Vulcan Runtime Libraries – what is this program and whether to delete it

Vulcan Runtime Libraries – what is this program and whether to delete it

After updating the video card drivers in the Start menu, a folder with the Vulcan Runtime Libraries program may appear. What is this utility? Is it a virus or adware? Do not rush to remove it. In fact, “Volcano” – a useful application that is designed to work with two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. It is useful for both game and software developers, as well as ordinary users.

More about the program Vulcan Runtime Libraries

Vulcan Runtime Libraries

Vulkan is an API utility. This is an application programming interface that allows you to control the operation of a video card (graphics processor). The technology should come to replace the famous Direct3D and OpenGL.

The application works on different operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android, SteamOS. Cross-platform interface unleashes the hands of developers.

They will be able to create software products for computers and mobile devices, without limiting themselves to the framework of a single OS.

Volcano Libraries significantly improves graphics performance and quality. You get a beautiful and realistic image. At the same time, the program does not require a lot of resources and does

The main functions of the Vulcan Runtime Libraries utility:

Remove? Vulcan Runtime Libraries

  • Quickly processes and executes graphic commands. Reduces response time.
  • The central multi-core processor quickly loads the graphics pipeline.
  • There is support for multithreading.
  • Easy drivers.

Volcano Runtime Libraries is not just for application developers. The utility is useful to those users who appreciate high – quality graphics in games. The API calculates physics and draws the image. The picture on the screen looks amazing: improved detail, improved performance and FPS.

However, the program came out quite recently. It is still being improved, corrected, refined and optimized. Therefore, the “Volcano” is not stable.

How does the Vulcan Runtime Libraries appear on the computer?

Runtime Libraries

This is not virus software. It is distributed legally. And is loaded in the package of official drivers for Nvidia video cards. Other manufacturers do not yet support this API.

If you update the video adapter software to the latest version, the Volcano Runtime Libraries will be installed along with it.

A good example of the use of this modification is The Talos Principle. Now “Volcano” add and other projects, such as Vainglory, Need for Speed, DOOM. Developers release patches to assign graphics processing functions to API technology.

Should I delete the Vulcan Runtime Libraries program and how to do it?

This utility can be removed, like any other program. If you are not fond of games and do not create digital content, “Vulkan” is hardly useful to you. Although high-quality graphics and high performance are suitable for any activity. If Vulcan Runtime Libraries doesn’t bother you, it’s best to leave.

But it will be useful to figure out how to erase it.

  1. Open the “Control Panel.”
  2. The “Programs and Features” menu (in the category view, it is called “Uninstall Programs”).
  3. Find “Vulcan” in the list.
  4. Click on it. A “Delete” button will appear.

Or use the built-in uninstaller:

  1. His shortcut should be in the folder “Volcano” in the taskbar.
  2. If it is not there, open the “Program Files (x86) / VulkanRT” directory.
  3. Locate the executable file (.EXE), whose name starts with “Uninstall.”
  4. Run it and follow the instructions.

If, when trying to remove a program, errors pop up, terminate all the processes associated with it. For this:

  1. Open the Task Manager. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Del or Shift + Ctrl + Esc.
  2. On the “Applications” tab, close all utilities related to “Volcano” (if any).
  3. In the “Processes” section, complete all background operations that have the name “Volcano” in their names.
  4. Again, try to erase it.

Video on Vulcan Runtime Libraries

Now you understand what the program “Vulcan Runtime Libraries.” It is definitely not a virus. We do not recommend to delete it. It does not clog the system, but, on the contrary, improves performance.

Tell us, and you use this application? Is it noticeable that the graphics in games become better?