This Site Can’t Be Reached: Problem Solving In 4 Different Method

This Site Can’t Be Reached: Problem Solving In 4 Different Method

Sometimes Internet users face an unpleasant error when trying to access a site – “This site can’t be reached.” In this article, we will understand the causes of this problem and give several ways to fix it. Attention.

The browser prompts that the error lies in an invalid response from the server, pointing to the SSL protocol. Follow the tips below to resolve this error and go to the desired site.

What is this site cannot be reached error?

this site can’t be reached

Recently, many users get stunned by a strange problem that led to the following message appearing in my Chrome browser: This site could not be reached. ”I dug deep and found several noteworthy methods that you could use to end up.

Most of us end up using the Internet for our work. In fact, with interconnected systems and databases, almost everyone ends up using the Internet in their lives. The Internet, which is the Internet, does not eliminate the problems; on the one hand, users have to struggle to connect to Wi-Fi / LAN; on the other hand, they also need to monitor the settings on the computer.

The causes of the error this site cannot be reached

The error “This site can’t be reached” may occur if the time and date on the device do not match the actual ones at your location. Check the date and time on your computer/phone and correct it, if necessary.

Make sure your antivirus does not block the connection. Some antivirus programs, such as ESET NOD32 or Avast, have email protection and Internet connections. Go to the antivirus settings, find the SSL protocol protection option, and turn it off. In ESET, it is called “SSL / TLS Filtering.” Try to visit the site. By the way, if you do not like ESET, we have instructions for removing it.

Blocking a site can be caused by antivirus protection at the provider level. Many Internet providers offer antivirus or parental control services. In this case, manipulations on your computer will not help – call your ISP and ask to disable this service.

Try changing the Wi-Fi point. If the error disappears, then the problem is in the router or its settings. See if a proxy or VPN server is installed there.

If you are using Opera, also check if the proxy server is in the settings. Try changing the browser. If you managed to get access to the site from another browser, then clean the cookies and cache.

Some viruses also cause connection problems. Check your computer with antivirus.

Diagnosis of the error this site cannot be reached

this site can’t be reached solution

Windows users can try to diagnose a network error using their own diagnostics. However, diagnostics usually checks for things like the connection between your computer and the server, while aspects of DNS resolution are things that he doesn’t care about.

To access Internet connection troubleshooting tools, go to Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center. At the bottom, click “Troubleshooting.” In the window that opens, you can select “Internet Connections” or any other problem that you want to fix and fix.

You can also use the built-in Windows network troubleshooting tool to find out what is causing the problem and fix it automatically. Type Network troubleshooting in the search box and click Detect and restore network connections from the list that appears. This will launch the Windows Network Troubleshooting Tool.

Ways to fix this site cannot be reached

Fix 1: Clear DNS cache

this site can’t be reached problem

This should be my favorite, works with all browsers, and it really helped most of the time. On the PC, open a command prompt, enter “CMD” in the search options in the “Start” menu, and ideally, the screen shown below appears. Now type the following ” ipconfig / flushdns .” This should clear the Windows DNS cache and resolve your DNS problems if any.

Fix 2: Disable experimental quantum protocol

If you are using Chrome Browser, this is one of the steps that can not only help you diagnose a problem, but also eradicate it. Open the Chrome browser, enter the following”:// flags ” and search for ” Experimental critical protocol ” and also ” Disable it .” Quic is the name for the new experimental protocol called UDP Internet connection.

Fix 3: DNS prefetch

site can’t be reached

This simple trick solved at least my problem. If you are using Chrome Browser and before this error, this is what you should be aware of.

Type “chrome: // settings /” in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.

Now select “ Show advanced settings .” Then find “ Use the prediction service to load pages faster. ” And check the box.

For older versions of Chrome Go to “Tools”> “Options”> “Under the hood” and uncheck the Use DNS pre-selection to improve page load performance.

Apparently, the choice of this option may increase the download time by a few milliseconds, but you will not get. The page does not load an error.

Fix 4: Specific sites are not loading

In some special cases, only certain sites are loaded into failure, and that is when you need to perform a basic level of troubleshooting to determine the problem.

If you cannot open a specific site, start by clearing the DNS cache, then run a ping and trace against this site, and make sure that it is not a specific ISP problem. Open CMD and launch tracert command If the ping and traceroute connections succeed, but the sites are unavailable, contact your ISP. You can also try resetting and setting up your modem.

If necessary, clear your Cache & Hard. Reload the webpage in Chrome. If you are using a different browser, click Refresh on the webpage and see if it helps.

Let us know if these methods helped to fix and solve problems. Some of you may want to take a look at Windows 10 can not connect to the Internet.

Video on this site cannot be reached

Often it helps banal reboot. Restart your computer, Wi-Fi router, modem. If you have done everything that is indicated above and the problem did not dare – contact your provider, most likely the problem is on their side. Also, read what to do if the site does not open. We hope this article helped you remove the error and enter the site. Good luck.