Why The Le Pan Tablet won’t Turn On And What To Do To Fix It?


One day you decided to sit on the Internet, play or watch a movie on your le pan tablet, but … it does not turn on. You are at a loss, and the only question that interests you is why this is happening?

Instead of panicking, let’s find out why the tablet doesn’t turn on, and how to handle this situation on its own.

The le pan tablet won’t turn on – what could be the reasons?


First of all, problems with this kind of equipment can be divided into two types – hardware – issues with the integrity of the device or with its details, or with the system or software, that is, its internal contents.

Check the integrity of the le pan tablet


It is logical that you first need to check the external integrity of the tablet, for which we will be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. Check whether the battery is charged and remember when you last put the device on charge. If it was a long time ago, and then you didn’t use the le pan tablet for a long time, it could be very drained. So try to turn it on in the network, wait a few hours – at first, in some cases, it does not even indicate that it is charging.
  2. If you see that charging does not happen even after a few hours, the matter may be in the charger itself – then you should try connecting another to the tablet or connect this accessory to another le pan tablet. So you can understand who is to blame – your gadget or device for charging.
  3. If you are sure that everything is in order with the charge, inspect the entire device for damage, but do not disassemble it – you can only make it worse.
  4. In the case when the tablet does not respond to charge, did not fall and was not damaged, but ultimately refuses to respond to any actions, most likely it is a matter of a failure of one of the parts. In such a situation, all that remains is to carry it to specialists in order to find out what the reason for its failure.

Note that in some cases, repairs can cost you a lot more than buying a new tablet. Why? This happens if, for example, a video adapter fails. But this is the worst scenario – it is always worth hoping for the best.

We are looking for problems in the system

Why does not the tablet turn on? If you see that it does not load completely, but shows signs of vital activity – for example, the screen lights up, but goes out after a few seconds, the boot logo appears, but then it does not go further, or the broken Android icon is knocked out to you, then all is not lost.


First of all, try to reboot the system using the Reset key – usually this requires a rather thin object that needs to be pressed on the small button inside this slot.

If this does not help, try resetting all parameters and settings to the factory version, which is done as follows:

  1. Turn off the tablet, remove from it a memory card and a SIM card, if it exists.
  2. Now you need to hold down the key combination to turn on the hard reset mode – usually, the volume and power addition keys are pressed simultaneously. In some devices, this combination may be different, try several options if the proposed option did not help you.
  3. When you see a menu like BIOS on your computer, you need to execute the following commands:
  4. Settings – Format system – Wipe data / factory reset.

To move between menu items, use only the volume keys, to select a section – the le pan tablet power button.

Return to factory settings

A similar mechanism for restoring the tablet returns it to the initial factory settings, while you lose all the files from memory, but you get a working tablet.

In addition to this troubleshooting method, a logical method for launching a tablet is to change its firmware.

Why is that?

Often, problems with the inclusion and further launch of the system indicate that the software does not fit the device or does not work correctly, so you need to reflash it.

This is done quite simply with the help of such actions:

  1. Download the appropriate firmware for the tablet on your computer.
  2. Write it to a previously formatted memory card in a folder called SCRIPT.
  3. Insert the memory card into the tablet, try to start it, after which the installation process of the new system will begin.

If the reset hard reset menu did not help you, the le pan tablet does not reflash or does not respond to any actions with it, then you really should take it into the hands of a specialist, because you have not found out why it does not work. Do not risk its performance by opening the case, and do not climb to its details – it can only make it worse.