What Is The Process Of Atieclxx.Exe And How To Disable And Remove It


What is atieclxx.exe?

Atieclxx.exe is the executable file for the AMD External Events Client Module routine, which is part of the AMD video card driver package. It is he who “manages” all the notifications related to the configuration of the video device and the lack of video memory (VRAM).

The atieclxx.exe process

If you are a happy owner of a computer with an integrated ATI Radeon video card, you should not panic: atieclxx.exe has a reliability rating of 81%, which is quite a high figure.

Those. The likelihood that malicious software is in the system is 19%. This is also a weighty figure, so if after the service is turned off, the process does not disappear, you need to run for help to antivirus utilities.

Another thing is if you have a video card from Nvidia – you do not need to disable any services, go right to the point with the removal of the virus.

Recently, users often ask search engines for unknown processes that load the system and make work at the computer unbearable. Today we look at a service that is responsible for the performance of AMD video cards. So, what is the atieclxx.exe process and how to stop it?

How to identify the cruelty of this process

  • The atieclxx.exe virus always enters your computer quietly with other malicious programs like Trojan virus Generic34.YQE, HEUR: Exploit.Java.CVE-2013-2423.gen.
  • It slows down the computer very badly.
  • Your team will behave very unpredictable.
  • You lost your control over your PC due to Atieclxx.exe infection. Hackers can control their PC remotely.
  • It is difficult to uninstall or remove Atieclxx.exe using simple manual methods.

The effects this .exe process put on your computer

As mentioned that Atieclxx.exe is a hazardous malicious program so when it comes to your computer, then it infects all the .doc files. The simple meaning of this line is that the files or data have been encrypted and you will be asked to pay money to get the data back. It will hack your entire email account and personal folders.

The link provides the Atieclxx.exe will be redirected to the very harmful page where it gets caught with various malicious programs.

So it is very necessary to get rid of Atieclxx.exe if you wish to make your computer safe. You can use some manual or automatic methods to solve this problem very efficiently.

How to remove Atieclxx.exe virus from computer

Method 1

To “remove” atieclxx.exe in case of excessive consumption of system resources, you need to:

  • Go to Control Panel (all methods are described here );
  • Switch to the “Small Icons” view and select “Administration”;
  • In the new window open “Services.”
  • You will see a large list of service elements. Among this mass, we find the AMD External Events Client Module (the name may differ slightly, but the manufacturer’s reference to it should definitely be there)
  • By double-clicking the left mouse button on an object, we open its properties. If you are using the English version of Windows, you will see something like this:

AMD service properties external events utility

  • Set the value to “Disabled” and click “OK.” If the interface is in Russian, then set “Disabled.”

Now you need to remove all components related to the video driver from autorun. For this:

  1. Call the window “Open” by pressing the keys Win + R.
  2. Type msconfigand click “OK.”
  3. In the window that appears, go to the “Startup” tab and uncheck all items that resemble AMD applications (in Windows 10, this tab is located in the “Task Manager”).
  4. Reboot the computer.

If everything went smoothly, the annoying process would no longer bother you.

But in the case of a re-launch, it is worth talking about the presence of malware on the computer.

Method 2

  • First, go to the Windows task manager, click on the CTL key, ALT key and the DEL key simultaneously to stop the execution process of Atieclxx.exe.


  • Go to the control panel and search Atieclxx.exe. Right-click to uninstall Atieclxx.exe completely from the computer.


  • Remove the following files associated with this program:
    % UserProfile% \ Programs \ AppData \ [Random Charateristc].exe
    % UserProfile% \ Programs \ Temp \ [Random Charateristc] .dll
    % UserProfile% \ Programs \ AppData \ roaming \ [Random Charateristc ] .dll
  • Go to the start button and click on Run. Type regedit and click OK to open the associated registry entries associated with Atieclxx.exe. Find out the following registry entries and delete them completely.
  • Restart the computer now

You will see that the Atieclxx.exe is not booting on the computer at this time.

But sometimes Atieclxx.exe affects the system badly, and you can not get rid of it with the manual method.

So you have to go for the Atieclxx.exe automatic removal tool fix virus.