Windows 10 Taskbar Not Hiding On A Pc Or Laptop: Quick Ways To Fix


Windows 10 Features implies a detailed setting for the needs of any user. They also include the taskbar settings, which by default is located at the bottom of the desktop. Let’s figure out how to hide the taskbar in Windows 10 in different ways and solve the problems associated with it.

Ways to solve the problem of windows 10 taskbar not hiding

Ways to fix windows 10 taskbar

After installing the Microsoft operating system on your PC, you can customize all the elements of the desktop on your own. With the taskbar, the same as the Start menu panel, you can do the following:

  • hide while working with other active windows;
  • move to one side of the monitor;
  • set up anchoring, appearing over windows, etc.

All these settings can be made using standard OS tools, and some of them are also available in the functionality of third-party programs. We analyze all the methods in detail. All features are available for x32-bit and x64-bit versions, as well as for any assemblies of this OS.


So let’s start with the hiding options for the taskbar. First, you need to get into the settings menu as follows:

  1. Right-click on any empty space on the taskbar to get to the context menu. In it, select “Taskbar Options.”
  2. In the window that appears, all settings related to the bottom panel are made. To enable automatic hiding, you need to set the marked item on the screenshot to the “On” position and close the window. The changes will take effect immediately without restarting the computer.

Now the panel will disappear automatically and appear only if you hover the cursor in the lower area of ​​the desktop. You can open any game or program/browser and not see the bottom “bar,” which previously prevented you from working comfortably with applications. This feature is especially convenient on laptops with small screen size.

Other settings

taskbar in windows 10 dosen't hide

If you use two monitors on a PC at the same time and want to hide the “Start” on only one of them, then you need to switch the marked item to the “Off” position:

Now the “strip” will not just be removed from the bottom of the desktop, but will completely disappear and will not interfere with the user when watching a video or in games.

If you do not want to remove completely or hide the taskbar, then it can be made a little smaller with the help of the checkbox in the image. Move the setting to “Off” and see the difference.

If the “Start” prevents it at the bottom of the screen, then you can easily change its location to any other side. To do this, open “Parameters” again and find the following item:

Select the desired side of the list. The “strip” can be hidden on either side using the instructions described above.

Disable the following item before dragging:

If you use desktop browsing in tablet form, then there is a separate function for you, which includes automatic hiding in this particular mode:

Hide Taskbar

If you do not want to customize the desktop view manually, then use the Hide Taskbar third-party utility. A small program allows you to set hotkeys, which can quickly hide not only the bottom panel but any application running on top of the desktop. To set up hotkeys:

  1. In the main Taskbar, Hide window click on the “Menu” button.
  2. In the menu, select “Settings.”
  3. Go to the “Hotkey” tab. In the marked field, enter a convenient key combination separated by a space (as in the screenshot) and click “OK.”

Also, you can fine-tune the contents of the taskbar, put hot keys to minimize a particular game/program, and much more. In general, this utility will be useful for those who may be taken by surprise during the game or when viewing unwanted sites, for example, at work. Using the standard Ctrl + T combination, you also hide the entire tray so that no one can see running applications.

Taskbar AutoHide Control

Auto hide control

Taskbar AutoHide Control is a utility that has only one function. When you start on the panel “Start” icon appears. Click on it with the right mouse button and click on “Settings.”

In the marked field, enter a free key combination that is not used by other programs, and click on “OK”.

We figured out how to remove “Start” on top of all windows using standard Microsoft tools and a third-party application. Now consider the cases that are associated with the features of programs or games.

Work in the browser

browsers in windows 10

When you enter the Internet through any browser, “Start” remains in its place and does not disappear anywhere. Since in Yandex. Browser / Chrome / Opera and any similar program a large proportion of the screen is occupied by the upper part with tabs and buttons, the work area is significantly reduced.

You can hide the tray and the top bar by pressing just one F11 key. After clicking on the screen, only the browser workspace will remain, which displays the contents of web pages and the top bar with bookmarks (if you have it turned on in your browser settings).

Windows with games

Many gamers are faced with the fact that when you start a game on the screen remains the tray or the top panel of the application window. These elements strongly interfere with the immersion into the atmosphere of the game, besides at the bottom of the screen, there are often important game elements and indicators.

This is because your game is running in windowed mode. To go to full screen, you must press the key combination Alt + Enter.

However, this feature is not supported by all applications, so you can’t do without settings inside the game itself. In most cases, you can find the necessary functionality in the “Settings” or “Options” in the graphical parameters section.

Along with changing the window resolution, you can set the fullscreen mode, windowed with a frame or without a frame. Select the first option and save the changes. This method will help get rid of the bottom taskbar absolutely in any game that supports full-screen mode.

If you need to play in windowed mode, then use one of the programs described above. Automatic hiding in Windows will be somewhat inconvenient because when you control the cursor, you will constantly touch the bottom of the screen.


Setting up the taskbar in Windows 10 without third-party programs is very simple. If you want to hide it using hotkeys, then you cannot do without the functionality of special utilities.

Video on hiding the taskbar

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions in the form of a video that visually describes each action presented in the article.