What Is Vcruntime140.dll? Ways To Fix This Error In 3 Time Tested Methods


The “Missing vcruntime140.dll” error usually occurs during the launch of applications or games. The reason is the absence, damage, or outdated version of the system dll file of the library. Consider a way to solve this problem.

Vcruntime140.dll is a library that comes with the Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable Kit. Before we list the possible actions to eliminate the error associated with it, let’s see why it happens.

It appears in cases when Windows cannot find the DLL in its system folder, or the file itself is present there, but it is not in working condition. This may be due to its modification by third-party programs or version mismatch.

Traditionally, additional files should be supplied with the program, but to reduce the size, they are sometimes not included in the installation kit.

Therefore, it is necessary to solve problems when the file is not in the system. You also need to see if it is in the quarantine of your antivirus program, if it is, of course, on your computer.

Error description and causes


Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package is a system package that contains components of the Visual C ++ library processing environment.

The file vcruntime140.dll is an integral part of this technology. Products that start with this error appear in C ++, C #, etc. programming languages, which means that their proper work requires the appropriate libraries.

If you are far from programming and do not use the Visual Studio development environment, there is no point in going into details.

It should be stated only that the developer of the application or game has not built in the installer necessary for running and running Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package and now we need to download and install it ourselves.

vcruntime140.dll: download and install

To solve the problem, download and install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package. Follow this link, select a language, and click the Download button. There, by scrolling down the page, you will get acquainted with the system requirements.

Attention! Do not download .dll files on third-party resources. Often they are infected with viruses!

To find out which file you need to download (vc_redist.x64.exe or vc_redist.x86.exe), go to “This computer” – “Properties.”

Troubleshooting options

vcruntime140.dll fix

There are various options for manipulation, which can be resorted to so that this error no longer appears. In the case of vcruntime140.dll, you can use Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable.

There is also the option of using the program, which is sharpened specifically for such operations. Or simply need to find the file vcruntime140.dll on the site that offers to download the DLL.

Method 1: DLL-Files.com Client

This is a client that has its own website, and with the help of its base installs libraries.

To use this application in the case of vcruntime140.dll, you need:

  1. Enter vcruntime140.dll in the search.
  2. Click “Perform a search.”
  3. Select a file by clicking on its name.
  4. Click “Install.”

And if you need a specific DLL, then this option is also provided. This software has a mode switch: using it, you will see different versions of the files, and you can choose the one you need.

This may be necessary if you installed one library, but the error is still present. You need to try a different version, and perhaps it is just right for your situation. Here is what is required for this:

  1. Switch the application to advanced mode.
  2. Choose another option vcruntime140.dll and click “Select Version.”

Next, you will be asked:

  1. Specify the installation address of the vcruntime140.dll.
  2. After that, click “Install Now.”

Method 2: Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015


Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 is able to add components to Windows that ensure the correct operation of software created in Visual Studio.

To fix the error with vcruntime140.dll, it will be appropriate to download this package. The program itself will add the missing libraries and conduct registration. Nothing more needs to be done.

On the download page you will need:

  1. Select the Windows language.
  2. Click “Download.”

There are two different installation options – for systems with 32 and 64-bit processors. If you do not know the capacity of your system, open its “Properties” from the context menu of the “Computer” icon on the desktop. Digit capacity will be indicated in the information window of your system.

  1. For a 32-bit system, you will need x86, and for a 64-bit one, x64, respectively.
  2. Click “Next.”

Run the installation of the downloaded distribution.

  1. Agree to the terms of the license.
  2. Click “Install.”

After the installation is completed, the vcruntime140.dll will be placed on the system, and the problem will be fixed.

Here it is necessary to say that versions released after 2015 may not allow installing the old version. You will need to remove them through the “Control Panel” and then install version 2015.

New packages are not always a replacement for old versions, and therefore you need to use the 2015 version.

Method 3: Download vcruntime140.dll

To install vcruntime140.dll without third-party applications, you need to download it and put it in the directory at:


The address of copying DLL files changes in the same way as in the case of installing the Visual C ++ Redistributable package. For example, Windows 7 or Windows 10 with a bit depth of 64 bits will have a different installation address than the same Windows with x86 bit depth.

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