6 Quick Solution To Steam Error Code 118 Unable to connect to the server


How does the steam error code 118 work and what treatment can we do as a user about it? With this article, learn how to fix this error and no worries to play again!

What is steam ?

steam error code 118

The Valve Steam gaming platform is designed for PC players now in many cases, a non plus ultra. Games of all genres can be there – often very low in stock – fast and easy to buy digital, then download, install, and play immediately. In addition, developers can submit their own creations on Steam and offer for sale. Here you can download the client for free steam.

However, we can play games only when the computer itself can connect to the steam network and steam functioning properly. So, what do you do when the steam emerges error code 118?

Bad news in the steam error code 118

steam error code 118

Many players know: At the very infrequent moment, the Steam platform does not work, and it receives an error code that can hardly be deciphered at first. The objective of this small guide is to find out exactly what is in the vapor error code 118 and if or how this can be solved.

Ways to fix steam error code 118

Steam is a popular online platform for gaming and entertainment. You download a free application to access it, after which you can buy and download games, items in games, join communities, chat, compete, exchange items.

You need to fix error 118 on Steam to restore access to the platform.

This is necessary to install Steam!

To install the client, you need the current versions of Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu operating systems. About Windows XP with all the updates, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8, Mac OS X 10.6.3 or higher or a new Linux distribution of Ubuntu are recommended. The computer should also have 512 MB of RAM and a processor that can make 1 GHz or more, have. Users should also bear in mind that the steam load in each game has individual system requirements.

Almost all gaming innovations are available on Steam. Also, special devices have been created for the platform to play, for example, PC games on a TV, its own controller and virtual reality support. The whole system is built on an internet connection. But sometimes there are unpleasant communication errors that prevent the game from running. Consider how to fix error 118 in Steam to restore access to the platform.

According to the decoding, the error means that it is impossible to connect to the server. The reason why the network error code number 118 occurs may be in the Steam platform itself or in your provider or network settings. If you have previously played successfully, and suddenly there are problems, it is hardly worth changing the network settings. The point is either in the system or in external causes. If you just installed Steam, and it does not start, then check the network settings and contact your provider in case of failure.

Solution 1: check out the simplest option steam error code 118

  1. Check if the Steam servers are running. This can be done on the official website http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ or on a third-party, for example, https://steamstat.us. If everything is in order, the platform works, then the problem is with you. If the problem is on the Steam servers, then wait until they are fixed.

Solution 2: Check the correct operation of your router

steam error code 118

The easiest way to do this is by connecting the Ethernet cable to the room directly to the computer. If Steam works without errors, then the problem is in the settings of the router. What can be done in this case:

    • The standard action for any malfunctions is to restart the router. It is better even to turn it on. Do not neglect this action; in some cases, it really helps.
    • Try to disable some features of the router, if they are enabled. Perhaps the problem is in them. These can be status checking, dynamic packet filtering, QoS, or UPnP.
    • Open the necessary ports for Steam. This will be discussed in more detail later.
    • Register public DNS.

Solution 3: Firewall settings

Firewall settings

If you update Steam, the firewall can block its Internet connection, even if everything was fine before the update. Log into your security software, and assign permissions to access all TCP and ports, remove any restrictions on the following applications:

    • steaminstall.exe;
    • steam.exe;
    • hl.exe;
    • hl2.exe;
    • steamTmp.exe.

After that, restart your computer and start Steam.

Solution 4: Disable background applications that can limit Steam to the network

The following applications can cause error 118 in the incentive:

    • Antivirus software, some of them directly conflict with the platform.
    • Spyware can interfere with the normal loading of platform components.
    • P2P clients, for example, BitTorrent, can reduce bandwidth, which leads to the departure of Steam.
    • Programs that hide IP.
    • Download Managers.
    • Windows Themes Editors.
    • VPN software.

On the Steam Technical Support website, you can find a complete list of incompatible programs. It is necessary to close them before running Steam.

Solution 5: Edit hosts file

edit host file for error118

In addition to the above, the problem in Steam, in which an error with code 118 appears, can be solved by editing the hosts file:

  1. Go to the system disk, to the Windows folder, open System32, Drivers and then the, etc. folder.
  2. In the etc. folder, find and open the host file.
  3. Remove everything from it except localhost.

Solution 6: Checking the proxy

If all the above method does not help, check if the Proxy is enabled in the Internet connection settings. To do this, go to Settings, Advanced, and Change Proxy Server settings in your browser.

In the “Connections” tab, select the network settings. There should not be a tick near the line “Use a proxy server for local connections.”

As for the settings of the network itself, you can try to register DNS, for example, from Google:

  • Go to the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Open your internet connection properties.
  • Click on TCP / IPv Protocol
  • Manually write DNS and

Also for the normal operation of Steam the following ports should be open :

  • HTTP (TCP port 80) and HTTPS (443);
  • UDP 27015-27030;
  • TCP 27015-27030;
  • UDP 27000 – 27015;
  • UDP 27031 and 27036;
  • TCP 27036 and 27037;
  • UDP 4380;
  • UDP 3478;
  • TCP 27015;
  • UDP 4379;
  • UDP 4380.

Contact your provider if you have problems opening these ports.

You can also recommend cleaning the registry with some of the special applications, for example, CCleaner, to roll back the system if the error occurred after installing a program or update.

Video tutorial on steam error code 118