“Search” Does Not Work In Windows: Causes, 3 Ways Of Troubleshooting


Windows is one of the most frequently installed systems not only on computers, but also on laptops, tablets, and even phones from Microsoft. During its existence, it has undergone several upgrades, updates, today it occupies a leading position in the number of users due to the ease of use, extensive functionality.

Despite the modernization, integration, and improvement, there are situations where the user is faced with the problem of failure of a particular function, which causes him to look for ways to solve the problem.

One of the important, often exploited options on a PC or laptop is a search engine, which allows you to find the desired file or utility by entering the name in a search engine.

Refusal of its working efficiency gives a lot of inconveniences since to search for the required file you have to “shovel” the disks, and the OS will be able to carry out this task in a few seconds if it functions correctly. This article will look at what to do.

Causes of a Windows Search Error

windows search not working

Often, the situation when the “Search” option does not work appears to users of the newest version of the Microsoft operating system – Windows 10, however, quite often, similar problems arise in other variations of the system.

Start to solve the problem after identifying the causes of the problem. In Windows 10, the authoritarian option is implemented in such a way that the user can find the necessary information by entering the necessary information through the Start menu, or through the “Search” option on the taskbar.

With normal system functionality, the window should start when clicking on the “Lenses” shortcut placed on the taskbar next to the “Start” button, which is a graphic display of the search service. If the window does not open, you can try to find the necessary materials through the “Start” button, which often solves the problem.

Situations when the Windows Search service does not respond: with a standard click, the search string does not start, or no information in the window opens after entering a query, and the user is sure that the search file is in the system, may occur for some reasons:

  1. The presence of errors when installing the OS or when it is updated.
  2. Infecting the device with viruses or downloading unauthorized utilities.
  3. Failures of the OS, settings, indexing files.

You can try to solve the problem by simply rebooting the system if the problem lies in operating system malfunctions or virus infection, after restarting the computer and removing the infected files with antivirus tools.

The problem with the search will disappear; access to the service will open; the option will work in standard mode. In the absence of a positive result, troubleshooting requires a cardinal system solution.

Options for solving problems of Windows Search

windows search

The question is how to set up a search in the Windows OS that is relevant for each active computer user who has encountered such a problem. Indeed, it is much easier to enter the name of the file necessary for the work in the search line, and immediately begin to operate, rather than trying to manually search for the desired item by opening many folders on the computer.

Windows 10 has search options that are not fundamentally different from the service of the previous, most popular version.OS Windows 7, the difference lies solely in the fact that the upgraded system to search for the desired file uses the indexing of elements, using additional specific database algorithms.

Accordingly, troubleshoot the search engine Windows 10 is the same as previously set up the option “Search” in previous versions of the OS.

Setting up the search service is possible by eliminating system errors by the following methods:

  1. Through the command line.
  2. By activating the search service.
  3. The method of amending the registry.

Consider each of the most popular and effective solutions to problems in more detail.

# Option 1: Command line

If problems are caused by incorrect software updates, virus attacks, or a conflict between installed utilities, the dilemma of how to restore search engine functionality in Windows 10 is resolved by scanning software.

This can be done by making changes via the “ Command Line.” To perform the task, we call the system utility, which will allow making corrections troubleshoot. Check the integrity of files that are responsible for the search; it is possible through the utility SFC. To do this, you must call the utility, following the algorithm:

  1. Run the program line, “Run.” To do this, press the combination of buttons Win + R.
  2. Next, you need to open the command line interpreter by entering the cmd command in the field, and confirm the request with the OK or Enter button.
  3. After performing the actions correctly, the program will call the console – a command line on a black field, where you will need to enter a further command to perform scanning with parallel correction of program errors.
  4. For the restoration of system files, including the search system, the sfc / scannow command is responsible, after the introduction of which incorrectly working files will be found and corrected.

This algorithm also answers the question of how to enable search in Windows 7, in contrast to the subsequent ways of solving the problem, intended for the tenth OS variation.

# Option 2: Command line Services

windows search not working

The next solution to the problem, how to open a search in Windows 10, is to activate the functioning of the service itself, authorizing the search engine to work.

The problem may be hiding in an elementary, self-disabling search service after the incorrect activity of Windows 10. You can activate the service in the following way:

  1. Through synchronous pressing Win and R, you will need to open the search service window.
  2. In the open line, enter the wording services.msc and confirm the directive with the Enter key. This way, you can open the list of available services.
  3. In the list that appears, you need to find the configuration of Windows Search. This will not be easy to do since the registry of services is not systematized; you will have to find the required item manually.
  4. After you find the service you need, right-click on it. In the drop-down menu, you must open the “Properties.”
  5. In the “General” tab, opposite the “Startup type” mark, you need to set the “Automatic” command, and then confirm the innovations by pressing the OK key.

After the manipulations were made and the computer was restarted to update the data, the search should start functioning in the standard mode.

# Option 3: Command line Registry Editing

The third way to resolve a problem when “Search” disappeared in Windows 10 involves interfering with the structure of the registry. So the execution of the troubleshooting procedure requires the contractor to have basic skills with security and special care to avoid more serious problems.

You can achieve a positive result of the procedure by following the instructions, following the steps below step by step:

  1. Log in, as in the previous two cases in the “Run” menu, using the Win + R command.
  2. Enter the “Registry Editor” by typing in the command line regedit.
  3. In the registry, find the folder under the name HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and in it open the SOFTWARE item.
  4. Next, go to the Microsoft item, then open the Windows Search folder, where you will need to select the SetupCompletedSuccesfuly parameter by clicking on it with the mouse by double-clicking.
  5. After completing the procedures, the user will open a window for changing the parameters, in the “Value” item you need to put down the number one and confirm the correction by pressing the OK button.
  6. Return to the Windows Search folder and open its contents by clicking on the “check mark” on the left, select FileChangeClientConfigs in the drop-down list of folders that you want to rename.
  7. You can change the name of the sub-item by right-clicking on the folder name, select the “Rename” item from the list, enter the name FileChangeClientConfigsBak instead of the old name.

After restarting the computer, changes in the registry will gain strength, the functionality of the Windows search engine will be restored.

The “Windows Search” button on the panel does not work: the way to restore work

search not working

There are situations when the search button in Windows 10 does not work directly through the taskbar, and through other methods of opening the search engine works without a hitch, looking for the necessary information.

It would seem that this is not a global problem. However, it is much faster to perform a search through the taskbar than through other manipulations. We can fix this problem by using the control panel using the following method:

  1. Call the menu “Run,” enter the command control in the window. After its confirmation, a window with all controls will open.
  2. In the “View” section, you must select the “Icons” mode, then find among the controls the “Troubleshooting” rubric, go into it.
  3. In the menu that opens, from the left pane of the window, you will need to select the line “View all categories.”
  4. Next, you need to start the work of the Troubleshooting service, in which you can go to the Search and Index heading.
  5. The program will launch a wizard to perform troubleshooting tasks, following the instructions that you troubleshoot in the Search functionality in the taskbar.

After the wizard finishes, it is worth rebooting the system for the updates to take effect.

Let’s sum up

The search system in Windows 10 is a real find in cases where, after updating information or software, standard access to important documents and utilities has disappeared.

“Search” in the updated OS from Microsoft creates “miracles,” allowing, with normal functionality, to find the required information promptly and without special time expenses.

Also, you can solve complex problems by referring to professionals who solve such problems at a qualified level, however, not for free. If you are a confident computer user, you can try to cope with the problem yourself and for free, strictly following the steps described in the article.

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