your computer through a third-party web page. It also instantly spreads from one PC to another through file sharing using unwanted message removal devices such as Pen Drive, SD Card, CD Drive, and other peripherals.

Complete method for sihclient.exe from infected computers

This is truly a panic situation where the screen is filled with non-stop useless advertisements and messages. Time and again, the web page gets to redirect harmful, risky domains and users are tricked into investing their money on useless products and services. And remove Sihclient.exe using the manual steps below. Although these steps are cumbersome and require a lot of patience, it will not be a big problem if you have all the necessary knowledge and experience.

  • First of all, restart your computer in safe mode. Make sure that you constantly press the F8 key while the system is booting and select the “Safe Mode” option. Thus, your computer will run only the necessary start-up services and eliminates all unnecessary heavy process.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete altogether to open Task Manager. Locate the process associated with Sihclient.exe and finish your task by clicking on the “End Task” option.
  • Open the “Run” option and enter the regedit command to open the registry editor. Look for damaged and malicious entries and delete each one carefully.
  • Open the control panel and click on the Add / Remove Program. Search for suspicious programs that have relationships with Sihclient.exe and deleted them instantly.
  • Search and scan all the files and folders associated with Sihclient.exe and instantly delete them one by one

Remove it from all versions of Windows

For Windows XP:

  1. On first click the Start button and then go to the menu and select Control Panel
  2. Next select Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Then find the related files and click Delete button.

For Windows 7 / Vista

  1. On the first click Start and select Control Panel
  2. Then select the programs and components, and then select remove the program parameter
  3. Search for infected items associated with this threat, nasty
  4. Finally, click on the delete button

For Windows 8 / 8.1/10

  1. First right click on the left corner of the working screen.
  2. Next, select the control panel for the parameter
  3. Click on remove program parameter in the program and components section
  4. Find out all infectious items associated with this threat.
  5. Finally, click on the delete button

How to protect your computer from attacks Sihclient.exe in the future

In order to avoid infection Sihclient.exe, it is very important for the practice of safe browsing. It has been observed that in most cases, these types of parasites control their records via the Internet. It exploits vulnerabilities and tries to attract additional malware infection from the background. So, be careful as long as the computer is connected to the Internet and practice some of the simple prevention methods as outlined below.

  • Watch out for unknown suspicious links and avoid clicking on them.
  • Do not download unknown profitable freeware, because they usually contain hidden codes with them.
  • Do not get manipulated with incredible offers, trade advantages, Lucky schemes or the winner of fraud, etc.
  • Do not download suspicious plug-ins and add-ons that claim to provide additional features for free, but in fact, downloads malicious software packages.
  • Disable any additional programs that are used very less, such as Active X, suspicious cookies and extensions, etc.
  • Delete temporary files, registry entries unknown, cookies, etc. at regular intervals.

Remove Sihclient.exe, immediately after it gets discovered, as this not only limits system performance but also compromises with data security and leads to personal identity theft.