Steam Missing File Privileges – What Is It And The Solution To The Problem


“Steam_api.dll or steam missing file privileges is missing on your computer, try reinstalling the program to solve this problem” is a common problem faced by gamers around the world who use the Steam service. This service has received since the time of the Half-Life and CS series.

At the present time, Steam has become overgrown with new servers for thousands of games, numerous forums and communities. The ability to update games via the Steam application has also been added. Thanks to the ability to install and update, the application has become closely associated with games through the steam_api.dll, as mentioned earlier.

Why does the steam_api.dll error occur?

steam missing file privileges

Fans of freebies often face a lack of steam_api.dll. This is due to broken Repacks or a hacked Steam client.

After installing a hacked or repacked game, the antivirus automatically deletes or moves the quarantined modified steam_api.dll. In rare cases, this happens when the game is installed, sometimes after restarting the computer or restarting the antivirus.

Worst of all, when a problem with steam_api.dll overtakes the owner of a licensed copy of the game. The error looks like this: ” The procedure entry point was not found in the special library steam_api.dll,” or, in English, “the procedure link could not be located in the dynamic link library steam_api.dll.”

As a problem, do not name it; it will simply not be able to disappear. An error in licensed games occurs due to a change to the above file by another game or a third-party program, often accompanied by an Xlive.dll error.

Solution to the “missing steam_api.dll” error

As we wrote above, there are many causes of error, depending on their essence, we will consider ways to solve.

Antivirus blocked steam_api.dll

If the antivirus issues notifications that the steam_api.dll file has been blocked, then it is with your antivirus that you need to deal with it.

  1. If you installed the Repack version or used a “tablet,” restore steam_api.dll from the quarantine of the antivirus program and, of course, add the file to the exceptions.
    • Go to Windows Defender
    • Select your Steam_api.Dll file and click the “Allow item” button
  2. If you purchased the licensed version of the game and didn’t change the Steam` a client yourself, think about where you could download the modified steam_api.dll. After performing these steps, the problem will be solved with a probability of 99%.

Steam_api.dll was deleted

steam missing file

If you installed a pirated version of the game or used a “tablet,” restore steam_api.dll from quarantine and add it to the exceptions. In case it does not help, delete and reinstall the game, but disable the antivirus before this time.

If you have an official game license, you will have to reinstall Steam

  1. First, go to the folder with Steam `, the default is the directory C: \ Program Files \ Steam.
  2. Copy the file steam.exe and the folder Steamapps (these manipulations are needed to save data about games).
  3. Click the Win + R combination or simply type in the Start menu – Control Panel
  4. Enter the Control Panel in the window that appears and clicks OK. These manipulations will open the “Toolbar.”
  5. If you have Windows XP, click “Add or Remove Programs,” if Windows 7.8, then go to the program, then to the program and components.
  6. There we find Steam and delete.

Then it remains only to download Steam, install and restart your PC. If the above measures did not help or you do not have time to delete and reinstall the game and Steam, then use the last but slightly dangerous method.

Download file steam_api.dll

We recommend this method in exceptional cases because you download steam_api.dll from a huge number of sources.

IMPORTANT! Downloading steam_api.dll from unverified sources can lead to unstable work or even break your computer.

You cannot know more precisely which file you are downloading, original or modified, how long it has been updated, and whether the current version of the client is supported.

Anyway, the decision is yours, and we will provide you with the instructions. For this link, you can download steam_api.dll. As soon as you download a steam_api.dll, copy:

  • For the 32 bit version of Windows XP, 7, 8 – in the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \.
  • For the 64 bit version of Windows XP, 7, 8 – in the folder C: \ Windows \ SysWO W64 \.

Then we press Win + R and enter the command “regsvr steam_api.dll,” then “OK.”Restart the computer, turn on the game and enjoy. If the method did not work – repeat everything with the regsvr32 steam_api.dll command.

Problems that may arise on steam missing file privileges during the repair of Steam

steam missing file privileges

Problem: If, when using the last method, it says that regsvr cannot be found, and when you enter regsvr32 steam_api.dll, an inscription appears that it was not possible to load the steam_api.dll module.

Solution: Check if you copied the dll file to the correct folder. In 99% of cases, the problem is solved by checking the availability of the file.

Problem: When starting a non-licensed game after replacing the dll file writes: Failed to initialize Steam, how to solve?

Solution: Run the game with Administrator rights. If it does not help, reinstall the game, saving steam_api.dll.

Video on steam missing file privileges