The Problem Of A Wireless Adapter Or Access Point – How To Fix This Issue With 5 Easy Solutions

The Problem Of A Wireless Adapter Or Access Point – How To Fix This Issue With 5 Easy Solutions

Wireless Internet access technologies are gaining in popularity. However, despite the seeming perfection, quite often there are situations with a lack of connection, although it would seem that the network is configured correctly. In most cases, the problem of a wireless network adapter or access point in Windows 7 or other similar operating systems is associated with either router settings or incorrectly set access parameters on a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Further, it is proposed to consider the causes of this phenomenon and several solutions to eliminate problems corresponding to typical situations with the appearance of connection errors.

Wireless adapter or access point problem: why is there no connection?

Let’s start directly with the reasons. The problems that arise can be divided into two types: when there is a connection, but without access to the Internet, and when there is no connection at all.

How to correct such situations will be discussed later. However, you should not forget that the problem of a wireless network adapter or access point (in Windows 10, for example) may be associated not so much with the equipment or connection settings as with the provider.

You can figure this out by looking at the router. If the problem is from the provider, the LED light, indicated by the Internet icon, will not light up.

But maybe, no matter how trite it sounds, the user simply did not pay the subscription fee in a timely manner, or is the provider currently conducting technical work?

But what to do if the light is on, the provider pings the provider and the connection for the connected computer terminals or mobile devices is missing?

In this case, you can offer several options for actions that usually eliminate all sorts of failures and wireless connection errors mostly by software methods than by physical intervention in the operation of devices.

The problem of a wireless adapter or access point: how to fix the problem in the simplest way?


Let’s start with the most primitive solutions. To get started, just check the Internet access is not from the main computer, but, for example, from a mobile device. If there is a connection, then the problem is in the computer.

If the connection is absent on all devices, try resetting the router’s settings, completely disconnecting it from the network for 10-15 seconds and turning it on again (some users advise to wait for one to five minutes).

Sometimes it may be necessary to reboot the device from which you intend to connect (meaning stationary computers or laptops, not mobile devices).

Quite often, the problem of a wireless network adapter or access point on a laptop can be resolved by checking whether the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled. To do this, laptops use either special switches or assigned buttons or their combinations.

It is very possible that the network adapter just needs to be turned on, and after a while, the available networks will be determined, and the connection icon for selecting the required network will be displayed in the system tray.

Fix 1: Check router settings and DHCP server


But, suppose the Wi-Fi adapter is on, but the network is still missing. You will have to enter the router settings by entering the appropriate address indicated on the label on the back of the router in any Internet browser, and then, using login and password authorization.

Check if Wi-Fi is enabled (usually the Wireless section or what something like that, unless the router’s interface is geolocalized).

Another way to troubleshoot a wireless adapter or access point problem is to check if the DHCP server is enabled in the appropriate section of the router settings. If this does not help, reset the parameters to the factory settings directly in the router options (for this, a special menu is usually provided).

It is also advisable to check a similar service in Windows using the access command services.msc in the Run console. If the service is inactive, it should be enabled, and in the startup, type set the automatic parameter.

Solution 2: Change connection type

Access Point Problem

In some cases, even after resetting the parameters, the problem of a wireless network adapter or access point is not fixed. In this case, use the settings of the router again, and in the line of the installed channel specify the values ​​5, 6 or 11.

You can also try to change the type of connection to mixed (b / g / n) in the wireless section.

Solution 3: Check Driver Issues

The problem of a wireless adapter or access point may be due to the fact that the device drivers are outdated or “gone.”

Log in to the Task Manager, find the device you are looking for and use the driver update item from the right-click or go to the properties on the driver tab. If this does not work, completely remove the Wi-Fi adapter from the system, then install the drivers again.

You should not rely on Windows, because the system after removing the driver or when restarting will still offer to install the most suitable software from its own database, and for some non-standard devices it may not be in the directory.

It is better to use the original driver disk, if available, or install the control software using programs like DriverPack Solution.

Fix 4: Checking TCP / IP protocol settings

Finally, another solution to how to solve the problem of a wireless adapter or access point is to check the IPv4 settings in the properties of the connection used.

All parameters must have automatic retrieval of addresses. If this is the case, but the network still does not work, you can use manually set DNS server addresses. As the best option, many advise you to enter free Google combinations, which are sequences of fours and eights (more rarely sevens).

Please note that in some cases, when the sixth protocol is also activated with the fourth version, it needs to be completely disabled (it is quite possible that the provider does not use the sixth version DHCP server, and the active IPv6 protocol causes conflicts in the system).

Fix 5: Using utilities to troubleshoot network errors

Access Point Problem

Some users are advised to use all sorts of programs for testing to solve connection problems. One of the most interesting is the NetAdapter Repair Utility, which is a kind of automated tool for fixing failures based on how Windows troubleshooting service works, or the same FixIt utility.

Simply run the application, mark the necessary tests from the menu on the left, and run the test (Run all selected). Alternatively, Advanced Repair can be used to fix the problems found.

What could be more?

Above, only the most common problems and the main methods of their elimination were described. But sometimes more serious situations can occur. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the existing connection and create a similar one again.

The most difficult case, many experts call the situation when the router when it is turned on, only the power indicator lights (Power). It already testifies to malfunctions in the equipment.

It also happens that the Wi-Fi indicator does not light up. On some models of routers, you need to check whether there is a power button on the rear panel (it seems to be recessed into the case). Sometimes it may be necessary to upgrade the firmware of the router.

Perhaps the problem is that the connection cable is broken. To find out, connect the cable to the computer or laptop directly and check the connection. Finally, contact your ISP to find out if it is possible and for which static IP to use. If so, write it in the IPv4 settings.

However, in most situations, if the problems are not connected with the breakdown of the routers or do not belong to the provider that provides Internet access services, the above methods usually fix the problems.

True, it will not be immediately possible to say exactly what caused the failure. So you have to act, to put it mildly, at random. Although you can perform all the actions in the order in which they were described above.

Video Tutorial on solving Wireless Adapter Or Access Point