How To Uninstall Steam On Mac, Windows PC, And Linux


What is Steam

what is steam

Steam is Valve’s video games supply platform also reflects that the most PC video game provider title. Okay, you need to understand just how exactly to uninstall Steam online video game free up space of your device.

The amazing thing concerning this stage will be you do not will need to save those matches onto the drive of your own computer.

Steam is still actually just a cloud-based provider; thus un-installing will not delete matches against the accounts. Game titles you get (or so are talented ) on Steam keep on being attached with an own account fully for a lifetime, which means you may pick those to set up your apparatus at any particular time.

Steam for Macs

Steam for Macs

Steam makes it easy to buy games for Macs, as well as Windows and Linux PCs. When you stop playing some games, or you just need to free up memory on your computer, you can remove them from both your computer and Steam.

Today we will explain how to delete Steam games on Mac OS. The process will be the same for computers with Windows and Linux.

Deleting Steam games is more difficult than deleting regular Mac programs since they are not stored in the program folder. But all is not too difficult. To remove a game from Steam, you need to open the program itself.

How to uninstall Steam on Mac, Windows and Linux

uninstall steam

Below we will explain how to delete Steam games from your computer to free up disk space. This will remove the game locally, but not from your Steam account.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to the Library tab in the top menu and find the game you want to delete.
  3. Click on the game with the right mouse button (or with the left mouse button + the CONTROL key).
  4. Select “Delete Content” in the menu that appears.
  5. Confirm your action by clicking “Delete.”
  6. Wait for the uninstall process to complete.

You can repeat this process with all the games you want to delete.

When you delete a game that weighs a lot, you will first see the inscription “Delete” next to its name in the Library, and then it will disappear.

The method works on all platforms with which the Steam program is compatible: MacOS / Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

This method does not remove the game from your Steam account

Note that after you uninstall Steam games from your computer you will not remove them from your Steam account. The game will remain in your account, but in order to play it, you will need to download it again.

How to uninstall steam program

If you want to remove the Steam program itself, you can do it the same way as with any other program on the Mac – by dragging it into the recycle bin from the program folder. This will not remove games, files and other data from Steam. If you want to get rid of the games completely, you first need to remove them yourself, and then the program.

If you need to free up computer memory, you can temporarily download games to removable media. If the games distract, you-you can disable the program’s autorun.

If you don’t know what Steam is, this is a Mac and PC gaming platform where you can easily and conveniently buy games. There are all the most popular games: Civilization, Half Life, Battlegrounds, DOTA 2, Terraria, Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto, Rust, Rocket League, etc. You can consider the program a game store for all platforms.

Entering into Steam

entering into the game

Into entering a Steam match, the very first rung on the ladder is always to register out of your Steam program to Steam. There is almost certainly an icon onto your own desktop computer, in which you have put in the remainder of one’s programs, however otherwise, you’ll discover the Steam program.

For those who have difficulties registering, just simply click on that I cannot register to retrieval your log in details.

Now you’re logged, browse into a Steam Library. That really is achieved by clicking”LIBRARY” towards the cover of the display screen.

This may definitely bring your complete Steam library. Game Titles, Pc Computer Software, VR, and Audio sorts Documents.

In the event, you would like just to watch matches, place your cursor above LIBRARY to create a dropdown menu. Pick out Game Titles.

In the event, you would like just to find installed programs, place your cursor on LIBRARY and pick output in.

We are likely to make sure we back-up some advancement Ahead of uninstalling any matches.

Backup Your Own Saved Video Sport Information

Based upon the match, your advancement might or might well possibly perhaps not be stored. 1 surefire of the ways is by simply searching for that cloud icon at the Steam menu.

Advancement is stored over the Steam cloud. When there’s just really actually a cloud icon near the match. Otherwise, advancement is saved via the match programmer’s cloud or locally.

It’s going to be soon revived once you reboot the match When advancement is stored into the cloud. Otherwise, locate sports info that is neighborhood from a few of those places:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata
  • C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\Documents
  • C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\Documents\My Games
  • C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\Saved Games
  • C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Local
  • C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME HERE\AppData\Roaming

Please be to repeat those records before entering your match and store somewhere else in your own PC.

It is advisable to hide a Steam game before removing it

If we have spent the money once, why are we going to eliminate it? Why can we want to break a CD of a game that we have already bought, even if we have passed it?

Steam allows us to order different titles by categories to have our library as orderly as possible. From the same section to order, we can also hide different titles from the list so that they do not appear when we show the applications but that they are still part of it.

To do this, in the application list, we must right-click on a specific title and choose « Assign categories.« In the window that appears we can add the game to a specific category or choose the option ” Hide this game ” so that it stops appearing in the library, but without removing it from it.

Assign Steam matching category

In this way, the game will no longer appear in the application list, unless we “unhide” it again.

Video on how to uninstall steam