Unable To Connect To The Nvidia Geforce Experience Website


Users of GeForce video cards and the corresponding GeForce Experience application may encounter the inability to update drivers for their video cards. When you try to update the driver using the specified application, an error occurs with the corresponding message “Unable to connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website.”

In this article, I will tell you what to do in a situation when the NVIDIA GeForce Experience driver update failed, what steps need to be taken to correct the situation, and which ones will be most effective.

What is the NVIDIA GeForce Experience

unable to connect to Nvidia

GeForce Experience is a free application for NVIDIA GeForce video cards. Its functionality is to regularly update drivers for NVIDIA video cards, automatically optimize your PC settings for various games, video and audio recordings of the gameplay, as well as its translation to Twitch (a well-known resource dedicated to online broadcasts and streaming video).

Often this application comes bundled with NVIDIA drivers, but it can also be downloaded separately from the developer’s site.

If you were with the error unable to connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website and update the drivers, then you need to determine the reasons for this dysfunction.

Reasons for the error unable to connect to NVIDIA GeForce Experience website

unable to connect Nvidia

To understand why we could not connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience site, it is worth analyzing the reasons that caused this dysfunction. They are:

  • Accidental failure of the GeForce Experience application;
  • Incorrect operation of the Network.Service service;
  • The impact of a variety of virus programs;
  • Problems of stable Internet connection.

What to do if you can not synchronize with the site NVIDIA GeForce Experience? Read about it below.

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How to fix the problem “Failed to connect to the NVIDIA site.”

unable to connect to Nvidia

So, you could not connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website and update the necessary drivers. To correct the situation, do the following:

  1. Restart your computer, and often it helps to get rid of many such problems;
  2. Check the quality of your Internet connection, make sure that the Internet connection is stable;
  3. Restart the NVIDIA.Network.Service service. Click on the “Start” button, type in the search bar services.msc and click on enter. In the service window that opens, find the NVIDIA.Network.Service and view its status (if it is different than Started), then you need to activate the service.

To activate it, go to C: \ ProgramData \ NVIDIA Corporation \ NetService \ (do not confuse with the Program Files directory, the ProgramData folder we need is systemic and hidden from the user’s eyes, use the option to display hidden files in your explorer or file manager ). In the specified directory, locate the NSManagedTasks.xml file, delete it, or rename it with any other name.

Now call the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), go to the “Processes” tab, turn on all users’ processes at the bottom, find the NVNetworkService.exe * 32 processes and complete it.

Then re-launch the “Services” via services.msc, find the NVIDIA.Network.Service there and right-click on it and click on “Start.” The problem with connecting to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website will be resolved.

  • Check your computer for virus programs. Use the tools of applications such as Web CureIt !, Trojan Remover, Kaspersky Removal Tool, Malware Anti-Malware and others.
  • Completely remove the GeForce Experience application (via standard uninstall software), and then reinstall it. Some users can only help complete removal of all drivers from Nvidia, and then their installation from scratch.

Video problem-solving algorithm

We also recommend the video (albeit English), here the algorithm for solving the problem is visually presented.

We described above why the “Failed to connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website” problem occurs. In most cases, the cause of dysfunction is an incorrectly running NVIDIA Network Service. Its restart allows you to solve the problem in question completely.

Therefore, if you were unable to connect to the NVIDIA GeForce Experience website, then restart the specified service, and also reinstall the GeForce Experience application itself — these tips help to correct the error in most cases.

Video on Unable to connect to Nvidia